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Updated on November 16, 2012

Augustana Music

If you have yet to hear Augustana music you will definitely want to check them out. Augustana is an American rock band from San Diego, California who are best known for their singles "Boston" and "Sweet and Low", but who's music repertoire spans much farther than those two great songs. I'm a huge fan of the group for one reason - it's great music. Dan Layus has an awesome voice and is brilliant at songwriting. The band has had it's tumultuous times, as most bands have, and other members have come and gone, but it seems Augustana is here to stay simply because Dan Layus is a brilliant musician who loves his art.

Kat Spencer and Dan Layus
Kat Spencer and Dan Layus

Augustana in Concert

I've had the pleasure of going to several of Augustana's concerts and meeting the band, some of the concerts were with the backing band and some with Dan Layus doing a solo acoustic show, it doesn't seem to matter which you see, either venue is an amazing night with great music.

The band helped inspired me to starting writing my own lyric songs, for fun I have done many Augustana covers, I have learned a lot about songwriting and singing thanks to this band.

Highly recommend seeing them in concert if you get the chance.

Augustana Cover

by KAT

The following videos are just a small sampling of some of the Augustana covers I have done so far, I hope to do many more.

Find more of my music here:

Kat's Main YouTube Channel

Kat's Augustana Covers Channel

Kat's Cover Songs Channel

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Boston Augustana Cover - by KAT

On the Other Side Augustana Cover - by KAT

Stars and Boulevards Augustana Cover - by KAT

What's Your Favorite Augustana Song/Cover

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Sunday Best Augustana Cover - by KAT

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Kat Spencer
Kat Spencer

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Twenty Years Augustana Cover - by KAT

Boston - by Augustana

If you haven't yet seen the original, it's highly recommended!

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