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10 Best True Crime Podcasts You'll Love: 2017!

Updated on June 23, 2017

New Additions to the Best True Crime Podcasts List: Updated June, 2017

In the months since my list of "The 10 Best True Crime Podcasts" was published, I've discovered a data-eating amount of new, hair raising audio entertainment. These are some of my new favorite true crime podcasts. I've even found my new favorite. Can I get a drumroll... Please?

  1. True Crime Garage

  2. 48 Hours
  3. Already Gone
  4. Detective
  5. Embedded
  6. My Favorite Murder
  7. The Vanished
  8. Thin Air
  9. True Crime All the Time/ TCAT Unsolved
  10. True Murder
  11. Wine & Crime

What You Should be Listening to...

There's something transcendent about a dark mystery, a puzzle to solve, that tickles the mind. My obsession began with the story of Adnan Syed in the popular podcast, Serial.

Serial: Seasons One & Two

Season One:

In season one, the podcast investigates the murder of a young girl and challenges the State's decision to convict a young man by the name of Adnan. When Hae Min Lee's body was discovered, an investigation ensued and the courts found her ex-boyfriend, Adnan, responsible. Did he really do it? Do his cell phone records prove him innocent? Is the wrong man in jail while a killer walks free? Listen to season one and decide for yourself.

Season Two:

The second season of Serial didn't quite pack the punch that the first season delivered, but none-the-less, it was fascinating. If you followed the news story of Bowe Bergdahl, an American soldier who went missing while serving in Afghanistan, then this story may be familiar. When Bowe walked off base and was captured by the Taliban, a brand new mission ensued, the recovery of an American soldier. The question is, did the American government use valuable resources and lose American lives to recover a traitor? It's not your typical true crime podcast, but enjoy the rabbit hole.

Sword and Scale

This podcast may be listed at #2 but it's become a serious obsession and possibly my favorite podcast of all time. Serial started it all for me but Sword and Scale is the raw meat and potatoes that's kept me fed. Host, Mike Boudet takes you into a twisted world of murder and the lowest levels of the human condition. Each episode tells the story of a tragic crime with shocking source material, like raw 911 calls and on the scene audio. This one isn't for the faint of heart, so consider yourself warned.


Criminal is a great true crime podcast that's geared for the main stream listener. Like Sword and Scale, it takes on a new crime or criminal every episode but has a softer approach and less disturbing subject matter. If you need a quick true crime fix, you'll enjoy the various stories, expanding within and beyond fraud, murder, and theft. It's packed with personal interviews with victims and perpetrators alike. Listen to the story of a daughter, who had her identity stolen by her mother, on one of my favorite podcasts, Criminal.

Someone Knows Something

Season One:

Brought to you by CBC radio, this podcast investigates the disappearance of a 5 year old boy, Adrien McNaughton, who went missing while fishing with his family. It's a cold case with very few answers and even more questions. Was Adrien abducted by a passerby, killed by his own family, or a boy who got lost in the woods?

Season Two:

On New Years Eve 1997, Sheryl Sheppard was proposed to by her boyfriend Michael Lavoie, on live television. Two days later, Sheryl went missing under suspicious circumstances. The case is still unsolved but documentarian David Ridgen is on a mission to oust the suspected killer of the 29 year old woman. Follow David and Sheryl's mother, Odette, as they search for the truth surrounding her disappearance. This podcast contains actual audio of those that were closely involved with Sheryl.

Who Killed Alberta Williams?

Missing and Murdered: Who Killed Alberta Williams

"She was murdered by…"

This is another great true crime podcast brought to you by CBC radio. Like Someone Knows Something, season two, an investigative reporter covers the story of a young woman who went missing under suspicious circumstances in 1989. Alberta Williams was a native Canadian, who's body was found on the Highway of Tears.

Generation Why

This is my most recent obsession and honestly, I don't know why I wasn't listening 200 episodes ago. Two friends, Aaron and Justin started this awesome true crime podcast in June of 2012, and they've been improving on it ever since the podcast was launched. In each episode they discuss different true crimes, unsolved murders, conspiracies, and all things that intrigue the curious mind. Their discussion has a natural eb and flow between the two hosts. They don't always agree and have different opinions on what actually happened in some of the world's most intriguing mysteries.

This isn't strictly a true crime podcast, but is more than worthy of a top ten place on our list. They cover everything from the Steven Avery case to H.H. Holmes and even cover some of the most notorious folklore stories. Agree or disagree with their opinions, but I think you'll agree, this is one of the most thought provoking podcast available.

Up and Vanished

This is the story of Tara Grinstead, a beauty queen and high school teacher, who went missing under mysterious circumstances in Ocilla, Georgia. Documentarian, Payne Lindsey investigates the cold case of the 30 yr. old woman, who was last seen on October 24th, 2005. He interviews those closest to the case and uncovers some chilling possibilities about what happened to Tara. Was law enforcement involved? Did a student kill Tara? Listen to this great true crime podcast to decide for yourself.

In the Dark

The abduction of Jacob Wetterling has been one of the most influential abduction cases in U.S. history. When the 11 year old boy went missing while riding his bike to the movie store with his younger brother and their friend, he was taken from the side of the road. APM reporter, Madeleine Baran tells the story of the 27 year old case that has rocked the security of a rural Minnesota town and led to nationwide policy change.


The Boston Strangler is one of the most notorious serial killers and rapists in U.S. history. In the early 1960's he was allegedly responsible for the murder of at least 13 women throughout the Boston area. Albert DeSalvo later claimed responsibility for the killings and has been in prison ever since. But questions still remain wether Albert was responsible for the entire string of murders.

Brought to you by Earwolf and Northern Light Productions, The Boston Strangler is hosted by Portland Helmich, and is one of the most popular true crime podcasts available.

The Vanished

People vanish every day and many of their disapearances remain mysteries. The Vanished podcast tells the story of those who remain missing in a single episode format. Host, Marissa Jones interviews friends and family of those who have strangely disappeared, in this chilling true crime podcast. Hear their stories at or on your favorite podcast app.

Reveal You're Favorite True Crime Podcast

What's the Best True Crime Podcast?

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What's Your Favorite True Crime Podcast?

Thanks for reading my recommendations for the best true crime podcasts available. Do you have a true crime podcast that you'd like to add to the list? Just leave it in the comments section below!


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    • Brians Review profile imageAUTHOR

      Brian Cappoen 

      3 years ago from The United States of America

      Mark Z- True Crime Garage has recently become my favorite True Crime Podcast. The Captain is hilarious. I need to add it to this list.

    • profile image

      mark z 

      3 years ago

      True Crime Garage

    • Brians Review profile imageAUTHOR

      Brian Cappoen 

      3 years ago from The United States of America

      Thanks for the recommendation, Jill!

    • profile image

      Jill Schut 

      3 years ago

      Truth and Justice

    • Brians Review profile imageAUTHOR

      Brian Cappoen 

      3 years ago from The United States of America

      Kary, I still need to check out that podcast. Thanks for the recommendation!

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      My favorite is My Favorite Murder. Funny and compassionate.


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