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Best horror manga of all time

Updated on December 28, 2013

Best horror manga

My top horror favorites as an otaku. Each manga mentioned in the top 3 section is rated on a scale of 10 on the level of scariness, character, and plot. Feel free to ask me questions regarding any of these mangas, or for more great horror recommendations.


Top 3

1. Uzumaki by Junji Ito

Uzumaki is definitely one of the scariest (if not THE scariest) manga I have read. Like most of Ito's works, it's a series of short stories, this time revolving around a small town obsessed with spirals. I'm a big fan of Ito's works, as he doesn't just create a terrifying scenario but really manages to creep you out and get under your skin. His semi-realistic, insanely intricate art style adds to the effect.Ito's works in general don't focus much on character, Uzumaki being no exception. The main protagonist is an average high school girl who is weak and powerless like most of his other main protagonists, but serves as a great medium for the reader to experience the story in an everyman's point of view. Uzumaki has an extremely interesting plot. Although it's written in a short story format, everything comes together like pieces in a puzzle to add to the overall horror, making it a brilliantly planned out horror piece.

Scare: 9

Character: 6

Plot: 9

Overall: Any horror manga fan should read Uzumaki. It's not overly bloody or violent, but every chapter will make your skin crawl. It's one of the creepiest mangas out there, no competition, and one of my favorite horrors of all time. Definitely worth a read. And if you like this, give any of Junji Itou's other horror collections a try too- His stories in general are all of a similar style.

2. Bong-Cheong Dong ghost

Yes, the popular jump scare korean web comic. It's short and sweet, to the point, and nearly gave me a heart attack the first time i read it. It's great for showing and scaring friends as well. I won't give anything away, but if you haven't read it yet, do it now. You're in for a tremendous surprise. The sequel to the comic, Oksu Subway Station Ghost, is great too, but not as terrifying as the first in my opinion.

Scare: 10

Character: 5 (not really applicable though)

Plot: 6

3. Ibitsu

This manga has your typical manga lolita girl who's super kawaii and follows you around asking you to be her 'big brother'- Except, she's just a little demented, stalkerish, and, um, dead, eventually driving the main character to insanity. Ibitsu probably belongs in the classic 'horror' genre... Creepy little girls who watch you in your sleep, stuffed animals, knives, and some human body parts and blood make quite the lethal mixture. Ibitsu is a relatively short but terrifying read (it has 14 chapters total), and managed to keep me on my feet throughout the entire story. There are some brilliant plot twists, making this story definitely one of the horror manga that left a deep impression on me.

Scare: 9

Character: 7

Plot: 8

On Amazon

Fan of horror manga? Know a friend who's a fan of horror manga or grotesque art? A volume (or a few!) of Uzumaki is sure to make the perfect present!

Uzumaki (3-in-1, Deluxe Edition): Includes vols. 1, 2 & 3
Uzumaki (3-in-1, Deluxe Edition): Includes vols. 1, 2 & 3

All 3 volumes of Uzumaki combined into one at a discounted price.

Another - manga
Another - manga

A manga adaptation of the popular horror anime mentioned in my 'top horror anime' list. Worth a read.

Why hello there (Zashiki Onna)
Why hello there (Zashiki Onna)

Other horrors worth a read

Top 4-10

I won't go into detail regarding all of these, but I assure you, being on the top of my list, they are ALL definitely worth a look for horror fans.

4. Gyo by Junji Ito

5. Zashiki Onna by Mochizuki Minetaro

6. Yami no koe (and Shin Yami no koe) by Junji Ito

7. Variante by Iqura Sugimoto

8. Hideout by Kakizaki Masasumi

9. Parasyte by Iwaaki Hitoshi

10. Battle Royale by Takami Koshun

Stuff on Amazon

Great to add to your horror collection, or presents for that friend or sibling who's into horror manga!

Gyo: Tokyo Fish Attack
Gyo: Tokyo Fish Attack

Enjoyed Gyo? Watch it in action!

Battle Royale: Colect Bdrpk V2 [Blu-ray]
Battle Royale: Colect Bdrpk V2 [Blu-ray]

Enjoyed battle royal? Watch it in action!

Parasyte 1
Parasyte 1

First volume of the Parasyte series.


Most psychologically disturbing

As a bonus, I'll throw in my top 2 most psychologically disturbing manga, if you're into that kind of creepy stuff.

1. Homunculus.

2. Doctor Du Ming.

Both are related somewhat to surgeries as well as phenomenons in the medical field, and focus on the theme that nothing in this world is completely pure.

Homunculus is about a man desperately in need of money. He is offered a job with a huge sum of money by a queer researcher who proposes to open a hole in his skull to see if he will develop a new sixth sense- an all seeing eye, where he can see the faults of everyone around them as their physical characteristics.

Doctor Du Ming revolves around a man named Du Ming who appears pure and innocent to those around him, but as the story goes on his true nature is unveiled. He is psychologically disturbed because of his infatuation with a beautiful girl named Zhang Qian, who committed suicide because of him. Doctor Du Ming is really a sad love story between two individuals, one who appears clean but is actually filthy on the inside, and one who's covered with bad rumors and accusations but has a pure soul.

Both series contains explicit sexual content, but it's mostly for the sake of adding to the plot. I actually found both series to be extremely interesting, as they do not only provide pure horror, but gives insight on the nature of society and psychology as well.

Horror manga or horror anime?

Which do you prefer, horror manga or horror anime?

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