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Top 10 Movie Posters of 2012

Updated on May 2, 2013

What are the best movie posters of 2012?

Every year there are thousands of movies released. Most of them go nowhere.

A big part of generating the buzz that leads to a successful movie versus creating a flop, is the movie poster.

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A good movie poster is a work of art. It has to generate buzz and anticipation for the upcoming movie. If the movie is not well known, the poster has to give the viewer an idea of what the tone and basic, "type" of movie it is. A movie poster is a very important piece of the work to get those people into the seats.

A movie poster is also a work of art. Many people like to buy good movie posters and frame them (or not) and place them on their walls. They make great decorations and even conversation pieces.

We are far enough into the 2012 season now, that all of the major movie posters have been released to begin building the buzz for the upcoming movies. But which movie posters are best? Which ones really generate that buzz. Which ones work as great pieces of art?

In this lens I take a look at the best movie posters of 2012. If you love movies and movie posters, please let me know your choices and additions in the comments at the end... enjoy!

The Avengers Movie Poster - Simply the Best movie Poster of 2012

Avengers Movie Poster- Best Movie Poster of 2012
Avengers Movie Poster- Best Movie Poster of 2012

With the biggest comic book movie of all time, how could a movie go wrong?

S.H.I.E.L.D Brings together the entire team of superheros known as the Avengers? How could this movie go wrong.... Well easily. But it didn't.

A great series of posters led into what ended up being a great movie. They had posters of the team together and posters of them alone. Certainly the best movie poster of 2012.

One of the genius additions for this movie poster was making variants for each and every major character. Often linked with the stylized letter "A", these additional posters make sure that fans of each individual Avenger Character will be able to find their favorite character.

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The Hobbit Movie Poster

The Hobbit Movie Poster
The Hobbit Movie Poster

2012 is a year with three incredibly anticipated movies. The start of the summer had the release of the #1 movie poster of 2012: The Avengers. The middle of the summer had our # 4 best movie poster: The Dark Knight Rises, and for a Christmas present we get the movie this poster promotes: The Hobbit (An Unexpected Journey).

This poster is actually quite good. It welcomes us back to the world of Lord of the Rings with a young hobbit (Bilbo) seeming to open the door the adventure within. A very well constructed movie poster.

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Man on the Ledge Movie Poster - The poster creates tension

Man on the Ledge Movie Poster
Man on the Ledge Movie Poster

Man on the Ledge may not be the biggest movie of 2012, but the poster did it's job.

This is a movie poster that created it's own sense of tension and drama...just by looking at the poster. Is he going to jump? How did he get in that situation? A great poster that really does it's job...making you want to find out more...

Dark Knight Rises

Batman Dark Knight Rises poster 2012
Batman Dark Knight Rises poster 2012

With this simple stark image, and the tagline this poster lets you know everything it needs to. 1. The Dark Knight is back. 2. The series will end. 3. Anything can happen.

If this does not make you want to rush out and see how it all comes to an end...nothing will.

Like the avengers, this basic motif was broken into dozens of various motifs. From broken Batman face shield in foreground, to individual character artwork posters. Great stuff!

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The Grey Movie Poster

The Grey Movie poster
The Grey Movie poster

One of the hit films from early in the year, this movie poster creates an instant intensity with the simple close up of Liam Neesons face. With the strong grey palette and slightly washed out look, this movie poster really sets the tone for the movie and gives the person seeing a poster an idea of the bleakness. A well crafted movie poster that helped to put butts in the seats for this movie.

Chronicle Movie Poster (2012)

Chronicle Movie POster 2012
Chronicle Movie POster 2012

What are you capable of?

That is the simple tagline to this awesome poster. A dark looking poster with just 3 small bodies flying above a bleak looking Seattle skyline. This movie poster projects tension, a dark vision and gets the viewer wanting to know more about what is going on. The perfect way to tease and whet the appetite with a poster

Prometheus Movie Poster

Prometheus Movie Poster
Prometheus Movie Poster

Another Dark Movie poster. It doesn't say much or show much, but helps to build the dark and science fiction aspects of the movie. This would NOT be a good poster if the movie was not well known. But considering it is part of the Alien mythos and made from a respected director, it was perfect to help add to the tension of the film.

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Act of Valor Movie Poster

Act of Valor Movie Poster
Act of Valor Movie Poster

I have actually not seen this movie. Seeing the theatrical trailer made me think this movie was not that good. Looking at this poster though, I find I really want to check it out on video. The movie poster does it's job, it may just be the critical reviews and the fact that it may not be a great movie that kill this flick.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Poster

Abraham Lincoln Vampire hunter poster
Abraham Lincoln Vampire hunter poster

Another great looking poster. Really brings the fun and "scary" aspects of the movie up simultaneously.

Madagascar 3 poster

Madagascar 3
Madagascar 3

Aimed at kids, this movie poster hits important points. It shows the characters they love. It has a bit of humor and it shows nice bright colors giving a "happy feel to the poster.

Make sure you vote on the best MOVIE POSTER...not the "best movie"

Which Movie Poster do you think is the Best?

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Is your favorite movie poster of 2012 not on the list? Let me know your favorite movie poster and why they should be on the list in the comments below..

What do you think of Movie Posters? - Let me know your Favorites?

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    • profile image

      AdriatiX 5 years ago

      Avengers poster is top.

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      markusreina 5 years ago

      Dark Knight Rises is awesome movie

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      digitaltree 5 years ago

      Nice Lens and posters, the dark knight rises is almost here.