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Best Karaoke Machines for iPods

Updated on April 1, 2013

Sing Along Fun - Karaoke with Your iPod/iPad

An easy way to do karaoke is to use your iPod or iPhone because your music is already uploaded and ready to go. While there are many apps to do this most are not really effective. The best way and the easiest is by using a Karaoke Machine that hooks up to your ipod/iphone device instead of making it become one.

Sing along to your favorite play list when your home alone or having a party. Add to the fun every day exercising those vocal chords and practicing for your American Idol tryouts.

What type of machine you need really depends on how you want to use it. A cheaper machine works great for home use with family and friends. But if you want one for entertaining in large crowds or parties you may want to spend a bit more to get better sound quality.

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Best Selling Karaoke Machine for iPods - My Pick

I like this system because it is simple to use and easy to hook up. The video input is clean and easy to read. Where some of the iPod Karaoke devices takes a little bit of know how to set up, this one only involves a few easy steps.

While great for home use I would not really think it is of professional quality, but for the price you really can not ask for more.

I really liked that the mic is wireless and is able to pic up a clean voice. The volume is adjustable through the iPod/iPhone, mic and the EQ.

DJTECH ISTATION Karaoke Demenstration


iPod Compatible Karaoke Machine With - This One Has Great Reviews!

While the Karaoke USA Karaoke System is a bit more pricier then the more simpler version, this player is built for durability. The sound quality is high quality and would be great for use at parties and other informal gathering.

The best thing I like about this machine over the others is that it is high quality and light weight, which is somewhat hard to find. Play from your iPod or any other any normal karaoke CDG and Karaoke DVD. Set up also comes with 300 MP3G songs on disc that is a good start to get to singing.

Popular iPad Karaoke Machine - This is One of the Best Selling Karaoke Machines for iPads

Full sized karaoke machine that can be hooked up to either a iPad or personal computer. Looks great hooked up to a laptop screen, makes the device very portable. A great alternative to the machines that use iPods/iPhones instead. No need to hook up to TV the video screen can either be seen on the iPad and computer screen.

iPad or iPod

Karaoke Machine iPad
Karaoke Machine iPad

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