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autumn 2012 ushers in creativity

Updated on October 20, 2012

Autumn heralds creativity

Winter calls back! An exfoliated forest greets! The rain of snow snorkels! The feeling of vitality dips! The biting cold warns! The mind becomes subservient to the body! The body preserves the warmth!

Wool accessories warm up the sullen spirits! The mind reassures itself and dreams of spring! The heart continues its warmth. The limbs rebel.

The ambient music by Keane fills the air! Just as how Sun warms the morning skies and melts the snow bound clouds! The melody melts the frigidity! The images start appearing!

Winter forlorn the soul but liberates it from the prejudice! There is chill in the air but spirit chills out! The skier zooms down the snow filled sub ways! The snow symbolized by frigidity is seen through by connectivity! The message is clear! Race ahead even in adverse circumstances and adversity, like snow, caves in! And the melody goes on!

autumn 2012 is mellowed by melody


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