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A Review Of The Movie E.T. - The Extra Terrestrial - By S

Updated on April 12, 2012

It's nighttime. An alien ship lands. An alien explores the woods and pauses to pick up a tree sample. Suddenly, bad men in big trucks get out of their vehicles and give chase to a poor, terrified alien. The alien tries to make it back to it's ship but it's too late. The men are misdirected by the ship taking off which gives the now lone alien a chance to run and hide.

The alien takes refuge in a nearby family's tool shed. The alien and the young boy who lives at the home, startle each other and the alien runs away. But the boy, named Elliot, lures the alien back with a tasty snack in the form of a trail of Reese's Pieces candy.

Elliot eventually shows his new alien friend to his big brother, Micheal, and his little sister, Gertie, who are both made to promise not to tell anyone. The alien, who they name E.T., short for Extra Terrestrial, stays with them and they begin learning about each other.

E.T. and Elliot are empathic to each others feelings. E.T. learns to speak and begins to communicate with them. They help E.T. by gathering gadgets that he can use to build something that will help him alert his family so they can come rescue him and take him home.

E.T. possesses the power to heal, both himself and others, he can bring dead plants to life, make objects move, and bicycles fly! Unfortunately, E.T. is getting weak and must go back to his own planet.

Along the way, during one of the most memorable moments in the film, E.T. uses his powers to lift him and Elliot into the air while riding Elliot's bike. Meanwhile, nobody suspects that they are being followed and observed by government officials who want to take E.T. away.

Soon, the men abduct E.T., infiltrating the family's home and questioning them about their alien visitor. Elliot and E.T. are forced into observation and hooked up to various monitors for testing. During this, E.T. is beginning to die and Elliot gets extremely worried that the men will harm him worse. Soon after, E.T. flat-lines and the doctors try frantically to resuscitate him. Failing, they pronounce E.T. dead and prepare him to be moved, offering Elliot a moment to say his goodbye alone.

Having said his farewells, Elliot starts to leave when he notices the flowers nearby coming back to life. It's a sign that E.T. is still alive! Elliot rushes back to E.T., opens the container he's in, and unzips his friend to hear,"E.T. Phone Home!!!"

Knowing the men will be back, Elliot puts E.T. back into the container and pretends he is still in tears over his lost friend so the men won't know he's still alive. Elliot then makes a plan with his brother to steal the van with E.T. in it. They get away to meet up with their friends who were asked to meet them at the park with their bikes. When they arrive, the friends are amazed at the sight of their new alien friend.

From here, they ride on their bikes with E.T. in tow to the landing site in the forest, but the government men are hot on their trail. They are going over the hills to escape the men when suddenly they spy a roadblock up ahead. Facing certain doom, E.T. rescues them, sending them and their bikes far into the air and over the roadblock. They fly out to their destination in the woods.

The movie ends in a very touching and heartwarming way when E.T.'s ship has finally come to rescue him. E.T. says to "be good" to Gertie, gives a "thank you" to their brother Micheal, and then looks at Elliot. E.T. says "come" to Elliot, who replies with "stay" with tears in his eyes. E.T. lifts his finger and it shines bright as he says "ouch!" E.T. gives Elliot a hug and tells him,"I'll be right here." Then the time comes for E.T. to board his ship to return home.

They all watch as the ship flies off, trailing a rainbow across the sky behind them in a grand finale to this wonderful movie.


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