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Best Audition Songs for Kids!

Updated on January 6, 2009

Find the Perfect Audition Song for the Young Singer!

Hey kids! Are you looking for a strong audition song to set you apart? The songs you like to listen to the most may not be best for a musical theater audition. You've got to show off that voice a little!

Certain songs are better at doing that than others. I've worked with a lot of kids in a lot of shows! Here are my suggestions for The Best Audition Songs for Kids!

The Best Audition Songs for Kids!

A great audition starts with a great song!

So, you're planning to audition for a musical! Good for you. Whether it's a school play, a community theater musical or even something bigger, you will need an audition song that's going to show off how much talent you have!

If you haven't done a lot of musicals you might now know what song to choose. Here are some guidelines and a few recommendations!

Pick a song that's not too hard for you. There's nothing wrong with choosing a song that's simple. The director wants to hear the quality of your voice not a song that might be too hard or sophisticated for someone your age.

Don't be afraid to pick a song everyone's heard. You don't have to find an unusual or obscure song. A "good old favorite" is just fine if it sounds good when you sing it.

Choose a song from a Musical. Songs that have been written for musicals are usually written well for the voice. They are fun to sing and they show off the voice very well. Though, some are better than others. Especially for kids!

For more do's and don'ts when auditioning, see my lens - Ten Top Audition Tips for Musical Theater Actors!

Here are some recommended songs for a great audition and the resources you'll need locate copies.

Remember, not every song on this list will be perfect for you, but this will give you a good list to start with.

Audition songs for young female singers -

From My Fair Lady -

  • Wouldn't It Be Loverly

  • I Could Have Danced All Night

From Annie -

  • Maybe

  • You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile

From The Fiddler on the Roof-

  • Matchmaker

From Seussical, the Musical-

  • Notice Me, Horton

From Cinderella (Rodgers and Hammerstein)-

  • Ten Minutes Ago

  • A Lovely Night

  • Stepsister's Lament

From Guys and Dolls-

  • I'll Know

  • If I Were a Bell

From Disney's Beauty and the Beast-

  • Home

  • Beauty and the Beast

From Camelot-

  • The Simple Joys of Maidenhood

From Annie Get Your Gun-

  • They Say That Falling in Love is Wonderful

  • I Got the Sun in the Morning

  • There's No Business Like Show Business

Audition songs for young male singers -

From Hello, Dolly-

  • Put On Your Sunday Clothes

From Gypsy-

  • All I Need Now Is the Girl

From Disney's Beauty and the Beast-

  • Gaston

  • Be Our Guest

From Annie Get Your Gun-

  • They Say That Falling in Love is Wonderful

  • There's No Business Like Show Business

From Guys and Dolls-

  • Luck Be a Lady

  • I'll Know

From You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown-

  • The Kite

  • Happiness

From The Fiddler on the Roof-

  • Miracle of Miracles

  • If I Were a Rich Man

From Bye,Bye Birdie-

  • Put On a Happy Face

From The Pirates of Penzance-

  • The Pirate King

Now you need to know where to get the sheet music or musical collections you'll need.

Here are a few of my favorite audition resources to help you prepare! Best of luck!

  • To order Downloadable Sheet Music online just click below: has an impressive catalog of over 60,000 digital sheet music titles that has been built on the strength of content agreements with Sony, Alfred (Warner Bros. Publications), BMG, Universal Music Publishing, Famous Music, Peer Music, EMI Christian, Bug Music and others. They also carry a complete catalog of over 260,000 mail-order items in their online catalog. The Musicnotes multi-genre catalog includes everything from Josh Groban and Coldplay to George Gershwin and Beethoven.

    Free Sheet Music Downloads!


    Find all the sheet music and music collections you need online. Quick and simple ordering. Fast delivery! is a comprehensive resource for music books and single copies for all instruments and catagories of music. Great selection!

Do you want to hear a piece or learn it by listening? Check out Apple iTunes! Apple iTunes is a wonderful resource for downloading actual performances to your desktop or iPod. I only wish there had been a resource like this when I was a young voice student. You can look up and download classical solos, wedding pieces, symphonies, operas, art songs in numerous languages, etc. I use this resource with my voice students and it greatly increases their ability to learn a piece, regardless of the language!

You can find many performances of these pieces on Just do a search for the song title.

Great Broadway Stuff on Amazon - Check out the top Broadway soundtracks!

Vote for Your Favorites! - Up or down? Your vote counts!

Broadway - The Golden Age, by the Legends Who Were There
Broadway - The Golden Age, by the Legends Who Were There

Studio: Sony Music Release Date: 11/09/2004

The Best of Broadway - The American Musical (PBS Series)
The Best of Broadway - The American Musical (PBS Series)

A companion to the fabulous PBS series, the 21-song, 77-minute The Best of "Broadway: The American Musical" provides about as good a single-disc compilation as anyone could hope for. (There's also a five-CD version.) What sets it apart from so many other "best of Broadway" collections is its breadth--because it had access to a variety of record-label vaults it doesn't have to try to disguise gaps by using revivals or solo recordings. Here you get all the au...


New YouTube vids

What's your favorite audition piece? - Do you have a suggestion for a great audition? Share!

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      I'd suggest Oliver, the Lion King and Annie for kids.

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      heyy i loved auditioning for my school play and i think a lot more people should try for musicals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :P :O :D :I L