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Athena: Goddess of War - Korean Drama 2010

Updated on October 2, 2014

Have you seen Korea's most expensive Korean Drama, IRIS?

Whether you have or have not watched IRIS, but love action-thriller drama, you will definitely enjoy its spin-off, Athena: Goddess of war.

This action-packed drama follows the journey of NTS Secret Agents to uncover the secrets behind a secret organization called "Athena". I'm not a big fan of thriller drama, however, I really enjoy watching the whole 20 episodes.

Have you watched Athena? Do you like it?

Athena Details, Synopsis & Cast Members


Athena Details

Number of Episodes: 20

Original run: December 13, 2010 - February 21, 2011 - TBA on SBS every Monday & Tuesday 21.55KST


NTS Agents / Chiefs

- Jung Woo Sung as Lee Jung Woo

- Soo Ae as Yoon Hye In

- Lee Ji Ah as Han Jae Hee

- Kim Min Jong as Kim Ki Soo

- Choi Si Won as Kim Jun Ho

- Lee Han Wie as Park Sung Chul

- Oh Yoon Ah as Oh Sook Kyung

- Park Yong Gi as Yoo Kang Ho

Athena / Son Hyuk's People

- Cha Seung Won as Son Hyuk

- Sean Richard as Andy

- Lee Min Ji as Jessica

Supporting Casts

- Lee Jung Gil as (President) Jo Myung Ho

- Jung Han Yong as Jung Hyung Joon

- Kim Young Ae Choi Jin Hee

- Park Yong Soo as Hwang Ho Young

- Kim Seung Woo as Park Chul Young

- Yoo Dong Geun as Kwon Yong Gwan

- Son Ji Hoon as Hong Jin Suk

- Jun Gook Hwan as Han Jung Pil

- Oh Chang Suk as Lee Dong Hun


- Lee Bo Young as Jo Soo Young (President's Daughter) [Episode 3-5]

- BoA as BoA [Episode 7-8]

- SHINee as SHINee [Episode 7]

- Yoshihiro / Choo Sung Hoon as Black Agent [Episode 1 & 16]

- Max Changmin as Choi Tae Hyun [Episode 16-20]

- Kim So Yun as Kim Sun Hwa [Episode 17 & 19]

- Ji Goo as Black Agent

- Park Sung Woong as Jin Young

- Douglas Day Stewart as director of Son Hyuk's company

- Ryu Dam

- Kim Byung Man

Directors: Kim Myung Joon, Kim Tae Hoon, Hwang Jung Hyun

Writers: Kim Hyun Joon, Yoo Nam Kyung

Official Website: SBS Athena: Goddess of War

Highest Rating: 25.9% [Nationwide] (Episode 1) | 26.2% [Seoul] (Episode 1) Based on TNS Media

Athena Trailers

Video Credit: as labeled below

Brief Sypnosis

This drama follows a journey of National Anti-Terror Service (NTS) Secret Agents to protect the country's nuclear energy program from a secret organization called "Athena". Not many people are aware about Athena which is built to conquer the world by using the world's treasure to gain money for themselves. They plan totake control the nuclear energy technology. Athena raises up human weapons to brutally diminish everyone who is on their way.

Dr. Kim who is the creator of this technology is Athena's main target. South Korea is doing all they can to protect this technology and they hire Dr. Kwon. Dr. Kwon was captured by Son Hyuk in Budapest when they had secret missions to steal the documents containing Dr. Kim's nuclear technology documentations. Fortunately, Son Hyuk didn't kill him that day and fate brought them together 3 years later as Dr Kim was rehired to be the leader of a newly built team, National Anti-Terror Service (NTS) and Son Hyuk is now the director of highly influential American Intelligence Service, DIS.

Son Hyuk sends his most trusted agent, Yoon Hye In to serve as an agent in NTS and using Lee Jung Woo (NTS agent) feelings to uncover NTS secret missions and agenda to her.

As time goes by, Yoon Hye In falls in love with Jung Woo and it makes her to abandon the Athena's missions she's supposed to carry out. It leads to Son Hyuk being thrown away from his key position in Athena. Feeling betrayed and anger, he builds his own team to destroy NTS, especially Lee Jung Woo and Yoon Hye In.

Follow the journey of Lee Jung Woo and Yoon Hye In as their mutual feelings become the major obstacles of NTS and Athena to fulfill their mission

Follow the journey of all other NTS secret agents as they try to protect the technology from Athena and from Son Hyuk

Follow Son Hyuk's ambitious plans to take control the world for himself!

Athena Wallpapers / Posters

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=== More Athena Wallpapers on Athena Website ===

Athena Main Casts

Athena Main Casts
Athena Main Casts
Jung Woo Sung as Lee Jung Woo
Jung Woo Sung as Lee Jung Woo

Jung Woo Sung as Lee Jung Woo

Lee Jung Woo initially was a National Intelligence Service (NIS) Agent, however, he feels his expertise in combating terrorism was a waste in NIS and asked to be transferred to NTS.

His ability to quickly predict the future circumstances makes him one of the excellent NTS secret agent, combined with his strong sense of justice and his natural ability to solve cases quicker than the other agents. He has a cheerful personality and has a confidence to handle any difficult cases.

Cha Seung Won as Son Hyuk
Cha Seung Won as Son Hyuk

Cha Seung Won as Son Hyuk

Son Hyuk is the key charismatic leader behind a secret organization "Athena".

He has an amazing superior ability which makes both NTS and U.S. Department of Homeland Security trusted him with secret missions. Son Hyuk was even trusted to deal with NTS case in Vicenza, Italy; even though Athena was actually the one who was involved in that specific accident.

His intelligence and problem solving ability raises up Athena to shake up the world's power structure and he raises up people to be human weapons who follow his order promptly. He has a soft heart towards Yoon Hye In.

Soo Ae as Yoon Hye In
Soo Ae as Yoon Hye In

Soo Ae as Yoon Hye In / Yoo Jin

Yoon Hye In lost her parents when she was a little girl and is trained to be the person who works according to the orders given by Son Hyuk. She doesn't have any soft feelings towards anyone, making her one of the hard-headed and perfect person to perform any secretive tasks and be a human-weapon.

She works at NIS museum guide before being transferred to NTS as NTS secret agent (to initially) uncover NTS secrets. But everything changes after she meets Lee Jung Woo who loves her unconditionally. She is torn between Lee Jung Woo who treats her as human being, not just a person who only receives orders' and Son Hyuk (who also loves her) but only treats her as a person who has to do everything he asks her to do.

Lee Ji Ah as Han Jae Hee
Lee Ji Ah as Han Jae Hee

Lee Ji Ah as Han Jae Hee

Han Jae Hee is NTS Special Agent who is specialized in European missions.

An outgoing agent with excellent personality skills who always able to solve a given mission in a straightforward manner, she is the most trusted agent in NTS. She loves Jung Woo and deep down in her heart, she's longing to have him back in her life.

Seeing Jung Woo falls in love with Yoo Hye In left her a big scar in her heart but she pretends to be strong and always try to uncover Hye In's secret.

Choi Si Won as Kim Jun Ho
Choi Si Won as Kim Jun Ho

Choi Si Won as Kim Jun Ho

Kim Jun Ho is a NTS elite data analyst. His ability to quickly analyze a given problems making him one of the best NTS analyst who supports the NTS secret agents. Jun Ho is particularly fond of Lee Jung Woo, he treats him as his mentor and he looks up to him & support him 100%.

Even though he has no basic / experience as an agent, however, later on he's trained and sent to the scene to assist the other secret agents performing their tasks.

Kim Min Jong as Kim Ki Soo
Kim Min Jong as Kim Ki Soo

Kim Min Jong as Kim Ki Soo

Kim Ki Soo used to be a North Korean Agent at the North Korean Foreign Intelligence Department. But he fled to South Korea, becomes its citizen and maintains his own business.

Due to his past experiences, Lee Jung Woo asked him to join him on NTS' secret mission to Vicenza, Italy; which is the beginning of a join forces between these agents.

A unique, humorous person who used to live in a luxury because his father was a high personnel in North Korea; he joins NTS secret agent to uncover a given NTS secret mission.

Athena OST List

Athena Official OST - "I Love You" by Taeyeon Official Music Video

Athena OST
Athena OST

Athena OST List

Athena OST Part 1 - Released August 28, 2010

1. I Love You by Park Hyo Sin

Athena Official OST (I Love You) - Released December 13, 2010

1. I Love You (I love You) by Taeyeon

2. I Love You (I love You) (Instrumental)

Athena Official OST (Put It Back) - Released December 14, 2010

1. Put It Back by Brown Eyed Soul

2. Put It Back (Instrumental)

Athena Official OST (Athena) - Released December 20, 2010

1. Athena by TVXQ

2. Athena (Instrumental)

Athena Official OST (Please) - Released December 21, 2010

1. Please by Jang Jae In

2. Please (Instrumental)

Athena Official OST (Get Ready) - Released January 4, 2011

1. Get Ready by Supreme Team

Athena Official OST (Arrow) - Released January 18, 2011

1. Arrow by Kangta

2. Arrow (Instrumental)

Athena Official OST (Order) - Released February 1, 2011

1. Order by Baek Chan

2. Order (Instrumental)


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