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Life with a Basset Hound

Updated on January 25, 2010

Those of us who happen to let a basset hound reside in their life will surely agree with me that they are an intelligent and very expressive breed. I give this to the fact that they were originally bred and developed in England. I am sure they understand the english language and could speak it without so much as a stutter. Being English I suspect that they are just being eliteists and do not want to lower their standard by speaking directly to us.This would of course bring them down to our level and we might expect them to take care of themselves rather than be taken care of. Just think of it if they could speak. Can't you see a basset adressing the Senate. He would stand there in his Winston Churchill wastecoat holding a long fat cigar in his oversized paws and short arms and say," I would like to welcome the newest member of the Senate form Massachusetts. Mr.Senator I would very much like to see you vote for the health bill and include us Bassets. Our bellys tend to touch the ground if we eat too much and this causes other regions behind it to drag also. This is exagerated when someone doesn't mow the lawn or clean the snow. This can cause a nasty rash. So be a good chap and include us."


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