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Are Beliebers Really Justin Bieber's Fans? The Sofia Richie's Case

Updated on September 23, 2016
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Justin Bieber in an old photo, at a Brit Awards event
Justin Bieber in an old photo, at a Brit Awards event

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Beliebers vs Beliebers

Warning: this article criticizes a specific category of fans, and not all the ones.

When we talk about fandoms we often come to a fact: there are different types of fans: some are simply interested in a celebrity (like a singer or an actor) and like to meet with him (for example at concerts or at meet&greets), while others are fanatic people. These assail their idols at meetings and threaten everyone who don't think the same about their loved VIP, they throw objects on the stage at concerts (without minimally caring about the risks for their favourite singer) and, in general, they are completely obsessed about their favourite celebrity.... Are these really fans? For me, they are anything but fans. If you really love your idol, you do not throw objects on the stage (do you really want your favourite singer to harm himself?), and first of all, you respect his friends and his girlfriend. Not exactly what happened with Justin Bieber and Sofia Richie.

Let's say: there are real Justin's fans, who love him first of all because of his songs... and there are fans who maybe only care about this body!
Let's say: there are real Justin's fans, who love him first of all because of his songs... and there are fans who maybe only care about this body!

Beliebers Criticize Justin for a Photo with Sofia Richie

Justin Bieber posted a photo with a 17 years old girl, Sofia Richie, on Instagram. The fanatic category of Beliebers reacted with insults against the girl, obviously because they were jealous and they wanted to be with Justin in place of that girl. The same thing happened in the past with Directioners, who threatened people who were on the stage with the guys, and that's why 1D stopped to invite fans on the stage. Fanatic people destroy the music and it's their fault if celebrities are less disposed to have more time with their fans.

Because of Fanatic People, Justin Closed Instagram Profile

As Justin was tired of seeing hate messages on his profile (and I completely agree with him), he decided to deactivate his Instagram profile (this is most probably a temporary decision, the same happened in the past with other celebrities). Fanatic girls, are you happy with this decision? Surely most of them are only interested in Justin's body, and maybe they completely don't care about their idol's mood.

Love yourself... and love the other ones. That's a message some Beliebers seem to have not understood, especially when they criticized Sofia Richie for being with Justin Bieber.
Love yourself... and love the other ones. That's a message some Beliebers seem to have not understood, especially when they criticized Sofia Richie for being with Justin Bieber.

Why Fanatic People Are "Killing" Their Idols

Fanatic people always are an example of bad behaviour when we talk about being fan of someone. Because of them most people tend to have prejudices against singers like Justin Bieber or bands like One Direction. Try to talk about them to a casual person you meet on the street: the answer you may get from him may sound like "oh yeah, only crazy girls listen to them". That is not true: there are "normal girls" out there who listen to Justin, 1D or other singers without being fanatic, and there are also boys like me. Unfortunately, because of their crazy behaviour, the fanatic girls tend to be always under the spotlights. At the other side there are not only people with prejudices against these singers: there are also the so called "fanatic at the opposite" people: the haters, who offend these singers without having ever listened to them, and only because "offending is cool". Fanatism exist on both sides, so that respecting other musical tastes seems to be a difficult thing for some people.

So what would be a good world? A world in which all people listen to their favourite singers, without being fanatic, and by respecting their idols and other people who have different tastes. I should admit this is very utopistic, especially when I hear about a Directioner who threatens to kill her dog if 1D guys do not follow her on Twitter, or also when I read Beliebers' posts talking about how Justin is the best singer in the world, even better than legends like Pink Floyd or The Beatles (I love Justin Bieber songs, but I would never say Justin is better than authentic music legends of the past)...

Check also Justin Bieber's Loving Way of Dealing with Crazy Fans

I conclude by saying what is the nicest thing about writing this article: if a Belieber will comment this hub badly, she will go against another Belieber (even a Belieber Boy, so someone Beliebers tend to admirate, as guys who listen to Justin are very less compared to girls). If haters will comment badly because I listen to Justin, they will not go against a fanatic person, but against a normal person who has specific musical tastes. That s because I am not with Beliebers, Directioners, Selenators or with haters: I am simply with fans, and not with fanatic people. So a person who loves Justin like me without offending other singers can become my friend, just like a rock & roll fan who does not like One Direction (without offending the guys and the fandom)... instead, fanatic people or haters who only judge singers are those categories of people I hate, as they exist only to start arguments about useless things: tastes cannot be judged: they are only to be respected.

© 2016 Alessio Ganci


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