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Beauty by YOU!

Updated on November 19, 2014

That jaw dropping moment, when that beautiful girl passes by you. Wish you had all her beauty? What is beauty?

Beauty is a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially in sight. How does that definition make you feel? Beauty has a very broad definition doesn't it? That’s because you choose what it means the moment you wake up. It’s your personal preference, and depending on how you choose to view it, reflects on how you see yourself and others.

Defining beauty was a difficult task, individuals said beauty is: “Someone that is pretty, like amazing eyes, dresses well, always clean, a perfect body” “A perfect size body, like a 1 or 2” “someone that is nice” “a girl with a pretty face” “someone that doesn’t use makeup” A survey that I issued showed that 63% of people defined beauty with material things like, jeans, earrings, heels, hair accessories, 17% said doing their hair, make up, and dressing sharp, 7% said complements, 6% said complements from the opposite sex, 5% said themselves and 3% said their creativity or moment of accomplishment..

Admiring beauty and loving myself has always come easy for me, feeling beautiful on the other hand was always a struggle. Although my family and friends believe I was born with confidence in my beauty and self, the truth is, I got lost on the way.

Uncovering my beauty and admiring myself in the mirror never felt natural to me, I have always been curvy and large. Society led me to believe that beauty was a size 3 in jeans, and on the cover of every magazine.

The path I took to find my beauty went far beyond my skin, it was deeper and further than that. It started with waking up with a smile and reminding myself that I had a beautiful soul. I decided to motivate myself with my voice like I motivated individuals when I spoke. Standing in front of my mirror, I immediately accepted myself in gorgeous size 16 jeans. I am beautiful because my personality sparkles!

Naturally air dried hair, brushing my teeth and three coats of luscious nail color, or funky nail designs, make me feel beautiful.

I discovered my love for my hair, my teeth & nail polish when I realized I was dancing around my living room right before I went to bed. My hair was washed, my teeth were brushed and I had just painted my nails “Hollywood Glam” by ICING. The feeling that rushed threw me was incredible and I felt as if I was beautiful for the first time.

After being in the play “Real Women Have Curves” I realized how much of an impact I could make on people, just by seeing the impact I made on cast mates. There was a scene where I had to strip down to my bra and panties in front of 200+ people. I did it with no hesitation. In rehearsal the cast was shy, eventually after watching me take off my clothes, they all became comfortable in their own skin. “Before I did this play, I didn’t own a bathing suit, after this experience, and being motivated by this woman right here, I’m going out to buy one- Hannah Dohrer”

Fashion is a language of its own, and so is beauty. In this era, people judge you in the first 3 seconds of meeting you by what you’re wearing. To see your inner beauty they have to know you, if you bring on the confidence in yourself, it shines bright like a diamond. You can attempt to fit into society’s image of beauty or you can decide to live with your own definition of it. Yeah its a combination of qualities, shape, color and form, everyone has that, therefor everyone is beautiful.

Never leave home without two things, confidence and a smile. I am beautiful, you are beautiful. Beauty isn’t how much make up you wear, or great your hair looks, Beauty is accepting yourself just the way you are and embracing yourself. You cannot spell beautiful without U.

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