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Australia got Talent Grand Finalists and Winner 2011

Updated on June 20, 2012

Australia got Talent Grand Final 2011

Want to see all 10 grand final performances? They are all here in order from 10 to 1. Enjoy

This was the 5th season of Australia got talent. It started in May and finished in early August with the grand final of the best 10 acts chosen by the public.

And what a lot of talent there was this year and many which would have made in previous years missed out.

Below you will find the grand finalists in order of being eliminated.

Every finalist has his grand final performance included so you can enjoy the moment again. Everyone is also welcome to take part in the poll of who you think should have one or the order they should have been eliminated in. This is just for a bit of fun.

Who did you vote for?

Here is your chance to vote again.

Feel free to leave a comment on why you have voted the way you have.

Who should have won Australia got Talent

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Number #10

Instant Bun

Dance Crew

Instant bun was trying to repeat what justice crew had managed the year before and win. However being eliminated first was a big surprise to me. They were very innovative with the routines they come up with throughout the competition and never stop to amaze people with their humor and skills the displayed at every performance. I have to say they were very funny and considering they were from all over the country and only learned all their move via the internet, brilliant you have to say.

Instant Bun Grand Final Performance

Here is their grand final performance with a bit of background information on how they arrived in the grand final

sit back and enjoy

I'm doing this a little different in order for people to comment on individual performances

Number #9

David De Vitto

Opera Singer

Not my cup of tea, but a big man with an awesome voice. Just seeing this bloke and his family was a side to see. His father has dementia and you could see the joy he got out of his son singing.

David De Vitto Grand Final Performance

After many years of rejection and personal hardship David thought that he had nothing to lose in trying out for Australia got Talent.

His father was an opera singer in his younger years, but has been fighting Alzheimer disease for the past few years.

With all that in mind this father of 2 and a family man was here to give it one more shot and make his whole family proud of him.

I'm pretty sure that they were proud of him before he entered Australia got Talent.

Here is his grand final performance with a bit of background information on how he arrived in the grand final.

Feel free to comment on this great performance

Number #8

australia got talent Ben Price
australia got talent Ben Price

Ben Price

Man of many voices

This guy is unbelievable. The number of voices he can do is unreal. From Arnie ( The Terminator) to Basil ( Faulty Towers) he does everyone with perfection. Not only is he good with the voices. but very funny as well.

I say he is a comedian of the highest grade.

Ben Price Grand Final Performance

Very funny. If you watch nothing else for laughs. watch this one and there is another to follow

Number #7


Absolutely amazing. These guys not only have good voices and can sing in harmony together, but the hardship they faced when one had to face cancer, shows true grid and determination and comrade ship.

Benchmark's Grand Final Performance

This is not everyone's cup of tea, but these guys are good.

Four blokes with their own stories and tragedies. It just shows what you can do and achieve if you are willing to have a go.

These four old blokes are inspirational.

Sit back and enjoy this short clip.

Number #6

the bandit australia got talent
the bandit australia got talent

The Bandit

The Rapper

A good story behind The Bandit. Always in trouble from a young age, but always being loved by his mum. This young man is turning his life around and gives hope to a lot of young people. Good on him.

The Bandit's Grand Final Performance

What a rapper.

Number #5

Liam Burrows

Frank Sinatra type of music is not something I normally listen too. He made it sound quite ok and I think he will go a long way in the music industry

Liam Burrows Grand Final Performance

Frank Sinatra would be proud of this guy.

Number #4

The Old Fellow

Did i mention viagra

Ben Price was funny with his voices, The Old Fellow well what can I say. His jokes were so well presented and funny and a bit naughty. Have a look at the video. Well worth it if you like to have a laugh.

The Old Fellow's Grand Final Performance

Have a good laugh

Number #3


A ready made show., that what Timomatic already got by just putting all his performances together. Not bad for someone who went through a lot of personal trauma.

Timomatic's Grand Final Performance

This guy is so ready to hit the road. Enjoy

Runner UP


By the time it came down to the last 2, I was surprised that Consentino was still in the running. He deserved to be there, but normally some of the other contestant singing or dancing like Instant Bun I had expected to be here.

Consentino done himself, his family and the profession proud and can look forward to a bright future.

If you like illusions and magic, Consentino is the man to see.

Consentino's grand final performance

Absolutely amazing. Enjoy the young master at work.

And the WINNER is

Jack vidgen australia got talent
Jack vidgen australia got talent

Jack Vidgen

Right from the very first time Jack Vidgen had performed,it was clear that if he could keep that type of performance up, he would be a big contender to win. All the judges and the people were blown away from the minute Jack opened his mouth.

The reaction by one of the judges say it all Picture

Well Done

Jack Vidgen Grand Final Performance

The Wonder Kid

What did you think overall?

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    • agoofyidea profile image

      agoofyidea 6 years ago

      I always loved American Idol (but miss Simon.) Australia's Got Talent looks just as fun. Great lens.

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      What widgeet did you use for the Youtube up loads as when I did it didn't have the stars of number of view. (only my second lens - still learning....gai