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BEAST Takes You Out To A Beautiful Night : REVIEW

Updated on August 21, 2012

I’m not too familiar with B2ST or BEAST, I know that they’ve been a group for about 3 years now but this is the first single of this group that I’ve listened to. I’m sorry, but in my part of the world people only know Big Bang, Super Junior, Wonder Girls, 2ne1, and SNSD; we’re not exposed to much else when it comes to KPOP. I came across Beautiful Night on the Kpop billboard charts in search to find other artist. After listening to “Beautiful Night” I really liked it.

I wasn’t a big fan of the video because it was really boring and didn’t look very different from the millions of music videos all over the world. All they did was walked around a western city, like that's never been done before, yeah I liked their energy but there wasn’t much else. The only saving grace for this song is its beat. I prefer to watch their live performance to see the choreography.

Beautiful Night is very upbeat and a song that you can really dance to. When it comes to Kpop I generally judge base on how cool I think the dance is because I can’t understand Korean. I was really impressed by the dance and would definitely consider trying to learn the choreography in the future for a workout…maybe.

What Does It Mean?

After doing some research I found that it’s a typical love song about a guy going out all night with a person that he’s crazy about. Nothing really special, but it’s a pop song, most of them about are about romance.


The music video has been criticized by eatyourkimchi bloggers for being disingenuous for having no Asian fans in the video, they also claimed that all the extras were likely paid actors that don’t really care about BEAST. There have been people who have spoken out that claimed that they appeared in the music video and were actually fans. Ooooh controversy.


I see their point of view, I'm not really that big of a KPOP fan to care too much about this situation. Eatyourkimchi is claiming that they are giving Koreans the false image of what a western KPOP fan is, but the entertainment industry, even in Korea is all about image and presenting their product however they like.




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