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Best Contemporary Christian Songs

Updated on January 17, 2014

Welcome to the Best Contemporary Christian Songs

This is a collection of the best Contemporary Christian songs played on places like K-Love radio, JCTV and TBN, gathered in one place for convenience. Some are older but all songs included have been played on at least one of these media outlets recently.

I've just recently started listening to Contemporary Christian, within the last couple months, and I'm amazed at the variety, depth and talent. Pop, bluegrass, country, southern gospel, rock, heavy name it and there's a Christian artist working in that style. The music is as good or better than the equivalent secular counterpart, plus the lyrics are focused on Christian values and worship of The Lord.

Most of my life I listened to a great deal of classic rock and modern country. But recently I've embraced a Christian path and added K-Love to the radio presets. One Sunday about two weeks ago, during the family return trip home from church service, I found it ridiculous that the car radio was blasting a country lyric aimed at teens, filled with sexual innuendo and pushing a "get drunk and party" lifestyle. So I switched the station to pop Contemporary Christian. That led to some major push back from others in the car.

After considering the issue for about a week I concluded that listening to country music radio and being a Christian are incompatible. Not just on Sunday, but every day. What's the point in listening to a sermon that tells you one thing for two hours on Sunday then listen to song lyric after song lyric later that day and on through the week persuading you with the opposite message? And unfortunately about every second or third song played on the radio does exactly that.

Unfortunately it's also true for almost all secular music. In fact, it's true for most mainstream movies too. At the very least there's always that one "uncomfortable" part. Or some cuss words that really didn't need to be there.

No, I don't give country radio a pass just because a portion of country songs do promote family values and speak of God and patriotism. For every touching "I'm Almost Home" or "Jesus Take The Wheel" played there's a song promoting what our pastor assures us is sinful behavior, to follow.

Satan loves to sneak into our lives as a faux friend while stabbing us in the back.

On the day I first became aware of this conflict between country music lyrics and the family values being instilled in church and home, considerable time was spent preparing for church by taking showers, wearing special Sunday-only clothes and so on, then more time was invested in traveling to listen to a sermon that included the negative consequences of a drug and alcohol fueled lifestyle. The sermon also contained a pointed message to young women and men to avoid placing themselves in alcohol fueled situations, think Godly thoughts and "save themselves for marriage."

Then, on the way home, radio blasting, we heard a song from a country artist about how great he believes it is to party hardy, as he says, "With a drink in my hand!" Then, yet another song followed by an artist singing the praises of taking a girl out in the woods, getting her buzzed real good with a little Crown Royal whiskey, so he could get her in the mood to "sneak out on the water," take her clothes off and bring full circle that "drip of honey on the moneymaker."

I don't know if the artist who sings that song professes to be a Christian or not. If he is, I doubt that lyric would be one he'd be proud to have used as a sermon in church. I've noticed that quite a few secular artists who claim to be Christian in interviews seem to pimp their Christianity only to make the smut they sing more palatable to Christian country fans. "Hey we're all Christians so it's okay, let's glorify some sin!"

But the lyrics indict them. It's obvious the artists care more about their dual gods- money and fame- than serving the one true God and making Him the center of their life.

Professed Christians who sing these lyrics are in a bind, singing hits that sell out their values. They destroy and deceive by spreading Satan's message. In short they are tools of Satan. You can not serve two masters is what the Bible tells us.You can not serve God on Sunday then serve Satan in your career. Not even a little bit.

My conclusion is that country music or rock or any secular music is not inherently evil, but a portion of the songs have words, phrases or lyrics that send a message contradicting the Christian walk. I love most styles of music, love a ton of songs and I hate to give some of it up. But I'm not investing time and energy into welcoming Christ in my front door only to turn around and welcome Satan in the back.

So from now on, not just on the way to or from church, but always, a pre-screened songlist of secular songs played from an iPod or iPad through a car radio is okay. But letting the radio play unrestricted on a non-Christian station is not.

Love Has Come - Mark Shultz

Your choice: the version with Bible verses that relate to the lyrics or the awesome Mark Shultz video complete with the gospel choir. I recommend checking out both!

Just yesterday a CNN article appeared, "No God Gave Us Our Morals." Do not be mislead by this onslaught of articles from scientists and other so-called experts making false "There is no God" claims based on dubious research, A sociologist can write about their theory of where morality came from but making a definitive statement regarding what God did or did not do is not something they are qualified to deduce. They say it because they want attention or because they wish to deceive.

Do not let them shake your faith.

Do not let them deceive you.

God is alive, He created everything. Hold on to that, stand firm and you'll be in good standing when the day Mark sings about arrives.

Best Of Mark Schultz, The
Best Of Mark Schultz, The

Love Has Come and 16 other great songs you'll listen to over and over! Or buy just one track you can burn to CD, put on your Iphone, etc. for as little as 99 cents. Plus your purchase will support a Christian record company and help fund more great Christian product.


Kari Jobe - We Are

We are the light of the world

We are the city on a hill

2 versions.Which do you like the best?

Cry Out To Jesus - Third Day

This pretty much sums it up.


2 versions. One has the lyrics, the other a live performance.

The David Crowder Band - Let Me Feel You Shine

New World Son - There Is A Way

Strangely Dim - Francesca Battiselli

This is a Christian pop song that highlights the importance of focus and keeping Him at the center of your life.

Steal My Show - Tobymac

Let God take the lead in your life!

I Can Only Imagine & Finally Home - Mercy Me

What will it be like to stand in His presence?

Rhett Walker Band - Come To The River & When Mercy Found Me

These guys from Nashville TN are the real deal. The recording of When Mercy Found Me isn't that great technically but I love what Rhett says in the intro.

Give Me Your Eyes - Brandon Heath

Give me your eyes, Lord, so I can see!

Citizen Way - It Shoulda Been Me

He hung on the cross for you!

Here is a live acoustic performance as well as the studio version.

My Own Little World - Mathew West

I love the "population: me" line! Computers, texting and all that have us so wrapped up in ourselves anymore...

Do you purchase music?

Getting free downloads is stealing, no question about it. And God doesn't want us to steal so Christians need to listen to truly free sources or purchase it. Consider this: When you purchase non-Christian music, even if it happens to be a song that seems to be compatible with Christian values, you're almost surely fueling a company that spends at least part of its time and money creating product that promotes Satan's agenda.

Why not listen to, and purchase only Christian music, buy only Christian movies and attend only Christian artist concerts? The product itself is just as good if not better than secular product and you'll be fueling the industry: songwriters, actors, recording artists, studios, record companies, music publishers, tour support and more, all of which will help create more Christian product and more importantly, help spread The Word.

Matt Maher - Lord I Need You

Brandon Heath

Jesus In Disguise

Jamie Grace - Come To Me

Switchfoot - Restless

Great lyric!

Free To Be Me
Free To Be Me

God loves us for who we are, not what we are!

Church Music
Church Music

Just an awesome collection of music from one of the best Christian Bands ever! A must have!


Take Me To The River - John Ellefante

The song itself may not be quite worthy of making the "best contemporary Christian songs" list but it's pretty good and especially worth a listen if you are familiar with 80's rock because this former lead singer of the rock band Kansas now raises his voice to the Lord!

Kutlass - What Faith Can Do

All I Need Is You - Jesus Culture

Kim Walker-Smith is one of the best singers and performers in the Contemporary Christian field. This song takes a little while to really get going but it's worth the wait.

Add Your Voice

As noted above, secular music can be totally compatible with a Christian lifestyle, sometimes even supporting it. Yet a portion of secular song lyrics are clearly incompatible with a Christian lifestyle and family values.

Is it okay to listen to secular music that gives the opposite message to what Christians should be striving to achieve?

See results

Mikeschair - All I Can Do

Losing - 10th Avenue North

Be sure to check out both versions!

Tim Timmons - It Starts With Me

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    • supercelticangel profile image

      supercelticangel 4 years ago

      Thank you for your lens! I love Christian music!!

    • Writingmystory1 profile image

      Writingmystory1 4 years ago

      Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Until you pointed this out I hadn't really even noticed that what I was mindlessly hearing without really listening to on the radio was in direct opposition of what I was learning at church.