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Band practice at my house!

Updated on March 7, 2015


My 17 year old son is very talented. He can play and read music for guitar, bass and drums. He loves heavy metal music (good boy....I brought him up well) and has got his own band. I live in England, in a street of terraced houses (one attached to the other) in a imagine this....Every Saturday, I've got my son's band practicing in this shed at the bottom of my garden.... I personally love it but I'm sure when my neighbors see the other members of the band approaching the house, at 3pm every Saturday they cringe.... I stop band practice by 7pm cause my dear neighbors need some piece and quite.... I do love their music though and encourage them in their dream to become the next Metallica....why no!!!!!

Saturday at my house

I work all week so the weekend is time to wash, clean and get on with the garden. When the weather is nice I tend to get on with the garden. Especially on the Saturdays......I get live music too. It's curious how it happens but I pop into the shed to see if they want a drink and my son will be on the bass, James on the guitar and John on the hour later I go back and John is on the guitar, James on the bass and my son (his name is Rees by the way) on the drums...then it'll be Rees on guitar John on drums an James on bass and they just keep on swapping they're interchangeable... .they are really talented young men!!!!! Last weekend I heard the best cover yet of "The house of the rising sun".....Must post good

Finding music anywhere - music in the park

A music break from training and jogging.....they find a way to do music anywhere.....

Just guitars

We've got a Fender Telecaster, a Gibson, a BC Rich, a Fender Bass guitar and just a simple acoustic......drum set (whatever make that is ....) and an electric keyboard (never gets used to be honest)....then we have several music computer programs....oh yes...a few amplifiers as well...How can I deny him??? He's good at all the instruments and can write his own music.....not saying it because he's my son...HE'S GOOD and I will help him as much as I can!!!! I play acoustic myself and don't know a lot about electric guitars but Rees recommends Gibsons. He like the BC Rich but ideally (according to Rees) you want a heavy strap to go with it or it will slide down ....Forget the Telecaster if your music is Heavy Metal.....That's a nice guitar for other genre (Rees says)....


Rees and John playing "Roots" form Sepultura. This is just a mobile phone recording and the drums are bit too loud.....will try to get a better recording on as soon as I have one!!!!


I don't know a lot about drums I just enjoy listening to them.... Rees says he would like to buy an electronic drum set to hook up to his laptop......make any sense to you?????He still likes the drum set (as in DRUM SET) in the shed but says he really needs an electronic one... he's got a job now so he'll buy one on his next payday ...I'll probably give it a go, I've never tried an electronic drum set......quite curious now....

My son's idols - ...and mine!!!

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    • profile image

      TanoCalvenoa 4 years ago

      I like this lens, music is my favorite thing after faith and family. I play a Fender Stratocaster.

    • winter aconite profile image

      winter aconite 4 years ago

      @BritFlorida: Thank you! I'm a very proud mum!

    • BritFlorida profile image

      Jackie Jackson 4 years ago from Fort Lauderdale

      As you say, you brought him up well!

    • winter aconite profile image

      winter aconite 5 years ago

      @anonymous: I love the 80s metal!!!!

      Thanks for your comment. As you can imagine I'm very proud of my son!!!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I only play guitar, but thats cool that your son also plays! I'm also a big heavy metal fan, but mostly stuff from 70's and 80's. I've gotten really into power metal bands like stratovarious, edguy and hammerfall in high school also.

      Tell your son to keep it up!