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Best of Real-Life Medical Shows

Updated on December 21, 2012

Medical shows to addict and fascinate you

I have a fascination with biology, especially immunology. How can it be our bodies can withstand so much on a daily basis and yet a microbe to tiny to see can cause total destruction within a few short hours? What happens when we die suddenly? Who figures it out and what clues are hidden within us? What about those diseases which mystify and stump doctors? How do we discover the answers to such complex questions?

One of the best ways to get an insight into those questions is through real life medical shows. I do not mean those shows which are 90% drama with a little medical lingo thrown in *cough Grey's Anatomy.* What I am talking about is the amazing drama hidden within us. Once you start to watch these type of shows and see how little doctor's actually know, you may just find yourself as addicted as I am.

In this squidoo I will introduce you to some of the best fascinating medical shows. Shows which never cease to amaze and astound me. The scariest part? All of the stories are true. If you want to find real excitement and drama, try watching a few episodes of these shows. You may be disgusted, slightly horrified, or just become infatuated with the new world unveiled. Most of all, you may never have felt so amazed at just how much of the body is revealed, not by the outside, but by what is happening within us. The true tales left untold because they are unfolding in a place we cannot even see.

We look for doctors to give us answers but if they can't?

For these unlucky patients, Diagnosis is a Mystery

Mystery Diagnosis is one of the most dramatic and addictive of all medical shows. Each episode reveals the terrifying journey of two different patients as they struggle to find an answer before it becomes to late. The patients who are going through this are completely real and so are their medical problems. In mystery diagnosis, the stories are those of the ones doctors rarely speak of. They are the true recollections of what happens when a doctor does not know the answer, gives the wrong diagnosis, or completely ignores the problem. Patients must listen to their instincts and find the right doctor who will listen and help them before their problems become fatal.

Mystery Diagnosis all of Season 5 - Yes. The Whole Season

Mystery Diagnosis Season 5 (5 DVD Set)
Mystery Diagnosis Season 5 (5 DVD Set)

Mystery Diagnosis, all season five is available for your viewing pleasure. Episodes upon episodes of strange mysteries which baffle and confuse even the best doctors. True tales from the real people (like you and me) who have lived the mystery. Enjoy!


The Boy With the Strange Stare

Landon's strange stare is disconcerting but it isn't the worst which is about to come.

The Boy With the Strange Stare Part 2

Six-week old Landon is diagnosed with Autism much to the skepticism of his parents. He begins to worsen in symptoms with vomiting and crying fits. Suddenly, his eye contact begins to get better but his crying attacks are worse. When their pediatrician dismisses them, they visit the ER to be immediately admitted for epilepsy testing. Doctors pour over the case but one after the other are left confused. What is wrong with Landon and why can't anyone diagnose it?

Landon finds an answer? What now?

Tales of Mistaken and Mystery Diagnosis

Mystery diagnosis only spotlights a very tiny amount of the many medical cases mystifying patients and doctors alike. I've let ebay offer some top picks for learning more about people who remain a medical mystery.

What happens when death is a mystery?

The autopsy becomes the answer

Dr. Jan Garavaglia is the chief medical examiner for the Orlando area and the center of the show, Dr. G medical examiner. I was left amazed after the first show. Never once had I really considered how much a body can 'speak' after death. Dr. G takes the cases where death is left a mystery and uncovers the secrets through her autopsies. Every episode is completely true and taken from Dr. G's own medical cases. When the police do not know why or families are just unsure, she is able to examine the outside and inside of the body to complete the picture of what happened and why it did. Her work is fascinating to watch as she puts together the clues hidden inside the person to complete the whole picture of what happened.

Dr. G Medical Examiner

Dr. G: Medical Examiner - Season 1
Dr. G: Medical Examiner - Season 1

The official first season of the hit show. Each episode seeks to answer the questions raised by family, friends, and the authorities. The stories are of real people, real deaths, and real answers to what led to their death. No story is ever alike making each episode a completely unique experience.


You're Either Dead or Alive - There's Nothing In-Between

Discovery Health insight and preview of the fascinating Dr. G Medical Examiner. Not one story is ever the same nor is their death. Dr. G uncovers the mysteries in death and gives an appreciation to how wonderful it is to be alive.

Learn More About the Life of a Medical Examiner

If you find yourself enjoying the medical show Dr. G medical examiner than consider picking up one of her books on other cases or work related to the medical field.

Frontline: Post-Mortem - The Truth vs. Reality in Medical Crime Labs

Frontline: Post Mortem
Frontline: Post Mortem

Post-mortem is a documentary illuminating the contrast between the super-smart high-techies of CSI crime labs and the medical examiners of real life. I enjoyed this documentary immensely because Frontline did not skim over a single detail. They unleashed the scary truth that so many medical-examiners are uncertified, lack proper training, or are a hazardous combination of both. Frontline even points out one case where the coroner was a blind man. Wait...A blind man trying to determine the cause of death? Yes.

America has people determining the cause of death who are not even in the medical field. One man was elected coroner even though he has a degree from a technical college and is a building contractor. The scariest part? Most of us are not even aware the medical examiner problem exists. Frontline's documentary has come to change that.


"You've Never Seen This On CSI" - A Sneak Peek of Frontline Post-Mortem

More Than Just Post-Mortem

If Frontline's Post-Mortem created a curiosity for the world and tales of the medical examiner, than this module is your guide. Ebay gives their picks to help you get started.


Monsters Inside Me

I am fascinated by Monsters Inside Me but at the same time, utterly terrified.To watch an episode, I almost always need someone around or my biology focused brain goes on tangents of terrifying parasite scenarios. Each episode has multiple spine-chilling accounts of people's experiences with these monsters. The first season kept to parasites as being the monster inside; however, the show has branched out into tales of people having a twelve-inch steel rod left in after surgery, brain-eating bacteria, and a button battery which ate almost completely through a baby's esophagus. Scary? Yes. Fascinating? Yes. Should I try watching it? Yes.

Monsters Inside Me

The spine-tingling series which never ceases to amaze me is available for only 1.99 (yes. less than two dollars) on Amazon. Give Monsters Inside Me a try without waiting for it to be on television.

Out of Control. Deadly Outbreak. To those Infected: - Monsters Inside Me

What was believed to be a single case of dangerous Angiostrongylus cantonensis worms turns into an outbreak of multiple students. While the worms cause havoc within the body doctors are desperate to uncover what the source of the outbreak could be.

Medical Monsters

The parasites inside exist not only in Monsters Inside Me but true tales can be found all over. Ebay has searched to find you just what you need to learn more about the monsters capable of hiding inside.

Confusing Medical Terms? Need Help? - The Solution

McGraw-Hill Medical Dictionary for Allied Health
McGraw-Hill Medical Dictionary for Allied Health

Sometimes you really just need to look up a symptom, disease, or general doctor-speak. This is where the Medical Dictionary comes in handy. Unlike many medical dictionaries this one is designed to be read by anyone and gives clear and concise definitions. You get the straight answer without having to search through pages of additional information. There are even diagrams and photographs throughout the dictionary to give a further boost to clarification. I recommend this medical dictionary to anyone and everyone who has or might have questions.


Which Real Medical Show?

Which Real Medical Show Would You Watch?

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Real Medical Question

Do You Prefer Real Medical Drama (e.g. Mystery Diagnosis) or Faux Medical Shows (e.g. Grey's Anatomy?)


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