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Top 10 Best Anime Soundtracks Openings

Updated on January 21, 2011

Top 10 Best Anime Openings

A good anime opening must have the following criteria:

1. Nice catchy music (duh! of course!)

2. Great animation that is related to the story plot. Means you can know what to expect from the show, just by watching the opening.

3. Meaningful lyrics to the song.

and hopefully many good looking characters shown!

This may not seem important to you. Yes, the main episode is the real deal. But the opening sets you on the right track. My mantra is that if the opening itself does not entice you to watch the show, then the show itself is not worth your time watching. If you wanna get something right, make sure everything is done perfectly.

So yeah, sit back and relax. Hopefully the videos (all from youtube) won't get removed. Even in that case I will go find a replacement. (=

These here are all my favourites. Everyone has their own preferences. If you like all these anime openings too, awesome. Feel free to comment and share YOUR favourite anime openings in the guestbook below! Hope you guys like this lens! :D

Let the countdown begin!

10. Change the world by V6 (Inuyasha first Op)

Out of the seven Inuyasha openings, I still prefer this very first one.

It sets the premise of the show really well. Just watching the starting part with Kagome falling into the Sengoku period (15 to 17th century) already got you hooked into watching the episodes.

And like the DGM video above, they managed to squeeze in sufficient information about the show. Characters' abilities such as Inuyasha's Wind Scar technique with his sword Tetsusaiga, Miroku's Wind Tunnel and Sango's oversize deadly boomerang Hiraikotsu are aptly shown in parts of the video. Inuyasha's "pleasant" relationship with his half-brother Sesshomaru is also displayed at the beginning part of the video. And not forgetting, the love triangle between Inuyasha, Kikyo and Kagome.

More importantly, for an anime that was premiered in October 16, 2000, the animation here is not bad at all. Indeed, Japanese animation does not disappoint. I especially like the part whereby Inuyasha was standing alone at the top of the mountain, with birds flying past him, or the part whereby he was walking and sakura petals were falling.

There must have been some criteria that all the anime openings have to have some kind of a moral to it and must relate back to what the show is about. We can see here that friendship is one of the main themes for this particular opening. It was shown that Inuyasha has always been alone, and now, he has true friends and companions.

9. Futatsu no Kodou to Akai Tsumi by ON/OFF (Vampire Knight)

No amount of Twilight could compare to Vampire Knight. Ever.

You already know what to expect at the start of this video. It helps that the characters are good looking bishounen types. I was hooked just by this factor. And if your eye is quick enough, you would be able to see Aidou, Kain, Shiki and Ichijo's powers as the noble clan of vampires. More Kaname and Zero for me please!

A nicely done video, as expected from a series which continues to sit comfortably at its #01 'Most Popular Shoujo Manga Series' at many manga scans site.

Fast paced and catchy music.

(This is the opening from the very first episode of the first season.)

8. Monochrome No Kiss By SID (Kuroshitsuji)

I would gladly trade my soul to get a butler this hot like Sebastian Michaelis.

This is the most decent video that I could find that has the original song 'Monochrome No Kiss' by SID, instead of some fan-made videos of the opening.

I am still fascinated of how Sebastian can catch bullets with one hand, throw knives with deadly accuracy and still look so good.

Basically you can see the contract made between Sebastian and Ciel here. (Sebastian - left hand, Ciel - right eye)

If you hadn't watch or read this series yet, boy oh boy, you are missing out on so much.

7. ROCKS by Hound Dog (Naruto Op 1)

Ahhh memories..

One of the best Naruto openings that I can still remember up till now.

This opening sets the show pretty well. The animation is pretty good, considering that this is made in year 2002? And this is the time whereby the main characters are still young and cute. Naruto and Sasuke, I mean. Reminds me of the times Team 7 used to do their missions. (Kakashi, Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura)

There are funny and rather touching moments, like how Naruto fell off the tree while sleeping, and how he and Sasuke used to be rivals and yet, friends/brothers. (before Sasuke started craving for more strength and power blah blah) This also shows us Naruto's favourite move, kage bunshin no jutsu (Shadow Clone jutsu)

This sure brings back fond memories! :D

6. Being by Kotoko (Shakugan No Shana Season 1 Op 2)

Includes a short Japanese introduction of the show's premise.

Great choice of music, and the person who had 'cut' the video clips and did the animation effects has done an awesome job. This second opening is definitely better than the first.

I like the transitions whereby the 'film' started to flicker and shift, and Yuji Sakai was gone at the end. This is the same as when it happened in the next scene and Kazumi Yoshida suddenly appeared out of thin air. This is to hint to the audience that Yuji's life might be in danger, and in the next scene, that Yoshida may have connections to the other Flame Haze, Khamsin Nbh'w.

Furthermore, the music flows nicely with the animation, all going at the right beats.

This opening also shows us characters such as the newer Flame Hazes Khamsin and Wilhelmina Carmel, and of course, Majorie Daw. Tomogara also get their share of fame in here, and even one of them dueling with Shana. Shana is shown to have grown in strength, as seen by her flaming wings and swordplay.

The opening makes one intrigued; who will Yuji pick in the end- Shana or Yoshida? (:

5. The World by Nightmare (Death Note Op 1)

Not only does this Death Note opening boast an addictive and cool rock track, it also features beautiful art works from the animation itself. I am awed by how the music and the animation could go so well together. Not bad indeed for an anime which debuted in October 2006 and was not really popular at that time.

Did anyone else besides me notice the fabulous use of blue and red colour? I just can't help gushing about it. The contrast of our two favourite primary colours with the other colours (or lack of) in the background is very well done. Even the greyscale in some scenes are done plain awesome. The scenes with the apple animation shown is also very cool. Ryuk, Light's Shinigami loves to eat apples, remember?

The main and supporting characters are clearly shown: L and Light, Ryuk, Misa Amane and even Naomi Misora whose fiancé was killed by Kira.

Even if I wasn't a fan of Death Note (I love Death Note TTM) I would start watching the show ASAP. Hell why not? (no pun intended) :D

4. NightmaRe by SNoW (Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori)


Vocals: SNoW

Lyrics: Yamano Hideaki

Composition: SNoW & Shinto Yasumitsu

Arrangement: SiZK

Rhythm Arrangement: Nakamura Yu-ki & Muto Marusuke

Recording & Mixing: Hamano Yasumasa

This is the opening for the second season, Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori.

I love the creative use of animation here. It seems like Enma Ai is singing at some parts (=

I know some of you think that Jigoku Shoujo show is too morbid-like and scary, but it is actually not. Do you still think the same way after watching this video? It makes me feel intrigued in the show and makes me want to know about the characters. Of course, Ren Ichimoku's fangirls would agree with me ;)

Jigoku Shoujo openings always seem to express clearly what is going on in the show. Great catchy pop-rock music for this.

I like the part whereby there is a 360 degree shot of Ai, and she was alone. But on the second round, she is surrounded by her usual companions and friends, Ren, Wanyudou and Hone Onna. It just tells us that no matter who we are, Hell Girl or not, we all need friends. (:

3. For Fruits Basket By Ritsuko Okazaki (Fruits Basket)

You may have heard this Fruits Basket anime opening a thousand times, but do you know who is the singer-songwriter for this beautifully composed song?

Sadly, this very talented Ritsuko Okazaki has passed away at the age of 44 on 5th May 2004, due to septic shock from septicemia, which would be commonly known as blood poisoning. The body may develop this inflammatory response to microbes in the blood, urine, lungs, skin, or other tissues. She also had stomach cancer in 2003 but still continued her work.

She had also composed songs for animes like Wedding Peach and Love Hina. Her works are known to portray 'poetic imagery, depth of emotion, gentle optimism and simplicity'. Well said indeed.

Rest in peace, Ritsuko Okazaki. (=

This is no doubt one of my favourite anime openings ever. Beautiful music, lyrics and animation. Somehow, this song can sound so sad and cheerful at the same time.

You can read the English subtitles in this video.

2. Gekidou by UVERworld (D.Gray-Man OP 4)

This is the part in D.Gray-Man whereby all the best action begins.

Allen's new Innocence, The Exorcists fighting with the Noah at the Ark, each of the Generals' power, giant Akuma, appearance of Malcolm C. Rouvelier and Howard Link, Lenalee's relationship with her brother.. It is amazing how they managed to squeeze all these important information into a one and a half minute video. This is the best anime opening which had succeeded in doing so.

You already know what to expect from DGM. Impeccable timing with the song and animation.

Of course, it helps that UVERworld is one of the best ever j-rock bands ever. I can listen to Gekidou over and over again without tiring of it. (=

And I also know that if I didn't post this here, someone I know probably wouldn't forgive me. You know who you are.

1. D-Technolife by Uverworld (Bleach OP 2)

This is my favourite Bleach opening.


1) Ok, ok, I'll admit. i am biased towards anything Uverworld sang. Love them to bits. Their song D-Technolife suits the animation here very well. You have to admit that this song is really addictive (:

2) I simply love the battling and fighting scenes shown here. Eg. Ishida Uryuu and Hitsugaya Toushiro as well as Renji VS. Ichigo. Plus the music really fits the fighting sequence.

3) You would have a good idea of who to expect in the show. Most, if not all the characters are featured in this opening. But why no Byakuya?!! -wails-

This is also the opening that enticed me to start watching Bleach. Very few anime openings could attract me to do watch a show. The song is still stuck in my head!

Which is your favourite song?

The song I love best is....

See results

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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      You are so right about the openings to anime. If they don't spend the time and effort to make their first impression right, it makes me wonder if they really care about the show. My personal favorite openings that weren't listed here are the Cowboy Bebop opening and the Fushigi Yuugi opening.


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