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Bboy junior bio

Updated on August 10, 2010
bboy junior
bboy junior

bboy junior biography

Bboy junior, real name Bosila Banya, was born in Zaire, central Africa. As a child, he always was on his hands performing tricks to impress friends and family at an early age. He moved to france at around the age of 5 and in 1997 saw a tv show about breakdancing that made him realize that was what he wanted to do. Even though bboy junior's leg has polio, he pursued breakdance with dedication and was mentored by Jeff and Rudy. In 2001, he then joined the wanted posse crew that soon gained popularity around the world.

He has since then won many battles and is said by many newbies to be the best breakdancer in the world. On the contrary other bboys say he's just too repetitive or hate on the fact that his legs are lighter than normal making it easier for him.

Bboy junior's leg

He has polio in his leg, that's why he walks with a limp and he turned his disability to an advantage.


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    • profile image

      Jimmy lcuc 4 years ago

      This is a lie, he had a perfect childhood

    • profile image

      GFGV 4 years ago


    • profile image

      People Sometimes 4 years ago

      "hate on the fact that his legs are lighter than normal making it easier for him." -- He has f***ing polio, he could have died. He didn't liposuction his legs.

    • profile image

      Bogdan 5 years ago

      potpuni kralj...

    • profile image

      dladla 5 years ago

      u always gonna be the best JR,yr styles are unbelievabla.

    • profile image

      Arnoldkannan 5 years ago

      Ilike u

    • profile image

      pranzee 5 years ago

      my favorite b boying star......

    • profile image

      B-$trips 6 years ago

      Evey bboy has a different style of breakdancing. If its just using a lot of flares and going into doing power moves ok then. Each bboy has his/her style. It only matters what you got when it comes to battling and showing who you are. If you wanna be like bboy junior using power moves go for it or if your into making the best foot steps then go for it has well. All im saying it doesn't matter how you break. It only matters what your style is and what you are trying to share to the world.

    • profile image

      John 6 years ago

      I always thought his foot work was good. It seems very pop and lock style.

    • profile image

      NemE 6 years ago

      Junior is something else

    • profile image

      I be I am 6 years ago

      Are you srs? Repetitive? How can you say that, i don't know bout everyone else but i can only watch flare here flare there for so long until the point it don't impress me no more, the moment i saw junior i was inspired to be a more unique and creative bboy not like all these carbon copies doin the same stuff wit no originality, bboy junior is himself, he true, an that's all that matters

      he don't let the fact that he has leg problems get in way of his dreams, people should be appreciating him for not sittin on his ass an cryin bout his condition and for makin summn of himself.


    • Phil Plasma profile image

      Phil Plasma 6 years ago from Montreal, Quebec

      It is indeed awesome, what he can do.

    • profile image

      Kyser 6 years ago


      A big reason why Junior might have had so many views is probably because people are attracted to "flashy" things like seeing a guy with polio in leg break dance, or seeing such amazing upper body strength. Junior isn't the best and he isn't the worst either. And when you said that the only people concerned about "footwork" are breakdancers, I partially agree with you there. It's true that most of the world is ignorant to the technicality of moves and sets done by other breakers but dancing isn't a way to impress the world but to express yourself to the world.

      I guess, the reason why I'm addressing you is because you made it sound like Junior is the best and you have a big bias for power moves. Power moves are impressive but with a practice anyone can do them. The style, the footwork, the flow, and the technicality and precision found in a bboy are way makes them amazing. They're all the things that most people who aren't deeply involved in break dancing can't see or appreciate.

      And just a small list of Bboys who should or probably have more views than Junior: Hong 10, Ronnie, Cloud, Taisuke, Lilou, Born, and Physicx.

    • profile image

      tyson 6 years ago

      he is so aswsome i wish i can be like him

    • profile image

      Stinky 6 years ago

      Like many people with leg disabilities, he can do incredible things on his hands because his training has been focused purely on the upper body (with disproportionate results). Still it requires true dedication to achieve that kind of physical ability.

      Perhaps the reason he's not always taken seriously is because of this kind of disproportionate training. It's hard to compare him to a breakdancer without such disabilities since their physique and training would be proportional. I can see how some dancers could even spite him because of this because his disability makes for a one-of-a-kind dance looks much more impressive for its uniqueness.

    • profile image

      Max  6 years ago

      His leg is lighter? Who came up with this? Watch all his videos and his legs look normal sized to me. I have skinny legs and even in baggy pants you would be able to tell. The “ real BBoys" knock Junior for being repetitive......I would argue the opposite, all the other BBoy are repetitive. The first time I saw Junior I was stunned and I have been involved in the scene from the early eighties. I don't know his cumulative view count on YouTube, but it has to be in the range of 20 to 30 million. Show me another BBoy that comes even close. The only people that care about "footwork" are breakdancers. The rest of the world cares about seeing something amazing and Junior is amazing.

    • profile image

      bboy Alencar 6 years ago

      bboy junior tem um estilo diferente po cara eu achava que tinha força mas ele meu deus do ceu cara ai junior tu es o cara mano

    • profile image

      someone 6 years ago

      hey, great work you have shared with us, keep it up with what ever you do

    • profile image

      collo 7 years ago

      i love how junior moves since 2006 when i first saw his videos. i hope to meet him someday

    • profile image

      jstan 7 years ago

      dude i have to meet you i think your skills r untapped u r amazing i love your dance style hope i can meet you soon ,dance hard

    • profile image

      Shadow 7 years ago

      Juniors strenght is wow

    • profile image

      WAP-Tek 7 years ago


      If you cannot walk like other kids,

      you could learn to fly

      gravity means nothing to a spirit