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Bachelorette Soundtrack & the Song In the Movie's Trailer

Updated on July 24, 2013

What's the AC/DC Sounding Song?

As far as bridesmaids behaving badly, Isla Fisher's impish grin and Kirsten Dunst's conspiratorial wink promise much the same hijinx as Kristen Wiig's Bridesmaids especially when set to the anthemic "Blonde, Bad and Beautiful" song by Airbourne on the Bachelorette Movie Soundtrack for the movie's trailer.

It's easy to mistake Australian band Airbourne for AC/DC who were definitely influenced by the iconic rock band. If you're looking for the song from the 2012 Bachelorette Movie trailer, you'll find it on their 2010 release Not Guts. No Glory.

I'm having a tough time identifying some of the other songs that play earlier in the Bachelorette trailer so if you know some of the other music, please leave a note in the guestbook below. Plus, if you happened to attend Sundance and attended a screening, what were some of the other songs used in the movie?

According to Film Music Reporter, if you saw the movie at Sundance, you would have heard a score by Michael Wandmacher who also composed Drive Angry, Pirahana 3D & Never Back Down. However, the theatrical release is being composed by Andrew Feltenstein & John Nau who also composed Casa De Mi Padre.

Never a bridesmaid and now a bride, Rebel Wilson who played one of Kristen Wiig's eccentric roommates in Bridesmaids shows off her impeccable comedic timing with the release of the movies Bachelorette in September and Pitch Perfect with Anna Kendrick in October. Rebel also recently performed in Ice Age: 4 & What to Expect When You're Expecting. All these releases are now available on DVD. In 2013, Rebel appeared with Mark Wahlberg & Dwayne Johnson in Pain and Gain which was released April 26, 2013.

One of the weaknesses with the movie is that Rebel plays the straight lady. She's at her best when she's the one doling out the wisecracks. Here she's merely the comic foil for the rest of the bridesmaids and Dunst, Fisher & Caplan while likeable just aren't as funny. In Bridesmaids that's where Melissa McCarthy really shined and had Rebel had the chance to be a bridesmaid instead, the movie might have been a heck of a lot more funny.

The 2012 Bachelorette movie featuring girls gone wild stars Kirsten Dunst Upside Down, Isla Fisher Now You See Me, Lizzy Caplan 3,2,1...Frankie Goes Boom, James Marsden Robot & Frank, 2 Guns, Kyle Bornheimer She's Out of My League, Rebel Wilson Pitch Perfect and Adam Scott Parks and Recreation and was released September 7, 2012 in theaters and came out on DVD March 19, 2013. It's also one of the few current movie releases that is available to view instantly online on Netflix.

Bachelorette Movie

Available on iTunes August 10, 2012

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Updated 5/27 & 6/13/2013

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Adam Scott Sings "I'm Gonna Be" - (500 Miles) by The Proclaimers

To read about the behind the scenes story of how the song "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" by The Proclaimers got chosen to be in the movie, read this cute blog post by director Leslye Headland. Click here.

Source: Wikipedia

"A Girl Like You" - Edwyn Collins

Source: Yahoo Answers

Song in the Bachelorette movie, "A Girl Like You" by Edwyn Collins.

Song in the Bachelorette Movie Trailer - Blonde Bad & Beautiful - Airbourne

It's easy to mistake Airbourne for AC/DC. Enjoy their music video where they're rocking out in front of a stack of Marshall amps with drums pumping out a steady back beat and guitars holding steady.

Bachelorette Movie Release Date

September 7, 2012

Source: BoxOfficeMojo

Watch Bachelorette Movie Online - iTunes Video on Demand Preview August 10

Bachelorette Movie Online
Bachelorette Movie Online

Kirsten Dunst Movies

Source: IMDb

More Lizzy Caplan - Save the Date | Release Date: Dec 14, 2012

Watch Save the Date Online - Pre-Theatrical RentalPLAY TRAILER

What do you you think of the 2012 Bachelorette Movie and Soundtrack?

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Bachelorette Soundtrack

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    • TopMovieSoundtr profile image

      TopMovieSoundtr 5 years ago

      @anonymous: It's a "Girl Like You" by Edwyn Collins

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      Does anyone have bachelorette soundtrack list. I'm want tn know what the David Bowie sounding song is.