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Britney Spears' Album: Baby One More Time

Updated on March 13, 2013

All about the album Baby One More Time by Britney Spears

Baby One More Time is the debut album by Britney Spears. It was released in January 12, 1999 when Britney was 17 years old. It started an era of music based around bubblegum pop and dancing that all youngsters loved. The album was named after her debut single, which was a #1 chart topping hit and is still Britney Spears' biggest hit. The album broke records and won many awards.

The album Baby One More Time reached number 1 in 15 countries and reached top 5 in 19 countries. It's the 27th best-selling album in American music history, and 4th best-selling album by a female artist. It is the best-selling album by a teenager and the best-selling female debut in the U.S.

I was about 11 years old when Baby One More Time came out. The first time I saw Britney Spears was on TV for her music video for Baby One More Time. It was the first CD I ever bought and it made me an instant fan. She was the girl that every young girl wanted to be and all of the boys wanted to date.

If there is anything you think I should add or any mistakes, please contact me and let me know.

Baby One More Time Track Listing

1. ...Baby One More Time

2. (You Drive Me) Crazy

3. Sometimes

4. Soda Pop

5. Born to Make You Happy

6. From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart

7. I Will Be There

8. I Will Still Love you

9. Thinkin' About You

10. Email My Heart

11. The Beat Goes On

Bonus Tracks:

Deep In My Heart

Autumn Goodbye

I'll Never Stop Loving You

I'm So Curious


Luv The Hurt Away

Preview ...Baby One More Time

Use the widget on the left to preview any song from the Baby One More Time album!

Favorite Baby One More Time Song Poll

What is your favorite song from the Baby One More Time era?

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Baby One More Time Singles

1. Baby One More Time

- #1 (U.S. Billboard Hot 100)

2. Sometimes

- #21 (U.S. Billboard Hot 100)

UK Cover

Japan Cover

3. (You Drive Me) Crazy

- #10 (U.S. Billboard Hot 100)

4. Born To Make You Happy

- #1 peak (International Single)

5. From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart

- #14 (U.S. Billboard Hot 100)

Favorite Single Cover

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Time Out With Britney!

Time Out with Britney Spears
Time Out with Britney Spears

This is a great DVD full of Britney Spears interviews, music videos and other great stuff from her first album! This is a must have for any Britney fan. Loads of older footage. This was the first video I had about Britney Spears.


Baby One More Time Dolls

Britney Spears...Baby one more time 1999
Britney Spears...Baby one more time 1999

This doll is Britney in her schoolgirl uniform from her Baby One More Time music video. It is one of her most famous costumes.

Britney Spears Video Performance Collection doll
Britney Spears Video Performance Collection doll

This doll has Britney dressed up from her first VMA performance. The performance was from 1999. She performed Baby One More Time and introduced Nsync.

Britney Spears Baby One More Time Doll & Doll Stand
Britney Spears Baby One More Time Doll & Doll Stand

This is a mini Britney doll that has her wearing a costume from her first tour.

Britney Spears Singing Doll
Britney Spears Singing Doll

This is a large doll with Britney dressed in her famous schoolgirl uniform.

Britney Spears..You Drive Me Crazy Outfit Doll
Britney Spears..You Drive Me Crazy Outfit Doll

This doll features Britney dressed in her green top and black pants from her (You Drive Me) Crazy music video.


Baby One More Time Rehearsal

Check out this early video of Britney and her dancers practicing for Baby One More Time. See her hard work and determination? This gives us a view of dancing not featured in her video as well.

Baby One More Time Reviews

...Baby One More Time was loved and hated by many. Everyone had an opinion. One may give it a low grade while another praised it. One thing was the same for all of the reviews: Young people loved it! It was pure catchy bubblegum pop. It may not have been deep and lyrically meaningful, but the hooks were there. And so was the unique voice of Britney Spears. Here is an example of how the range of reviews were for Britney's first album.

AllMusic: 4/5 Stars

Rolling Stone: 2/5 Stars

Entertainment Weekly: B+

Starpulse: 4.5/5 Stars

Amazon: 3.5/5 Stars

Baby One More Time Music Videos

These are all of the official music videos from Britney Spears' album Baby One More Time.

Drive Me Crazy
Drive Me Crazy

Briney single You Drive Me (Crazy) is featured in this movie. The two stars from the movie also star in Britney's music video for You Drive Me (Crazy)!


What happened during ...Baby One More Time

Keep track of all the things Britney did during the Baby One More Time Era! This list in incomplete because Britney was EVERYWHERE! I am always on the lookout for new things to add so if you know of anything please contact me.

Magazine Covers: (1999)

Numerous Teen Magazines






Entertainment Weekly






Rolling Stone


Teen Celebrity


Teen People

Tiger Beat




Smash Hits

Performances: 1998 & 1999 (maybe some early 2000)

Mall Tour (1998) (Deep In My Heart, Baby One More Time, Sometimes, Thinkin About You)

Opened for Nsync (1998)

Baby One More Time Tour

Disney Channel Concert

Record Of The Year (Britain) (Baby One More Time)

Billboard Awards (BMA) (Baby One More Time, Crazy)

MTV EMA (Baby One More Time, Crazy)

Teen Choice Awards (Sometimes, Crazy)

The Donnie and Marie Show (Baby One More Time)

Ricky Lake (Baby One More Time)

Top of the Pops (Sometimes, Baby One More Time, Born To Make You Happy)

Smash Hits (Baby One More Time)

Rockerfeller Centre (Silent Night)

Arthur Ashe Kids Day (Baby One More Time, Sometimes, I Will Be There, Crazy)

MTV Vma's (Baby One More Time)

CD UK (Baby One More time)

World Music Awards (The Beat Goes On)

Disney Easter Paradise (Baby One More Time)

David Letterman Show (Baby One More Time)

Good Morning America (Baby One More Time)

Wetten Dass (Baby One More Time & Crazy)

Live Summer Jam (Baby One More Time)

Rosie O'Donnell (Baby One More Time & Crazy)

Big Hollidays Concert (Crazy & Baby One More Time)

Hit Machine (Crazy)

Grammys (From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart & Baby One More Time)

Good Morning America (From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart)

Live & Kicking (Crazy)

Festivalbar in Italy (Baby One More Time)

Kids Choice Awards (Baby One More Time)

Electronic Circus (Baby One More Time)

Regis and Kathie Lee (Baby One More Time)

The View (Baby One More Time)

Nul Par ALlieur (Crazy)

Much Music (Sometimes)

Motown (Sometimes)

Pepsi Charts (Born To Make You Happy)

Donny and Marie (Baby One More Time)

National Lottery Stars (Born To Make You Happy)

Walmart Live Concert Series

More To Come...

Tv Shows:

The Famous Jett Jackson (Herself)

Sabrina The Teenage WItch (Herself)

Kenan & Kel (Herself)

Baby One More Time Tour

Britney Spears' toured the United States for her first album. It was by far her most simple tour, which consisted of a staircase and a few platforms. Britney still kept the audience happy with her pop songs and fast dancing. She performed 56 shows starting in June 28, 1999 and ending in September 15, 1999. The tour was sponsored by Tommy Hilfiger. Below you will find a few pictures from the tour, the opening acts, and the set list.

Opening Acts

1. Steps

2. Boyz N Girlz United

3. P.Y.T.

4. Michael Fredo

Set List

"School Roll Call" (Intro)

"(You Drive Me) Crazy"

"Soda Pop"

"Born to Make You Happy"

"From the Bottom of My Broken Heart"

80's Medley:


"Material Girl"

"Black Cat"


"The Beat Goes On"

"I Will Be There"

"Open Arms"


"...Baby One More Time"

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    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Oh brings back great memories, I was only a teenager. I adored her. Singing and dancing around my mums living room with a hair brush..... Oh those where the days.

    • Warren Whitlock profile image

      Warren Whitlock 6 years ago from Vegas

      this is the best song she ever did

    • MusicFan57 profile image

      MusicFan57 6 years ago

      Met Britney backstage when she filmed the Disney Special with Joey McIntyre, got a pic with her and she autographed a calender I had of her. Very cool!

    • profile image

      annmarie93 6 years ago

      Classic. I always looked up to her growing up and it's sad to see the path she has taken. I love her sill, though!

    • profile image

      DaveHiggsVis 6 years ago

      What a classic album! I love the amount of info on this page. Thanks!

    • JeremiahStanghini profile image

      JeremiahStanghini 7 years ago

      Should I be embarrassed to admit that I owned this album when it first came out....

      With Love and Gratitude,


    • Geekgurl profile image

      Kimberly Hiller 7 years ago from Chicago

      She was my favorite when she first started singing and she still is!

    • profile image

      WeirdStuff 7 years ago

      Oldtimer, this was my childhood!

    • ChemKnitsBlog2 profile image

      ChemKnitsBlog2 7 years ago

      Sigh, this really brings me back to 8th grade... I remember how scandalous we all thought her first video was... and boy what did that become!

    • pompom210 profile image

      pompom210 7 years ago

      Hi Bethany,

      BABY ONE MORE TIME was a great song, & it seems it created a lot of jealousy among older listeners. I remember a lot of projecting onto this pretty straight-forward song.

      She & her friends sure came a long way from The Mickey Mouse Club!

      Thanks, for all those details about her early career, Bethany. :O)

      Sunshine & Blessings,


    • profile image

      tpoint 8 years ago

      Great review of this album! I enjoy reading your squidoo's because you always have lots of details about the topic you are reviewing! :P Now, how come she actually looks Japanese on the Japan Sometimes Single?