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Best Comedy Movies 2013

Updated on October 2, 2014

Top 10 Comedy Movies 2013 Has to Offer

These are the best comedy movies 2013 features and are designed to make you laugh. These films do that with ease and don't feel faked or forced. A bad film tends to make the audience feel awkward and embarrassed to be watching. Okay that can still be funny sometimes, but if the whole movie is like that it can become a little disturbing....

I love funny movies as they can take an ordinary situation and make it special, or make you see the other side of something that would normally be mundane or dull. They can also take the absurd and make them believable by bringing humor to the situation.

It's healthy to be happy and to enjoy life. I hope you find yourself smiling and giggling as you watch these. I think the trailers are great too and give you an idea of what to expect.

Movie 43

Movie 43 has to be the biggest star studded cast of 2013. There's everyone from Gerald Butler playing a Leprechaun to Kirsten Bell as Supergirl. There's also Kate Winslet, Emma Stone, Hugh Jackman, Halley Berry, Chloe Moretz, Anna Faris, Uma Thurman, Richard Gere, Seann William Scott, Leslie Bibb and Terence Howard.

Now Available on DVD and Blu-ray to laugh at in your own home!

Movie 43 is one of those politically incorrect films where just about anything goes and there are a number of crazy stories and plots all competing with one another. If you liked American Pie and the The 40-Year-Old Virgin then Movie 43 could be right up your alley. Just don't expect the storyline to be believable.

Aired in cinema's from February 1st 2013.

Movie 43 Trailer

Funny Movies to See This Year!

Listed in order of cinema dates so you don't miss the best laugh 2013 has to offer!

Warm Bodies

This is a strong contender to be the best comedy movies of 2013. I was really excited to see this film as I thought it would be my type of film. And I wasn't disappointed!

Aired in cinema's from February 1st 2013 and is now available on DVD.

Warm Bodies actually reminds me of Zombieland and it's as funny but in a different way. It also reminds me of Shaun of the Dead. It's that kind of spoof zombie movie that so many of us have grown to love.

Warm Bodies is about a young guy that's a zombie. We hear his thoughts and we follow him on his average day. His life changes when he sees a human girl and falls in love with her. His heart starts to beat and he suddenly remembers that he wasn't always a zombie. He helps save her from the other zombies and they begin to change other infected zombies too.

It's really really funny in parts and makes totally absurd situations hilarious. I'm anticipating that this will be one of the best romantic comedies 2013 has in store for us.

It's also full of relatively new comers so you won't have any preconceived notions about the cast. The only name that you'll likely recognize is John Malkovich.

You could also read the book which the movie was adapted from. There are lots of movies adapted from books in 2013.

Warm Bodies Trailer

Spring Breakers

What happens when four dumb girls get drunk and decide they need a quick way to raise cash for their Spring Break? Well they get arrested, that's what!

Spring Breakers is a dark comedy that should serve as a cautionary tale to young girls who believe they can do anything and nothing will happen to them.

The girls in Spring Breakers decide to try to rob a restaurant to get some money together to enjoy Spring Break. When they are caught and thrown in jail reality quickly comes rushing back. However, the tale gets worse as they are bailed out by a bad character that deals in drugs and guns. He wants them to do something in return for him getting them out... What the ultimate price will be seems a little daunting to me. Although in the end even he may not be able to control them!

This is not the type of movie I'd expect from the likes of Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson, High School Musical stars Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens. Expect this to be in cinema's from March 5th 2013. This will not be suitable for young kids!

Spring Breakers Trailer

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

With a star studded comedic cast, this is sure to be a funny movie.

Now available on DVD.

The premise is pretty silly too but it's kinda what you'd expect from a typical Jim Carrey and Steve Carell movie. Add Steve Buscemi and James Gandolfini and it's starting to sound like a funny mob film. However, that couldn't be further from the truth. Instead this movie is about magic and the Vegas stage.

I really thought this movie would be lame but I absolutely loved it! If you think some of the real world magician's take themselves too seriously and want to see a movie where the actors are parodies of some of these popular magic guys, then you'll love this film as much as I did!

Here's what the movie is about - It's about two kids that grown up and become a famous Vegas magic act. However, they fall on hard times and are no longer hip or cool. Now they are trying to compete with a new breed of magic maker and they are falling short.

Of course, a film about magicians couldn't be complete without an appearance from David Copperfield. You'll want to see some of the things this trio get up to and the pranks they pull on each other and also the funny stuff that happens when things go wrong.

In cinema's from March 15th 2013 so don't miss this one as it's not going to be there much longer!

If you love the realm of magic but are looking for something less comedic and more fantasy story then check out the best fantasy movies 2013

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone Trailer

If this trailer doesn't make you laugh, nothing will.

Scary Movie 5

Scary Movie 5 is due to be released on April 12th 3013 and it looks like it's going to be a spoof of Black Swan, Inception and Paranormal Activity.

Scary Movie 5 is now available on DVD.

There's a whole new cast and Ashley Tisdale will play the lead character. However, it's a star studded cast including Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen, Heather Locklear, Kate Walsh, Terry Crew and Jerry O'Connell.

Check out the trailer below.

Scary Movie 5 Trailer

The Hangover 3

Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis and Ed Helms are back in the third installment of The Hangover on May 24th 2013.

All bets are off this time as the guys go on a road trip. Fans will be sad to hear that the Hangover 3 will be the final comedy in this series. So make sure you see this one because there are no plans to make any more.

See the latest screenshots and scenes from the new film below.

The Hangover 3 Trailer

This is The End

2012 was supposed to be the End of the World and the Apocalypse was going to happen and that would be the end of civilization as we know it. Well it looks like a comedy movie in 2013 takes this concept and applies it to a group of celebrities at a house party. However, this isn't just any party. This is James Franco's house party.

Other celebrities in attendance include Seth Rogen, Michael Cera, Mindy Kaling, Rihanna, David McBride and Emma Watson.

Will this be funny? I'm sure it will. Is it to my taste? Probably not. I can't say that I am huge Seth Rogen fan. Most of his pieces go right over my head or elicit a groan from me at best. I think this might be a more suited for the guys.

The End of the World will be in cinema's from June 28th 2013.

If you like the End of the World stuff, but are looking for something more serious in 2013, then check out the top 10 sci-fi movies 2013.

The Bling Ring

If you've been wondering what Emma Watson's been doing, since playing Hermione Granger in the long running Harry Potter series, then stop right there. She's all grown up and is ready to show the world that she's no longer a child. She's staring in two comedies in 2013 and The Bling Ring is based on a true story. It's due to be aired in cinema's in June 2013.

Back in 2008 there was a group of teenagers that used social media to figure out where celebrities were. When they figured out they weren't at home, they found ways to break in and steal stuff. The Bling Ring is based on these series of events and Emma Watson plays one of these teenagers. Be sure to look out for Kirsten Dunst and Leslie Mann too.

If you feel like you've already seen this before, or it sounds really familiar to you, then you may have seen the TV/movie The Bling Ring which is also a telling of the same series of events.

The Bling Ring Trailer

Check out the Best Action Movies 2013

Kick Ass 2 Trailer

Hit Girl makes a comeback but isn't sure if she's supposed to continue on in her voyage of being a superhero.

Kick Ass 2

Fans of Kick Ass will be happy to hear there's a follow up in the works which is due for release from July 19th 2013.

Will it be as good as the first one? Well that depends on who you ask. You can watch Kick Ass on DVD from Amazon.

The first movie was almost like an anti-hero movie in the form of the normal teenage boy trying to be a hero, but got his ass kicked until Hit Girl (Chloe Moretz) and her Daddy (Nicholas Cage) came along. This time Hit Girl has said she'll put her cape up and semi-retire. Instead Kick Ass has to find a new bunch of people to try and clean the streets up, and we hear Jim Carrey's in the mix somehow. However, I can't see Hit Grl giving up the adventure to be a normal girl for long. Plus the film would be really boring if she did, as let's face it she is the best character!

Click here for more Superhero Movies 2013

Grown Ups 2

Look out for the sequel to Grown Ups starring Adam Sandler, Steve Buscemi, Kevin James, Chris Rock and David Spade on August 9th 2013. Salma Hayek will also be returning, along with new faces to the franchise such as Taylor Lautner, Milo Ventimimiglia, Andy Samberg and Aly Michalka.

What's it about this time? Expect more hilarious antics when this group of grown up school kids meet up again. I've heard it's got something to do with a Fraternity and a Frat house, which is where the new younger cast comes in.

Check Out The Trailer

Love 2013 Comedy Movies?

Which of These Top 10 Comedy Movies Do You Want to See the Most?

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What Funny Movies Are You Looking Forward to in 2013?

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    • asereht1970 profile image


      4 years ago

      I have seen and enjoyed Grown Ups 1 so now I'm excited to see Grown Ups 2. Great lens.

    • test-blogger profile image


      5 years ago

      Thank you for the list. Now I have a list of movies to watch during few of my weekdays ;)

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I loved Hangover the first movie.

    • Underrated profile image


      5 years ago

      I really hope that new Hangover will be better than 2nd part.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Scary Movie 5

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      can't wait for hangover 3!

    • JumpinJake profile image


      6 years ago

      Great review! Fun to go through it.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Nice collection. I love comedy movie because it's kicks my boring day and bad mood.

    • kcsantos profile image


      6 years ago

      Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to Harmony Korine's Spring Breakers.


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