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Arrested Development

Updated on May 31, 2017

My favourite sitcom has to be Arrested Development. It features a classic dysfunctional family and set in California. You can't beat the humour of the Bluths family and the chaos that they create.

The main character, Michael Bluth has an alcoholic mother, a sister (Lindsey) married to a gay wannabe actor (Tobias) and an unsuccessful musician for a brother. Michael Bluth is the CEO of the Bluth Company. the family are therefore wealthy and always in the media limelight. The result of the success of the Bluth company has lead to materialistic and over the top. There are many great storylines, one of my favourite being Lindsay and Tobias's 'open-relationship' which never really works.

My favourite line of Arrested Development....

"Mom, What do you want?"

"A Vodka"

"Mom, it's breakfast!"

"And toast!"

My favourite character has to be George Michael, Michale Bluths son. George Michael is constantly trying to live up to his fathers success. He is also in love with his possible sister Maebe. George Michael has a variety of part time jobs under his father including manning a banana stand and stepping in as an office receptionist. I love the episode where they burn down the banana stand in attempt to get the insurance money, only to find out that the walls were lined with their inheritance!

Arrested Development requires a sense of humour with a pinch of salt. If you like that kind of thing, it is by far the best SITCOM on TV! You can now download Arrested Development on Netfix and buy the box sets.

Greatest Moments in Arrested Development

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    • Scarlettohairy profile image

      Peggy Hazelwood 4 years ago from Desert Southwest, U.S.A.

      I've only seen a few episodes of Arrested Development but yeah, it's hilarious!