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A Review Of Best Of Stars On Ice Volume 1 by S

Updated on March 6, 2012
Hosted by Scott Hamilton
Hosted by Scott Hamilton | Source

Feeling down? Uninspired? Well then, why not put on Best Of Stars On Ice - Volume 1! This video has inspired me a great deal and I hope it will do the same for you. In fact, I found these performances so uplifting, I have included a commentary here for you on each and every one of them. I hope you enjoy it!

A Great Compilation Of Beautiful Iceskating Performances

Performance #1 - Scott Hamilton performing to Steppin' Out With My Baby by Tony Bennet

A very exciting and playful Scott Hamilton displays his wonderful talents to the very appropriate tune Steppin' Out. He proves the ice is truly his playground, including completing his number with his traditional back-flip.

Performance #2 - Kristi Yamaguchi performing to Madame Butterfly by Giacomo Puccini

Kristi skates a perfectly graceful and emotionally uplifting number to the song Madame Butterfly. Her movements flow as one with the music. Her skating is truly art in motion as she soars on the ice.

Performance #3 - Jane Torvill and Christopher Dean performing to Take Five by The Dave Brubeck Quartet

Torvill & Dean perform to the song Take Five. This number is classy, snappy, and perfectly choreographed. The way these two skaters move in tandem is beyond impressive.

Performance #4 - Paul Wylie performing to the theme song for the motion picture JFK

Watching Paul skate to the tune of JFK is amazingly moving. He demonstrates flawless movement and balance. It is an amazing display of patriotism, even down to his salute at the end.

Performance #5 - Katarina Witt performing to Man Of La Mancha (I Don Quixote) by Linda Eder

Supercharged, vibrant, and filled with energy! Katarina displays an immense amount of power in her performance to Man Of La Mancha.

Performance #6 - Kurt Browning performing to Antares by The Tragically Hip (

Performing to the band The Tragically Hip with a number they compiled together, Kurt is amazingly smooth, artsy, funky, and retro. His dance moves on the ice are insanely outstanding. Some of his moves on the ice are reminiscent of Gene Kelly.

Performance #7 - Sergei Grinkov and Ekatarina Gordeeva performing to Reverie by William Smith and The Philadelphia Orchestra

This is a very moving number performed by Grinkov & Gordeeva. This skating piece was done to celebrate the birth and life of their daughter Daria. They are a wonderfully beautiful skating pair. Their love for their daughter and each other is truly defined in this terrific and magical production.

Performance #8 - Ekatarina Gordeeva performing to Three Preludes For Piano (Gershwin) by Oscar Levant

This number shows Gordeeva, a wonderful skater, returning to the ice after the unfortunate loss of her true love and partner, Sirkov Grinkov. This she does with admirable ebullience and tenacity, as well as displaying both remarkable courage and humor.

Performance #9 - Rosalynn Sumners performing to Beautiful Goodbye by Amanda Marshal

Rosalynn does a wonderful performance with a combination of finesse and grace. Watching her perform reminds me of a ballerina on ice. She skates, with feeling and enthusiasm, to the tune Beautiful Goodbye.

Performance #10 - Mariah Bechke and Dennis Petrov performing to JoueJusqu'au Matin (Traditional) by Yoska Nemeth

Amazingly complex and wonderfully creative moves bring life to this piece performed by Bechke & Petrov. This pair of skaters have truly come into their own and prove it in this outstanding performance.

Performance #11 - Brian Orser performing to The Story Of My Life by Neil Diamond

Orser performs this truly touching and heartfelt piece, dedicated to his mother, to Neil Diamond's The Story Of My Life. It's an outstanding performance of sincerity and raw emotion. You're sure to cry during this piece.

Performance #12 - Kristi Yamaguchi performing to Doop by Ferry Ridderhoff & Peter Garnefski

Kristi does it again in this funky, upbeat number. Her sense of fun and humor come out in this wonderfully versatile performance.

Performance #13 - Scott Hamilton performing to You Love Me by Larry Hart

This is Scott's tribute to lounge acts everywhere to the tune of You Love Me. A hilarious clown on ice and also a true professional, he's a joy to watch, shaking hands with spectators and changing costumes during his performance, it's a lively ending piece to a wonderful show.


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