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Beauty and the Beast - Disney Classic

Updated on November 18, 2013

What's not to love about Disney's film Beauty and the Beast? The animated classic tells the story of an eccentric girl named Belle who brings out the goodness in a ugly selfish Prince. The movie is filled with enchanted objects that were once human, familial love, and a tale as old as time. The first time I saw this animated film was when I was an adult. I watched it with my niece when she was about two years old. She liked Belle's books and was terrified of the scene where the wolf attacked Belle and the Beast. For a while we skipped over that part of the film.

When she was three she loved Gaston and the song sang about him in the tavern after Belle rejects him and his marriage proposal. She even developed a game from that scene. She would be baby Belle (she loves babies) and I would be Gaston. I would carry her in my arms and we would spin around the house dancing to the song from the scene. She especially liked when I stomped around the house. After all, nobody stomps around in boots like Gaston. I'm not entirely sure she understood Gaston was the bad guy at the time. She had the same problem with Prince Charming in Shrek 2 (not a Disney movie)

At five she hates Gaston and loves Chip. She enjoys the part when he rescues Belle and Maurice. It seems as she ages she identifies with different parts of the film. I find the same thing happens to me each time I watch the movie. Right now, I love watching the relationship between Cogsworth and Lumiere. Before I loved watching the dungeon scene with Maurice, Belle and the Beast.

What makes Beauty and the Beast an enduring classic is that the characters are well fleshed out. The romantic story line endures because of the complex characters and their relationships. The film is magical and allows you to see new elements with in its construction each time you watch.

This is the clip that is the most popular from Beauty and the Beast. It's arguably the most romantic moment in the film because as they are dancing they both know the truth: They love each other.

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Disney has a lot of great movies for kids. Below are a few more films that are equally as beautiful as Beauty and the Beast.

Aladdin (Two-Disc Special Edition)
Aladdin (Two-Disc Special Edition)

I mist have watched Aladdin a hundred times. I loved the story of the poor boy who fell in love with a sheltered Princess. There are some fun sidekicks in this film including the genie and Iago the parrot.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Disney Special Platinum Edition)
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Disney Special Platinum Edition)

Dwarfs, a love story and an Evil Queen tell the tale of Disney's iconic classic Snow White. You will never look at apples the same way again.

Sleeping Beauty (Two-Disc Platinum Edition)
Sleeping Beauty (Two-Disc Platinum Edition)

The film is about a 16 year old girl who finds out the truth about her parents. In the film we are introduced to three fairies: Merryweather, Fauna and Flora. It follows the ideas that good always triumphs over evil.


What is your favorite Disney film?

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