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Dubstep Song in Pacific Rim Trailer, Music on the Soundtrack & End Credits Song by Blake Perlman & RZA

Updated on July 25, 2013

From Director Guillermo Del Toro

If you're wondering about the dubstep Song in the Pacific Rim Commercial in Trailer #6, it's La Roux's "In For the Kill", remixed by Skrillex. The song has also been used in the tv spots for Sylvester Stallone's sci-fi spin on Dredd. There are a lot of different remixes out there of the song but there's only one dubstep track. I couldn't find it on Amazon but you can download from iTunes. I've included links below.

Since the 2014 remake of Godzilla doesn't come out until next year, the next best thing we have to a box office blockbuster that pays homage to Japanese cinema is Guillermo Del Toro's Pacific Rim.

For the Soundtrack to Pacific Rim, Guillermo selected Ramin Djawadi who first caught his attention when he was watching back to back episodes of Prison Break. Djawadi has also scored Iron Man, Fright Night, Clash of the Titans and Safe House.

Sometimes the best music isn't even in the movie but is use on the movie's trailers and come for specialty music trailer production houses and for Pacific Rim, there's the slow build of "Passages" by Ninja Tracks, "That Which You Seek" by Zach Hemsey and "Nothing is Certain" by Epic Score.

The movie's also been compared to cyber robo-monster movies like Battle: Los Angeles & Battleship and it looks like Del Toro has put some serious consideration into the movie's screenplay.

This summer action movie stars Charlie Hunnam, Idris Elba, Rinko Kikuchi, Charlie Day, Ron Perlman, Robert Kazinsky, Max Martini, Clifton Collins, Jr., Burn Gorman, Larry Joe Campbell, Brad William Henke and Diego Klattenhoff. Release Date: July 12, 2013.

Pacific Rim Movie Poster

Source: Legendary Pictures | Warner Bros. |

Do You Think Pacific Rim - Is Going to Be One of This Summer's Blockbusters?

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Don't Leave The Theater Too Early... - Stay to Watch the End Credits

  1. Don't Miss the Ends Credits Song Sung By Ron Perlman's Daughter, Blake & RZA

    "Drift". Song Writing Credits Blake Perlman, RZA and Ramin Djawadi

    Sources: IMDb | todayonlinecom |

  2. Find Out More About the Bonus Scene on the Pacific Rim End Credits !!! Spoiler Alert !!!

    Source: Media Stinger

  3. Photos of Blake Perlman

    For video of Ron Perlman, his wife Opal and daughter at the Pacific Rim Premiere, click here.

Dubstep Song in Pacific Rim TV Spot Trailer #6 - La Roux "In for the Kill" Skrillex Remix

In For the Kill [Explicit]
In For the Kill [Explicit]

NOT THIS VERSION. Just for kicks, click to hear La Roux's version featuring Kanye West. The version of "In For the Kill" that you hear on the Pacific Rim trailer is only available on iTunes. See below.


Skip about halfway in to hear the hard core instrumental dubstep that's Skrillex's signature sound.

As heard in the Pacific Rim TV Spot #6.

La Roux Skream's Let's Get Ravey Remix.

Soundtrack to Pacific Rim

Features 25 Songs

To Preview Songs from the Pacific Rim O.S.T., click here.

Pacific Rim Songs
Pacific Rim Songs

Soundtrack List Word Cloud Designed Using Wordle

Additional Songs in the Movie Not on the Pacific Rim O.S.T.

"Just Like Your Tenderness"

Luo Xiaoxuan


Blake Perlman & RZA

Sources: IMDb &

If You Like the Asian Song in Pacific Rim - "Just Like Your Tenderness"


I haven't been able to track down an MP3 download or YouTube video of the additional Chinese song (not Japanese J-Pop) that's heard in Pacific Rim. Written by Liang Hong Zhi and performed by Luo Xiaoxuan. Please leave a note in the comment section if you know where to find it.

Why Guillermo Chose Ramin Djawadi

To listen to an interview by with director Guillermo del Toro, click here

Prison Break (Original Television Soundtrack)
Prison Break (Original Television Soundtrack)

Director Guillermo del Toro talks about first becoming aware of Ramin Djawadi when he was watching the television series Prison Break which he talks about being mandatory viewing in his household.

In this same interview he reveals that beyond Djawadi's score, he'll likely include some Russian rap music. Hmmm, guess we'll have to wait and see how that's incorporated into this music with a Japanese theme.


2013 Pacific Rim Movie Trailer Songs


Epic Score


Zack Hemsey


Ninja Tracks


La Roux Skrillex Remix

"Nothing is Certain" - Epic Score

"That Which You Seek" - Zack Hemsey

"Passages" - Ninja Tracks

Pacific Rim Japanese Trailer - With Introduction by Guillermo Del Toro

It would have been so cool if Guillermo Del Toro spoke his entire introduction in Japanese but at the very least he says "hello" and "thank you" in nihongo. In his introduction he talks about honoring the traditions of Japanese cinema, manga and his use of some of Japan's best known movie stars.

Official Pacific Rim Trailer

What is that menacing tone they use at the beginning of the Pacific Rim trailer? It's a certain alien, out of this world tone that sets you on edge. Match that with the sound of a siren and you know all heck is about to break loose and from the sounds of it, trouble is burbling from beneath the Pacific Ocean.

2013 Pacific Rim Movie Vs. 2011 Battle Los Angeles

With its sci-fi alien robo theme, initial reviews of the movie trailers have compared it to Battle L.A.

Battle: L.A. Website - Aaron Eckhart Movie on Facebook

Battle L.A. Movie Soundtrack
Battle L.A. Movie Soundtrack

Battle: L.A. Soundtrack List - Composer Brian Tyler | Release Date March 8, 2011

Source: Wikipedia.

Brian Tyler's long list of action movie soundtracks include Star Trek: Enterprise, Eagle Eye, The Expendables, Rambo, Fast Five, Fast & Furious, Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift, Constantine, Children of Dune and Rambo.

Battle: Los Angeles
Battle: Los Angeles

1. Battle Los Angeles Hymn (2:32)

2. Battle Los Angeles Main Titles (4:18)

3. Arrival (2:13)

4. Marines Don’t Quit (2:48)

5. Command and Control Center (3:44)

6. Elegy (4:59)

7. Redemption (8:27)

8. For Home, Country, and Family (4:02)

9. War Hymn (2:28)

10. Evac (3:12)

11. To Hell and Back (6:26)

12. Mobilized (5:07)

13. The Freeway (1:56)

14. The Drone (3:07)

15. Casualty of War (1:37)

16. Rebalance (1:26)

17. Regret (1:28)

18. Shelf Life (2:32)

19. The World Is at War (1:40)

20. Abandoning Los Angeles (5:11)

21. Battle Los Angeles (5:28)

22. We Are Still Here (3:15)

Battle: Los Angeles Movie Soundtrack List

Courtesy Varese Sarabande


Battle Los Angles Trailer Song - Music: Sun's Gone Dim

Bewitching. Mesmerizing. Arresting. When I first heard the "talk box" synthesized voice on the song from The Battle: Los Angeles movie trailer by Icelandic composer Johann Johansson called The Sun's Gone Dim & The Sky's Turned Black I was hooked. Brilliant. Absolutely perfect song choice. This is the version of the Battle: Los Angeles Movie Trailer where Johann Johannson's unsettling song "Sun's Gone Dim, The Sky's Turned Black" kicks off the commercial with maximum impact in instantly creating a sense of uneasiness.

The song was actually not written for the movie but for an album released in 2006 by Johann Johansson that explored sounds generated by an IBM 1401 computer that were recorded by his father before the machine was made obsolete. On his web page for the album IBM 1401 A User's Manual Johansson describes the juxtaposition of cold, mechanical sounds of the computer against themes he purposefully created that were warm and expressive by adding the instrumentation of a large string orchestra describing the contrast as "echoing the work's theme of man versus machine."

Read more about the production of this movie in this book called "Pacific Rim: Man, Machines, and Monsters".

Pacific Rim Movie - Directed by Guillermo Del Toro

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      anonymous 4 years ago

      I found the song Just Like Your Tenderness by Luo Xiaoxuan on iTunes

      It's a hidden gem from the movie as only a small snippet was played.

      More details from IMDB:

      Just Like Your Tenderness

      Written by Liang Hong Zhi

      Executive Produced by Ivy Wang and Mathew D

      Performed by Luo Xiaoxuan

      Courtesy of R2G Music/Coden Music