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Ashrald Is No More!

Updated on August 30, 2017

Gerald Anderson What Did You Do To Some Of Your Followers?

After reading the recent news about Gerald Anderson and Maja Salvador relationship, everything about Ashrald went to nothing. I didn't believe at first and wanted to believe that it is just a rumor but after seeing some pictures of those two that are scattered over the internet, my conviction fell badly. They were many news that can confirm it that even the other third parties or people who had a relationship with him started to make a move. Like unfollowing Maja and Gerald in InstaGram and others who were just releasing their opinions on Twitter. The girl I am referring is no other Kim Chiu. She is the ex-girlfriend of Gerald Anderson and best friend of Maja Salvador. She felt that she was deceived by Maja because she was the girl who comforted her when she had a breakup with Gerald. Another Celebrity who unfollowed Maja is KC Concepcion. I don't know but knowing some things would happen like this are all the proofs and there is nothing to hide anymore. The real intention had already been revealed and uncover.

Now, it's all up to you whether you will stick on your conviction or believe in what you see and read. All I say is:

Ashrald is no more!


Ashrald is over!

Gerald Anderson and Sarah Geronimo

What happened to the courting stage?

I'm a popster at heart but I admit that I suspect that Mommy Divine is the reason. I hope you forgive me if I thought that way before but everything is now clear to me. I was one of the victims too who was deceived by the looks and innocent behavior of Mr. Anderson.

The one thing that made me mad and furious is (according to the news) the relationship of Gerald and Maja is almost a year. Meaning, while Gerald was courting Sarah and expressing his feelings (kuno) to her, he had another woman who he dated and courted. He is a two timer just like Rayver Cruz. Maja is a good friend of Sarah but since this thing happened, I don't know if their friendship will continue. Also, the movie which the management is planning will surely not get pushed through (I think, that is one of the reasons, why suddenly there was a news circulating over the internet, that Sarah and the Prince of Indie film, Coco Martin will have a movie after Ashlloyd).

I feel sorry but if that kind of person Sarah Geronimo will end up with as a life partner, then it's better to grow old alone. It's not all about the looks that matters but the sincerity, faithfulness and strong inclination on words you believe in and say.

I love their two movies but I think that would be the last we will see them in a project. Again, Ashrald is no more.

Ashrald Is Just An Idea Or History, I Think

After these things..

We can't deny that we fell inlove with the two movies they had together (I don't like to mention their titles anymore). But after all these things happened, I think that would be the last we will see them together. It also means that ashrald is just an idea now and became a part of history.

I'd like to admit that I hated Kim Chiu before but it seems that she is not bad at all because the real one is Gerald Anderson. I hope Sarah Geronimo and Kim Chiu would have a project someday as we all know that they are not that close to each other. But if given a chance, a Kim and Sarah tandem will give us a chill.

Anyway, let's all leave all the not-so-good karma and bad vibes behind. All we must do is concentrate in giving our full support to Sarah as she gives us inspiration. Let's support her in her future undertakings and projects. It Takes A Man And A Woman is one of them.

To Gerald. May pa time time ka pang nalalaman eh two timer ka pala. Ayos ah!

Let Our Opinion Shine

Are you still hoping for them to get okay someday in spite of this revelation?

My Thoughts:

I know some of you still recall that Maja appeared in Sarah G. Live. Do you think Sarah Geronimo is already aware of Maja's secret relationship with Gerald? Shame on you Maja for still showing up in the show!

What about the formed friendship of Kim and Maja that was gradually coming into pieces? I wonder if they have a hard time shooting together in Ina, Kapatid, Anak and if they do the hitting and slapping for real. I could vote for Kim if that's the case.

A Controversy Poll

Please watch our words. I know what and how you feel coz I feel it too.

Do you get deceived by Gerald Anderson too?

See results

Some Of The Picture Proofs - Pictures Say A Thousand Words

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Picture at the beach.Picture inside a car.Close up with hug.Holding in the party.
Picture at the beach.
Picture at the beach.
Picture inside a car.
Picture inside a car.
Close up with hug.
Close up with hug.
Holding in the party.
Holding in the party.

Kim Chiu Answers Them All! - It's time to hear Kim's stand on this.

Sarah Geronimo's Words After The Thanksgiving Party - Let's all lend our ears to her.

Then it's time for you to do it now!

Remember: We are not allowed to speak bad words. I know how you feel but I don't want this page to get closed down and penalized by Squidoo. Just show us the article links, pictures so that I can put it here and others. Let's make this page rich of information so that we cannot forget what Gerald did to all of us.

Do You Have Some Other Proofs That You Want To Share With Us? - Esp. to those who still don't believe it

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