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Awesome Beatles Trivia and Factoids

Updated on July 25, 2010

The Beatles Trivia

• The song Strawberry Fields Forever are in reality 2 adaptations of the same song fused together by George Martin. One comprised a half-tone higher and somewhat faster. When it was slowed down it somehow fit together with the other adaptation perfectly. The Beatles liked both versions and could not choose on one and asked Martin if he could put them together somehow. When he tried it - it worked!

• The Beatles featured 2 left handed members, Paul, whom everybody saw holding his Hoffner bass left handed, and Ringo, whose left handedness is at least partly to blame for his 'original' drumming manner.

• The Beatles, with Pete Best (the 5th beatle) on drums, did the group's TV first appearance playing Roy Orbison's 'Dream Baby' during the BBC show 'Teenager's Turn' in 1962.

• The Beatles acquired their name from a line in the film 'The Wild Ones'. Lee Marvin's character reference said the motocycle gang wanted Marlon Brando's charcter back, even the beetles (he was pertaining to the women in the gang). They altered the 'ee' to 'ea' so it was like the musical term 'beat'.

• The Beatles song Dear Prudence was written about Mia Farrow's sister, Prudence, as she would not come out and play with Mia and the Beatles at a spiritual retreat in India.

• In a competition held by Mersyside newsprint to see who was the greatest band in Liverpool, 1962, one of the primary reasons that The Beatles won was because they called in posing as different people voting for themselves.

• 'We do not like their sound, and guitar music is on the way out.'- Decca Recording Co. Disapproving the Beatles, 1962.

• The Beatles become millionaires in 1965.

• In 1964, Beatle-related products brought an approximated $50 million (over $250 million in 1997 dollars) in the U.S.A..

• On the day the Beatles made it in New York for the first time, radio deejays announced temperature in "Beatle degrees" and time in "Beatle minutes".

• The Beatles seldom wore headphones in the studio.

• Yoko Ono's name means 'ocean child'.

George, 3 grades behind John, likewise attended Dovedale, but they never met. George afterwards moved on to the Liverpool Institute in 1954, where Paul was a student one year beforehand of him.

• When Beatlemania broke, a factory in a London suburbia began producing Beatle wigs, and claimed they received orders from Buckingham Palace and Eton.

• The Beatles got a telegram of praise from Elvis, which was read on the air.

• Brian Epstein reportedly inquired Sullivan the night of the first performance, "I would like to know the exact wording of your introduction." Sullivan replied, "I would like you to get lost."

• In one scene of "Help!" The Beatles sing Beethoven's "Ode To Joy" to calm down a lion. Off camera, was a lion tamer with a rifle ready.

• The Beatles’ 3rd studio record album "A Hard Day’s Night " is the only album in Beatles’ career that solely comprises Lennon-McCartney compositions. Because it was agreed that any song composed by either John or Paul is credited as a Lennon-McCartney creation, people are not actually sure who between the 2 got the better number. Anyhow, for this record album, John Lennon is said to have for the most part written ten of its thirteen tracks.

• There are only 7 persons admitted the Beatles’ magic circle. Apart from the Fab Four, the only ones permitted inside the recording booth are record producer George Martin, road managers Neill Aspinall and Mal Evans. Not till John fell for Yoko Ono who even had a bed inside the studio.

• The sleeve of the Beatles’ 1st L-P (same to what is addressed a record album nowadays) called "Please, Please Me " had the distinction of having credited John and Paul’s compositions as McCartney–Lennon rather than Lennon–McCartney. One reason could be the reality that the 1st 2 Beatle songs chosen to be put on record (by the group’s producer) is "Love Me Do" and P.S. I Love You," both McCartney compositions.

• What do Beatle classics "Michelle," "In My Life," "Here, There, and Everywhere," "And I Love Her" and "I Will" have in common? They are all not included in the album "1" which contains 27 Beatle songs that accomplished no. 1 on the charts during their heydays. "Strawberry Fields Forever," another Beatle classic, was the 1st Beatle single which did not make it to the top spot on its release.

• The Beatles performed 'All You Need Is Love' to a world wide audience of 400 million by means of a satellite link up.

• The Beatles won 14 Grammy awards

• The genuine source of the Beatles song Maxwell's silver hammer: The chorus line had always appeared a bit obscure: "Bang, bang, Maxwell's silver hammer came down on her head. Clang, clang, Maxwell's silver hammer made sure that she was dead." But Paul McCartney had been born Catholic, and was inspired by the Vatican funeral ritual where a cardinal bangs the late pope on the forehead 5 times with a silver hammer, while shouting his real name, to be sure that he is dead.

• The Beatles "1" album, reached first in thirty-four different countries. And sold 20 million copies.

• The tv series 'The Beatles Anthology' was watched by 420 million people, in 1995.

• The Beatles created music television. They were the 1st band to make a music video recording to sell their music.

The Beatles Trivia: John, Paul, George, Ringo 1962

The Fab Four, 1962
The Fab Four, 1962

Ringo Starr Trivias

  • During the Cavern gigs, Ringo became female fans favourite. Maureen Cox asked Ringo for his autograph while on her way to a hair dressing class in 1962. Another time, she kissed him as he was leaving the Cavern dressing room. He then asks her to dance and later drove her and her friend home afterward.
  • In Seattle, a female fan who was trying to get backstage, fell 25 feet down a ventilation shaft and dropped onto the floor at Ringo's feet. He asked her if she was sure she was okay, but she ran from him and disappeared in the crowd.
  • In California, fans were seen eating the grass that Ringo walked on. When he was asked what he thought about this, he replied, "I just hope they don't get indigestion."
  • Ringo wanted to be a hairdresser.

John Lennon Trivias

  • On "Love Me Do", John plays harmonica, which he says he shoplifted from a store in Holland.
  • Lennon first wore his famed round eyeglasses during the shooting for the film "How I Won The War " where he had a cameo role. It was believed that while in-between shoots, he was writing a song later to be known as "Strawberry Fields Forever."
  • The outspoken Lennon had his share of frustrations as a Beatle. He felt the group recorded his favorite song "Help" so fast, trying to be commercial. He was infuriated that his "I Am The Walrus" was relegated as a B side for Paul's "Hello, Goodbye" which he described as 'typical Paul." After the group's much ballyhooed break-up, he reasoned that they had to be dissolved because they're 'tired of being sidemen for Paul.'
  • John’s "Julia," which appeared on the Beatles White Album and a song dedicated to his late mother Julia, and wife Yoko, was the only Beatle song wherein he played alone, without assistance from the rest of the group. Paul McCartney had done the same many times. In "Yesterday," string instrumentalists helped him record what would be hailed as the most covered song of all time.
  • John Lennon considered his lyrics on "Across The Universe" as one of his bests, if not, his best. He described it as a "piece of poetry that strongly stood alone, without the help of its melody." John had to wake up from his bed to finish the song after its melody kept ringing in his ears.
  • John Lennon saw a UFO in 1974. He ran around shouting, "Here I am! Come and get me!" (He wrote about it on Double Fantasy. "There's UFOs over New York, and I ain't too surprised."

The Beatles Trivia: Goofy Shots

L-R: George, Paul, Ringo, John
L-R: George, Paul, Ringo, John

George Harrison Trivias

  • George was introduced to the Quarry Men by Paul and became accepted into the group by the much older John. The band could now practise at George's and Paul's, but never at John's. Mimi wouldn't even let George in the house after he showed up with a crew cut and a pink shirt.
  • After George came to the band, the name Quarry Men was dropped and the band tried names as The Rainbows, or the Moondogs, or even for one night, Johnny & the Moondogs.
  • George told a reporter that when they received notification of the MBE awards by mail, they thought that the official envelope and 10 Downing Street return address meant they were being drafted.
  • Before writing "While My Guitar Gently Weeps," George Harrison randomly picked a book on a shelf, opened it and read the first word he saw. The word was ‘gently.’ Incidentally, legendary Eric Clapton played the crying ‘lead part’ of the song. He was the same man George was waiting for at a garden one morning when he started writing ‘Here Comes The Sun."
  • George got drunk in Hamburg and threw up on the floor. None of them wanted to clean it up, so they left it there and watched it get more disgusting every day. It became an inside joke and they called it a "fiendish thingy." Thus the George famous 'fiendish thingy' saying.

Paul McCartney Trivias

  • On the last day before break at the Institute, Paul brought his guitar to class, stood on a desk, played and sang 2 Little Richard songs: "Long Tall Sally" & "Tutti Frutti".
  • Paul still owns his first guitar.
  • Paul, married to photographer Linda Eastman for 29 years, could have been the only Beatle who didn’t remarry. John’s first wife was Cynthia Powell. George had Patti Boyd, while Ringo tied the knot with Maureen Cox. They all gave marriage a second time due to failed relationships. Paul, on the other hand, married his current wife Heather Mills a few years after Linda died of cancer.
  • Paul and Pete Best (the fifth Beatle) got arrested in Hamburg after sticking a condom to the wall and setting it on fire.
  • Paul McCartney's song 'Yesterday', which was recently voted the most popular song of the century by a BBC poll, had music written before the lyrics. Paul used the working words 'scrambled eggs' before coming up with 'yesterday' while composing this song.
  • Paul McCartney wrote the song Lovely Rita, Meter Maid for the album Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band after getting a parking ticket from a female warden in Abbey Road.
  • 'Hey Jude' was written by Paul in his car. Paul was on his way to visit Julian, John Lennon's son, who was disturbed by his parents' divorce. Paul wrote this song to cheer him up.


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    • MarshFish profile image

      Marshall Fish 

      7 years ago

      Nice job on the trivia, Allan.

    • RunAbstract profile image


      8 years ago from USA

      Very good article!

      A tidbit to know who wrote which song in the Lennon/McCarthney partnership is: Whoever sings the lead vocals is the writter.

      Ringo and George sang lead on their own songs as well.

      Thanks for a nice read!

    • Tom_Radford profile image

      Tom Radford 

      8 years ago from Singapore

      Yep, all true... except the part about the name which, when interviewed, John said came to him in a dream when he was twelve.

    • Allan D profile imageAUTHOR

      Allan D 

      8 years ago from The Internets

      your hubs about the fab 4 looks awesome too! thanks for sharing all the details about the beatles :)

    • music messenger profile image

      music messenger 

      8 years ago

      Great stuff! I have Beatles music reviews and other music info on my hubs. Take a look. I voted!


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