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Best Family Christian Movies

Updated on November 13, 2013

Family Christian Movies

The great thing about family Christian movies is once you're done with them you can pass them on to relatives for viewing in their household. Even non-Christians will usually tolerate a free Christian movie if it's highly recommended. And it will get them thinking about Jesus.

The bad thing about the movies listed here? You'll never be done with them! They're too good to pass on so maybe buy a used copy for the relatives!

Facing The Giants - My #1 Pick!

This movie plays on the old "underdog athletic team overcomes all odds" theme with a few twists.

The underdog team is a Christian school. Add a slightly-built kicker named David and a nasty team they must face named the Giants and you have a takeoff on David vs. Goliath.

There are other subplots taking place that will help keep people who aren't particularly into football interested. If you do like football then you'll love it for that too. The hitting on the field looks real, they must have filmed real scrimmages.

The bad first: This movie is predictable, you can clearly see a lot of it coming.

The good: It's so well done you won't care that it's predictable and will likely even appreciate that it doesn't go any different than expected. Some of that is the acting, particularly from the actor playing David's wheelchair-bound father. I don't want to give away the ending, which is one of those little twists that may have you reaching for the tissue box, but his performance from start to the very finish is superb.

The best: There's one scene where a player is asked by the coach to carry a fellow team member on his back as part of a drill they apparently do often. But this time he drives the player to really give his absolute total best effort. It's one of those scenes you may refer back to time and time again in your own life for inspiration in certain situations. Ditto your other family members. This is definitely the kind of info you need to be exposing your children to instead of the "pretty good except for those few uncomfortable parts" and outright garbage most TV shows and movies offer.

Facing the Giants
Facing the Giants

This is the best family Christian movie ever in my opinion. Buy it now, you won't regret it! You'll watch it again and again!

Facing the Giants [Blu-ray]
Facing the Giants [Blu-ray]

The Blu-Ray version. Better keep some Kleenex handy, even Dad will probably need some.


The Secrets Of Jonathan Sperry - An Excellent Family Film!

This movie is a heartwarming tear jerker I'm thinking everyone in your family will love. I watched it with a family group that included a wide variety of genders and ages including the hard to please teen subset. Everyone watched it to the end and the tear meter registered a hit on every viewer, lol. Just a great Christian movie.

The Redemption of Henry Meyers - Here's One To Watch For!

The Redemption of Henry Meyers is being produced EchoLight Studios. The budget is $1,000,000, it's drected by Clayton Miller and stars Drew Waters, Erin Bethea, Jaden Roberts, Ezra Proch. EchoLight is producing it in partnership with Grundersen Entertainment and the expected theater release is September 2013.

Obviously, it's very late!

The trailer look fabulous and the plot is interesting:

Henry Meyers, bank robber and accidental murderer is left for dead by his companions who had betrayed him. He is discovered by a Christian widow with two children and nursed back to health. He begins to buy into the Christian lifestyle until his friends return and tear his new life apart. He wants revenge but will he instead, follow Christ's example and turn the other cheek?

Home Run
Home Run

Home Run is a great movie for the whole family. And anyone who has been carrying a burden for how they were treated by a parent in childhood will find some healing.

Letters to God [Blu-ray]
Letters to God [Blu-ray]

Another fantastic "gather everyone together, this is going to be awesome" movie. Anyone having trouble getting over the loss of someone who died way too young will discover release.

I'd rate this as one of the best,, if not the absolute best of all the movies on this Lens. GET IT, you'll have no regrets!


The Bible

This is the epoch mini-series everyone is talking about but I add this movie with a caution: Almost every segment contains graphic violence depicting people getting killed in various ways including by sword, beheading, fed to lions, etc. I decided not to let my seven year old watch more than just the very first episode.

The segments are time tested Bible stories, the greatest stories ever told and the stories do have violence and most of us have seen far worse than what's shown here. I'd advise limiting viewing to older teens and adults.

The Bible: The Epic Miniseries
The Bible: The Epic Miniseries

Just fantastic! You won't regret adding this to your Christian film library!


Add Some Great Contemporary Christian Music To Your Library Also! - Why not? It's FREE!

If you're on this Lens carefully selecting family Christian movies to ensure your family is getting wholesome messages but allowing those message to be opposed and negated by listening to secular pop, country, rock or whatever style music, you need to consider THE BIG SWITCH to Contemporary Christian music!

Instead of opposing and tearing down your Christianity with secular music delivering a wordly message, reap the benefits of building up your faith with music that supports and builds faith!

Give it two weeks of listening daily and you won't miss whatever you leave behind!

Other Christian Family Viewing

The Little House on The Prairie series is the story of the challenges the Ingalls family faces family rebuilding their life in a small prairie town in the 1800s. Each episode teaches a lesson, often involving Christian principles. There is plenty of churchgoing, bible quoting, love and fun.

I was initially resistant to watching old episodes of a 1970's TV series that looked, well, boring. But I finally relented and now I'm the first to say, Let's watch another episode tonight!"

It's great, wholesome entertainment with a moral to each story! Highly recommended for the entire family to watch together.

Do it right: start with episode #1 and work your way through.

Any family Christian movies you'd like to recommend? - Post them here!

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