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Gangnam Style First Ever 2 Billion YouTube Views

Updated on December 8, 2014

Gangnam Style First Year on YouTube 2 Billion Views!

Gentleman Psy 's follow up to Gangnam Style has already broken YouTube records on April 14th Gentleman was viewed 37 million times shattering the previous record of 30 million views. It has most views on the first day of release, first to 100 million, first to 200 million but will it last?

Yippee One Billion Views the Internet enters new Era. Psy Gangnam Style daily views had started to slow from the normal 10 million views a day reached but the target on the the Mayan End of the World the 21st December 2012.

Psy Gangnam Style Now Absolute Number one in 134 Days The second placed Video By Justin Bieber took 2 years!

Totally out of left field a song sung in Korean has conquered the World. See below for the best Gangnam Style Videos on YouTube. In a few months they have blown away Carly Rae Jepsen, Lady Gaga and even Charlie Bit my Finger and see below for the countdown to beat Justin Bieber the most watched video of all time. Gangnam Style is already the most liked YouTube Video (5 million likes).

Yet no one ever looked less like a pop-star than Psy. But he is so random you will love him, he is so uncool that he is cool. See below for best Gangnam Style Videos and best Gangnam Style Parody Songs on YouTube.

See the Joy on the faces of the dancers as they break out into the "horse riding" dance.

See below for Top-Ten YouTube Videos of All Time

Will Gangnam Style be the first Billion View Video on YouTube? In the Next 24 hours Gangnam Style will overtake Charlie Bit My Finger Again which has taken 5 years to get to 488 million views. In fact it has over taken Charlie Bit My Finger and Lady Gaga Bad Romance on the same day!

First Put on YouTube 15th July 2012

How many days to 500 million views? , 97 days to 500,000 views!!

How many days to 600 million views? , 107 days to 600,000 views!!

How many days to 800 million views?, 130 days to 800 million views!!

How many days to 850 million views? 140 days to 850 million views!!

How many days to 900 million views? 145 days to 900 million views!!

How many days to 1 Billion views? 159 days to 1000 million views!!

How Many days to 1,111,174,374 Views 171 days

How Many days to 1,200 million Views 185 days

How Many days to 1,250 million Views 200 days so 15 days to add 50 million views so daily views have fallen to 3.3 M

How Many days to 1,316 million Views 222 days so 22 days to add 66 million views so daily views have fallen to 3.0 M

How Many days to 1,368 million Views 229 days so 7 days to add 52 million views so daily views have risen to 7.0 M

20 Mar 13 How Many days to 1,450 million views 248 days so 19 days to add 82 million views, daily views 4 million

01 Apr 13 How Many days to 1,485 million views 260 days so 12 days to add 35 million, views daily views 3 million

06 Apr 13 How Many days to 1,500 million views 265 days so 5 days to add 15 million, views daily views 3 million

11 May 13 How Many days to 1,590 million views 301 days so 5 days to add 90 million, views daily views 2.5 million

31 Aug 13 How Many days to 1,753 million views 412 days daily views 1.13 million

24 Oct 13 How Many days to 1,800 million views 466 days daily views now below 1 million

26 Jan 2014 How Many days to 1,890 million views 560 days daily views now about 850k a day

I recorded on 24 Oct 2013 Gangnam Style had 1,800 million views which means it took 105 days to add 89 million views which is about 850,000 views a day. Which means about 130 days to go.(views will speed up though at the end)

23 Feb 2014 1.913 Billion Views 588 days so it's taken 28 days to add 23 million views

31 May 2014 Finally Hits 2 Billion Views in 685 Days

t one time the views were running at about 10 million views a day.

Justin Bieber was the the first to 800 million though! I thought for a long while that Psy would beat him to that record!

140 days is 12,096,000 seconds so Gangnam Style has been getting 66 VIEWS a SECOND since July the 20th

Gangnam Style is now being threatened by the first new YouTube Meme called "Harlem Shake"

Nostradamus Meme

Wags invented a new Nostradamus Quatrain that read, “From the calm morning, the end will come when of the dancing horse the number of circles will be 9“. The quote seemed to fit perfectly with Psy – Korea is called the ‘The Land of the Morning Calm’, Psy’s dance is the ‘horse’ dance, and the circle of 9 could be interpreted as the video quickly approaches 900 million views.

This will fortunately be invalidated when Psy reaches one billion views, so may be Psy is not the end of the world after all!

How Long Did it Take Gangnam Style to get to Number 1 - OPPA GANGNAM STYLE

Gangnam Style is creating a senstion not just for its number of views but how fast it has got these views. The number one of all time on Youtube is Justin Bieber Feat Ludacris with his hit Baby which currently has a staggering 780 million views but it has taken 2 years to reach this total. Gangnam Style has already overtaken Carly Mae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" which was a huge hit.

  • July 15th 2012 : Video put up on YouTube
  • September 05th 2012: 100 million views on Youtube 52 days
  • Sept 10th 2012 141 million views
  • October 05 2012 : 400 million views!
  • 10 Oct 2012 423 million views
  • 19 Oct 2012 492 Million Views (Overtakes Charlie Bit my Finger and Bad Romance by Lady Gaga. (The views seem to be speeding up)
  • 20 October 500 Million Views in 96 days
  • 20 October 2012, Overtakes Enimem to move third all time, Just Jennifer Lopez & Bieber to Go
  • 01 Nov 12 with 615 Millions Views overtakes Jennifer Lopez and moves second. A big gap to Justin Bieber still 200 millions views to go
  • 11 Nov 12 700 million views
  • 23 Nov 12 800 million views 139 days
  • 24 Nov 12 803,768,123 views 140 days

    Finally Overtakes Justin Bieber

  • 29 Nov 12 850 Million Views 145 days
  • 21 Dec 2012

    1 Billion views. But one day a video will beat this but I wonder what?

Understanding the Psy Gangnam Style Video - Analysing Gangnam Style

Most pop videos are huge ego trips for the star but not Gangnam Style.

  1. Beginning : Dream Sequence

    Psy dreams he is really cool and is on a beach being fanned by a beautiful girl

  2. Back to Reality

    He is in a playground sand pit and a precocious talented 5 year old kid is dancing.

  3. We meet the Horses

    The Gangnam style dance is themed on riding a horse.

  4. Dream Sequence Again: Dancing with two girls (twins?)

    He is dancing in an artificial snowstorm like in many a pop video but gets the pieces in his mouth

  5. Sauna Scene

    This is the first 'What-The-Heck' Scene which is done for comic effect. This is the opposite of what appears in a normal music video.

  6. Tennis Court and Coach Scenes

    Two fast scenes , what is going on? I like the girl in the black dress whose face you never see and the woman on the bus shaking her hair.

  7. Waste Land Explosion Scene

    I think the guy who jumps is later the guy in the lift.

  8. First Horse Dance in Stables

    This must be crazy when the song reaches this hypnotic beat with Psy and a squad of hot chicks dancing the full "Gangnam Style Dance". This is compelling.

  9. The backwards dance

    To a backdrop of skyscrapers Psy dances towards 3 dancers who dance backwards. Another amusing set.

  10. Fast Sequences with Hot Chicks

    We meet Hyuna with those never ending legs for the first time.

  11. Dance off with Mr Rich Boy in a yellow suit
  12. The What-The-Heck lift Scene

    Come on Psy you were being so cool. This is to throw you off before the next sexy lady scene

  13. Subway Train Scene with Super Hot Chick Hyuna

    Back to the dream sequence, Psy and Hyuna dance towards each other. I've watched this so often.

  14. Second Horse Dance

    Psy Hyuna and a gaggle of girls.

  15. Psy & Hyuna in a Dream Palace

    Hyuna gestures just like a spoiled super rich Gangnam District girl, another favorite bit.

  16. Third What-The-Heck Scene

    Psy is on the toilet , switch back to uncool.

  17. Third Horse Dance

    Now there is whole squad lead by Psy and Hyuna whose legs keep getting longer.

  18. Ends with a Recap

Gangnam Style No 1 on YouTube - 1.075 billion 29Dec12

Justin Bieber has 803 million views but is sure to be beaten by Gangnam Style

PSY (ft. HYUNA) - 75 million views

Hyuna is the incredibly hot singer/dancer who features in Psy's Gangnam Style Videos. Here she sings with the accent of the Young Rich Kids of Gangnam.

Eton Style , Gangnam Style Parody! - Who hasn't done a Parody of Gangnam Style?

Hey Sexy Lady....Ya Ya We got Eton Style..

Very funny!!!!

What is the Secret of Psy's Gangnam Style?

  • Original New Dance Routine
  • Comedy and Self-Deprecation in the Gangnam Style Video
  • Pure Joy of every one the audience, the dancers
  • It's unusual most of us never heard a Korean Song before
  • Psy doesn't look like a pop star
  • Super Hot Korean chicks including Hyuna
  • It is for any audience, any age, any culture, many of the other top-ten appeal just to a specific young audience.
  • Rhythmic Beat
  • Did I already mention Super Hot Korean Girls?

All Girl Dance Group dancing to Gangnam Style

YouTube Top Ten Videos - All Time

25 Nov 12 updated

Do you Love Gangnam Style Poll?

See results

Best Psy Gangnam Style Parody

The Making of the Gangnam Style Video!

Youtube special view counter for Gangnam Style
Youtube special view counter for Gangnam Style

What is Gangnam Style

What does Gangnam Style mean

Gangnam is district of Seoul Korea which in recent times has become one of the richest in Korea. It is famed for the conspicuous wealth of its inhabitants. Psy's Gangnam Style video gently mocks the young affluent people from Gangnam. Hyuna dances and sings in their style.

Gangnam Style Video Goofs

  • In the first scene Psy's glass of coke turns into a glass of water. Easy to spot!

Gangnam Style Youtube Views WAS Stuck at 532 then 538 Millions

Why aren't the view going up?

For several days now the view counter, Likes and Dislikes have been Stuck.

Don't know why. Somebody says that the actual views are already over 550 Million but I don't know how they know!

I've been doing some research the stuck count is due to a YouTube maintenance freeze the real count is 560 million views which it will jump to at the end of the maintenance period.

Add 10 million views a day to do your own calculation.

26 Oct 2012 I can't find Gangnam Style anywhere in YouTube's own charts , not in most liked most viewed most discussed it's nowhere it's gone is it being suppressed by YouTube do they think there has been click fraud, its view count is still stuck at 432 millions what's going on??

Well it is still no 1 here but stuck of course at 432 millions.

27 Oct 12 YouTube is listing Gangnam Style at 560 Million Views again but when you actually click on the Video the count is still 532 Millions but OK things are moving again!

27Oct12 Oh no they aren't they are now stuck at 538 Million Views and stuck at 550 millions in list view.

It is very strange. The Eton Parody of Gangnam Style was also stuck as well..

Everything seems to be normal now, if you return to Gangnam Style after 10 minutes or whatever the view count will have gone up.

I heard about Gangnam Style when I started to notice that Sports Stars such as Chris Gayle and Americam Football Stars were celebrating their victories by dancing in The Gangnam Style which of course meant nothing at all to me! But how did you here about it?

When did you first hear about Gangnam Style?

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    • thesuccess2 profile image

      thesuccess2 4 years ago

      @tophatpro: Laury, I just wish I was of the age to go dancing in night clubs, I guess it must be great fun!

    • tophatpro profile image

      tophatpro 4 years ago

      Hey these videos are great fun. I even tried to to do the dance and it's harder than it looks especially that hip thing when he moves round the skinny guy in the bright yellowy green suit. Plus I think the Eton guys go a long way to show how silly people look trying to do these moves. They look cool in the video. Lol I'm just thinking of a whole bunch of brits trying to dance to this at a club. I'd pay money to see that.

    • profile image

      bengraham 4 years ago

      such a great lens- really entertaining, thanks for making it!

    • profile image

      forextrading2000 4 years ago

      You have some great information about youtube. What a fun lens.

    • profile image

      xtianfriborg13 5 years ago

      the song is okay, I don't understand any of it.

    • thesuccess2 profile image

      thesuccess2 5 years ago

      @KandH: Me too in fact it was Chris Gayle doing the Gangnam style that got me started!

    • KandH profile image

      KandH 5 years ago

      Same here, I really noticed it when WI won the ICC T20 World Cup - I'm a huge cricket fan and love the dance - it is original and fun!