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Best comedies ever watched

Updated on October 21, 2008
Wayne's World. Wayne's World. Party time. Excellent.
Wayne's World. Wayne's World. Party time. Excellent.
Weird Al getting down to funny business.
Weird Al getting down to funny business.
Lucy and Ricky in love and making everyone laugh.
Lucy and Ricky in love and making everyone laugh.

They All Laughed was more than a movie. It was a sentiment to explain how comedy can make everyone laugh regardless of their age, cultural background or economic standing. Money didn't make the world spin on its axis. Laughter did. Embrace it now before you're in dire need to be tickled.

Comedy was always best shared when loads of laughter as the end result. Sometimes the results leave everyone feeling cold and devoid of any funny-bone flexing. You can find humor from any form of comedy such as music, television, movies and live specials. Occasionally, comedy is best when done onstage. Look at Chris Rock. His best comedy was done as stand-up. His movies, on the other hand, not so much. Rock's films tended to smother out any of his humor. Another example would be Robin Williams because his last HBO special was much funnier than a string of his recent films.

In my opinion, humor was best regardless of the medium. Music allowed comedy to take to listening form. Films and television allowed a feast for the eyes and the ears as well. Look at the sights and sounds for something to flex your funny muscles. Pick and choose what things have made you laugh in the past. Turn to them whenever you need a little pick me up. Here's a list of eight of my favorite comedic things. Read on and see if you agree with me.

Animal House- John Belushi in a frat house setting as John "Bluto" Blutarsky. He played the typical frat boy to the hilt by partying like there was literally no tomorrow. Generally, the movie as a whole was completely hysterical by poking fun at the college fraternity culture, but it was Belushi that stole the show. One of the films more memorable scenes was when Belushi orchestrated a food fight in the cafeteria. Watch Animal House whenever you feel a twinge of nostalgia for your forgotten college days and don't forget to "shout."

Wayne's World- Mike Myers and Dana Carvey reprised their popular SNL sketch in this hilarious film about a basic cable show hitting the big time. A producer (Rob Lowe) uses the show to capitalize on his ulterior motives to steal Myers' potential girlfriend. The film was an expanded version of the SNL sketch, but it was funny regardless. A great film moment was when Wayne, Garth and their friends lip synching to Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody." The scene was so infectous you couldn't help but sing along too.

Saturday Night Live- Live from New York, it's Saturday night! Run to your television every Saturday and have a laugh on them. Such unforgettable sketches as Church lady, Wayne's World, Tin Fey's Sarah Palin impersonation as well Carvey's spin of George Bush Sr. There was a time this show was on the cutting edge of comedy, but it stumbled after one too many cast changes. Now with this year's election, SNL is getting some of it's steam back with the Palin sketches. Time to turn on SNL once again.

Weird Al- The master of musical parody. He can take any hit song and make it hilarious. Listen to "Eat it" or "Like a Surgeon." Enjoy the humor of Weird Al's musicality and give it a listen every time you need a little pick me up. You can also watch his music videos and crack up over his latest musical get up as whoever he's making fun of. Have a good laugh at everyone else's expense if necessary.

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure- Keanu Reeves played the role he was born to play: a slacker. If you think of it, most of his movies had Reeves acting like a stoned surfer searching for the next great wave and adventure. The premise was a little bizarre because no one would expect a phone booth being used as a tool for time travel. It's kind of laughable to believe two surfers would be the slacker generation's Louis and Clark, but the film made us believe that was possible. Unfortunately, the film spawned an unnecessary sequel that should've been left on the cutting room floor.

I Love Lucy- Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Vivian Vance and William Frawley were the fantastic four in this classically hysterical sitcom. No matter how many times you've seen the episodes each one was still funny regardless. Such classic moments as the chocolate factory episode where Lucy and Ethel had to work on the conveyor belt. I couldn't stop laughing as Lucy kept stuffing chocolates all over her to make sure none are in sight. Another funny moment in that same episode was Ricky cooking a chicken so long that it ended up on the ceiling. I was literally on the floor from laughing so hard. Lucille Ball made madcap hysteria very entertaining as a housewife full of ideas that always got her into trouble with Ricky and everyone else. As Lucy's better half, Arnaz portrayed spousal annoyance with popping out of his eyes and turning to his native Spanish tongue to project his frustration with Lucy. The audiences always felt the love between the Ricardos even when they drove each other crazy.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High- Two words: Sean Penn. His role as Jeff Spicoli made the film hilarious to watch as he battled Ray Walston's Mr. Hand each day in class. Despite their seemingly adversarial relationship, Spicoli and Mr. Hand formed a connection that would never be broken even though they had another in common. The movie may have been just a high school sex comedy at heart, but Penn helped raise the bar to include a comedic schooling for everyone else to learn how to be funny. Another unforgettable scene was when Phoebe Cates walked out of the swimming pool in a fantasy sequence that helped intrigue men and made everyone else laugh at the embarassment.

Dazed and Confused- Matthew McConaughey's portrayal of an ageless good time stoner slacker was the film's brightest spot. His part was small compared with the rest of the cast, but it was felt throughout even when he was no longer on the screen. Confused showed how even a high school party can be just as awkward for people of all ages, social status and gender. Party on, people.

In the end, I think these things were timelessly funny no matter how dated. Some classic SNL sketches from the early days were definitely old due to the topics made fun of at that time. Stick with what made you laugh in the past because you're guaranteed to laugh again after the 1,000th view. If you need a good laugh, start laughing until your sides hurt and move on with your day.


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