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Best Aishwarya Rai Bollywood Movies

Updated on June 19, 2014

Bollywood movies are beautiful, luscious, dramatic, and fun!

One of the most beautiful actresses working today is Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

Her striking green eyes helped lead her to fame as Miss World in 1994. On screen she is charming and delightful in a variety of roles.

She's my favorite actress and here are some of her very best movies!

Guzzarish - A sad and haunting movie.

This one is about a young man who was paralyzed during a stage show when he was a magician. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan plays his caretaker.

The opening scene is spectacular as Aishwarya gently cares for him.

It's a sad movie focusing on his desire to kill himself and his friends efforts to stop him.

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Devdas - A wealthy man ruins his life with drink and vice when he can't marry the woman he loves

One of the movies Aishwarya is most known for, it is the sad story of a privileged man who is prevented from marrying the woman he loves.

This movie also stars Shah Rukh Khan and Madhuri Dixit, both very well known Bollywood actors.

Though it is tragic, I did not find it to be as dark as Guzzarish.

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Raavan - A modern retelling of the Ramayana

This movie is the story of a policeman's wife who is kidnapped by a Robin Hood style bandit. It is not an exact retelling of the classic Indian story of Rama and Sita, but it has a lot of parallels. In this version, the demon Ravana is a good guy and Rama is bad.

It stars Aishwarya with the man who would shortly become her husband: Abhishek Bachchan as the Ravana character. Though the movie was not that well received, I really enjoyed it a lot. I found the chemistry between the two actors intense.

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Bride and Prejudice - An Indian take on Pride and Prejudice

It's incredible how well the plot of Pride & Prejudice translates to modern day India!

This is a really cute and fun movie (mostly in English) about a family trying to marry off five daughters. Aishwarya's character is witty, sharp, and stubborn.

One of the best and most enjoyable movie versions of Pride & Prejudice I've seen.

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Jodhaa Akbar - A historic and romantic tale of the first Mughul emperor to be born on Indian soil

Not necessarily entirely true to history, this movie enhances the romance of an interesting story of the first Muslim emperor who was born in India.

After the moghuls invaded they were trying to conquer all of India and meeting some resistance from the Hindu kings. In order to help create peace, one of the Rajastani kings offers his daughter Jodhaa to be married to the emperor Akbar.

She, however, insists that if she is to go through with this wedding, she will get to keep her religion.

Over time the two come to love one another and Akbar changes some of the laws in India to make them more fair to Hindus.

Of course there is lots of misunderstanding and struggle!

This is an epic tale very well told.

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Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam - A woman chasing her first crush misses the love right in front of her

This is hands down my favorite movie on the list.

Aishwarya's character meets and falls into an intense puppy love with a young man visiting from Italy. When her family finds out how close they have become, the young man is sent packing and Aishwarya is married off to a calm and gentle lawyer.

She is miserable and her husband can't figure out why. Eventually he finds out the truth that she is in love with someone else. In one of the most romantic moves ever in a movie, he brings her to Italy to hunt for her love.

They go through many adventures together and Aishwarya's character matures a lot through the experience. When they finally find the man they've been looking for, she's no longer sure which one she should be with.

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Some of the songs from these movies

One of the reasons to watch Bollywood movies is the wonderful music!

English Language Movies

Aishwarya has done a couple of other movies in English besides Bride & Prejudice


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