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Beautiful Creatures Merchandise Including Posters, Books and Lena's Necklace

Updated on October 5, 2013

Beautiful Creatures Merchandise Makes Great Gifts For Caster Fans

Caster fans the world over are searching high and low for official Beautiful Creatures merchandise. Even after the movie aired in the cinema the number of fans continues to climb.

I first fell in love with this story when I saw the trailer. I rushed out to buy the book and the rest is history as they say!

If you are a fan of the book you can learn to make your own necklace just like Lena's. You can also decorate with Lena's favorite art implement - Sharpie markers. Plus there are Amma's recipes, Ethan's favorite books, Ridley's wardrobe and the options are endless.

On the other hand, if you are looking for official Beautiful Creatures movie merchandise you can find it on this page too. You're sure to find something for the Caster fan and yourself! there's so much to choose from that I won't spoil it. Please scroll down to see some of what I think are the most magical items you can buy.

Image - Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Creatures DVD

Take the Magic Home

You can order your copy of Beautiful Creatures today on DVD or blu-ray. The magic can start again whenever you want.

Beautiful Creatures DVDORDER NOW

Beautiful Creatures BlurayORDER NOW

Check Out The Official Illustrated Movie Companion - Ever Wondered What It's Like Behind the Set?

Beautiful Creatures The Official Illustrated Movie Companion
Beautiful Creatures The Official Illustrated Movie Companion

Explore behind the scenes and discover the secrets of filming Beautiful Creatures in the Official Illustrated movie Companion. Get stunning pictures of the set and the cast. Also access to exclusive case interviews and personal stories!

See Why Everyone Loves This Movie!

The song featured in this trailer is Seven Devils by Florence and the Machine. I think the song is perfect for this type of movie and adds to the mystery and the dark elements of the world created in Beautiful Creatures.

Isn't this way better than Twilight and more realistic? Plus this time the girl isn't your typical swooning damsel in distress.

Still Haven't Read the Beautiful Creatures Book Series?

Critics Are Saying Beautiful Creatures Could Be More Popluar Than Twilight!

I recently read the Beautiful Creatures book series and I have to admit to loving it. Although there are supernatural beings, like in Twilight, they are very different. In Beautiful Creatures there are Witches, known as Casters, there are Seers and Succubi. Also the story is told by Ethan, so is less female oriented which should make it easier for guys to say they read and liked the book too!

The Beautiful Creatures box set of the complete series would make a great gift for a fan of this gothic series, or for a Twilight fan. And the best thing is the Beautiful Creatures movie has been adapted from the book very sympathetically. The only major difference I can see from the movie posters and the trailers so far is Ridley seems more conservative than in the books.

You can get the Caster Chronicles box set below.

The Beautiful Creatures Complete CollectionREAD THE BEAUTIFUL CREATURES BOOK SERIES

There are four books in the Beautiful Creatures series. They should be read in the following order - Beautiful Creatures, Beautiful Darkness, Beautiful Chaos and Beautiful Redemption.

These books are targeted toward a teen audience which makes them easy to read. The story is compelling and before you know it you'll have finished the first book, and desperate to read the next book in the series.

Books Like Beautiful Creatures
Are you looking for more books like Beautiful Creatures? If you are you can find the best 10 books like Beautiful Creatures here...

Vote for the Beautiful Creatures Characters

Who's Your Favorite Beautiful Creatures Character

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Beautiful Creatures Soundtrack

Beautiful Creatures Movie Soundtrack

We prefer the term Caster

— Lena Duchannes

Beautiful Creatures Extended Trailer

Florence and the Machine - Seven Devils - The Song Featured in the Beautiful Creatures Trailer

Want to Be Like The Beautiful Creatures Book Characters?


Beautiful Creatures Merchandise

If you want to be like Lena then you need to be conflicted. She loves Ethan but she knows she only has so many days until she has to decide if she's going to good or evil. She knows she risks turning dark and keeps a necklace with what other people would view as junk, but represents important people and times in Lena's life.

You can make your own necklace to represent what's important in your life. Think of it as a kind of personalized charm necklace. If you want to make your necklace the same as Lena's then you need to add the following charms to a long silver chain necklace - red yarn, a safety pin, soda can ring, plastic ring, gold raven charm, paperclip star, silver button, a plastic ring, a locket and a flattened penny.

So if you see girls with a whole pile of junk round their neck, you will now understand why!

Also to truly be Lena, you'll also need some Sharpies and a notepad. She writes a lot of poetry and many of her thoughts.


Ridley is a Dark Caster and is actually a Siren. She uses her lollipop to entice men and is always up for creating a little trouble.

She dresses really slutty and loves her pink hair extensions, pink makeup and pink nail varnish.

She also has orange eyes that you can copy by getting orange contacts.


Amma is like a second mother to Ethan and loves to cook. She believes in making food from scratch and makes all those yummy dishes you would expect to eat in the deep South. No-one makes Southern food like Amma and she always wins a prize at the fair.

However, she doesn't always cook for people. Sometimes she cooks for "the Greats".


Ethan always wears Converse Sneakers. His favorite book is Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. He and Lena also had to read To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee for class.

To Kill a Mockingbird, 50th Anniversary Edition
To Kill a Mockingbird, 50th Anniversary Edition

Boo Radley the Duchannes dog is named after a character in this book and Macon Duchannes is actually based on the character Boo Radley as well.


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