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Barbie Vacation House | Pink Barbie Vacation Home | Barbie Folding Dollhouse

Updated on September 19, 2010

Inexpensive & Still Glam ~ The Barbie Vacation Home Dollhouse

The Barbie Vacation House by Mattel is a folding Barbie playhouse for girls, with a budget friendly price. The pink Barbie Glam Vacation Home includes all the accessories in the play set, so there is nothing additional to buy, other than the dolls.

It stands 2 stories high, and includes 6 rooms. The walls are decorated so you know which room is which, and there is plenty of movable furniture, even kitchen items. Retailing for under $40, the Barbie Vacation House is a great alternative to the Barbie Townhouse, offering both smaller size and a lower price. You can view them both HERE.

Girls will enjoy playing with the furniture in the Barbie Vacation Home, which includes a couch and coffee table, bed, and breakfast bar. The Glam home even includes a TV, blender, snacks, drinks, and Tiki Lights that she can move around to accessorize in her own style. Although it does not come with the dolls, it does work with any standard Barbie sized dolls.

Before you buy the Barbie Vacation House, you may want to read Barbie Vacation House Review to find out what buyers thought of the Barbie Vacation Home.

Free Shipping on the Barbie Vacation House - Amazon

Pink Barbie Vacation Home on eBay

Sometimes, you can find it for less on eBay & when it's out of stock elsewhere.

Mattel's Barbie Vacation House Commercial

Here is a better view of the Pink Barbie Vacation Home, but the car and dolls are not included.

Folded Barbie Vacation Home
Folded Barbie Vacation Home

Best & Worst Features of the Pink Barbie Vacation House

Here are some of the best features of the Pink Barbie Vacation Home:

  • Price ~ Not sure why Barbie products have become so costly, but this house is reasonable

  • Includes Accessories ~ You don't have to buy things to "complete" this vacation home.

  • Great to Share ~ Girls enjoy playing with others when Barbie is involved

  • 2 Stories ~ But still small enough so young children can sit and play

  • Simple and Stylish ~ Plenty of ways to use their imagination

  • Size ~ Does not take up too much room, so you still have floor space

  • Portable ~ Well, kind of, see below where the Barbie Vacation House is lacking!

The Barbie Vacation House is a value, but here's where it's lacking:

Although it folds, this Glam house cannot fold with the furniture in it (You can see the picture of it folded above). So, in order to fold it up neatly, it does need to be reassembled (or reorganized may be a better word) every time it's used. We recommend having a storage bin near it for the accessories to make the job easier, and using it in a location where it won't need to be put away after use is another option. As with most kids, out of site is out of mind, and it will be less likely to be used, which would not make the Barbie Vacation House a very good value.

Overall, the Pink Barbie Vacation Home is a good value and a toy that will be used for years.

Here is a Great View of The Glam Vacation Home with Dolls


Everything in this picture is included in the home, except the dolls


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