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Top 10 Bee Cartoons and Characters

Updated on December 23, 2013

Top 10 Bee Cartoons and Characters

Bees provide a service to mother nature that is invaluable and just that alone gives a reason to put some attention to these amazing buzzing creatures. A bees daily task of pollination and producing honey around the clock just to die off in the next 6 to 8 weeks seems like a dedicated species. As a human, we take for granted what bee pollination really does for our food source. A third of all crops in the United States are grown from a bee's busy work. Furthermore, they produce the only raw product that is consumed by humans. Without these vibrating specs in our world, human existence would probably be kaput. So these bugs need someone to finally give them the recognition they deserve by compiling a list of the most famous bees in our movies, TV shows, music videos, and groups. Learn about all your favorite bee characters.

Top Ten Bee Characters, Cartoons, Groups, etc.

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Famous Bees

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Blind Melon- No Rain

Watch the bee girl tap away in this 90's alternative hit.

Maya the Bee

Watch Maya buzz around in the TV show Maya the Bee!

A Bee Movie

A salute to our winner! See why Berry was chosen as number 1!

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