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Best music player for the gym

Updated on July 13, 2015

Best music players for the gym to keep you motivated

Looking for the best music player for the gym? Let's face facts. Going to the gym and working out is exceptionally boring and tedious and very few people actually enjoy it however going to the gym is a necessary evil for some people since it is the only form of activity they get during a normal working day. Music makes the gym less onerous and can make the workout go quickly and relatively painlessly.

With so many music players available choosing the best one can be a real challenge, however fear not. This lens is solely focused on the best music players for the gym to help you find your perfect workout companion.

Apple iPod Nano 7th Generation

My MP3 player of choice for the gym used to be the Apple iPod Shuffle however times have moved and technology has changed. Since I bought my Shuffle Apple have released many other MP3 players, all of which are excellent but none of which were a substitute for my Shuffle. Well, until now that is.

One of the best things about the Apple iPod Nano 7th generation is its size and as it weighs in at 1.1 ounces and measures 0.2 inches x 1.6 inches x 3 inches it is absolutely tiny and perfect for listening to music when working out.

The iPod Nano 7th generation has a widescreen 2.5inch display which is perfect for watching music videos whilst pounding away on the treadmill or sweating it out on the rower. My iPod shuffle didn't have video display and I was always under the impression I would never use it. How wrong was I? Watching video and listening to music whilst working out makes my gym sessions more enjoyable and the time flies by.

So, if you are looking for the best music player for the gym currently available I highly recommend the iPod Nano 7th generation.

iBlason Sport Armband for iPod Nano

If you aren't bothered about watching music videos while you work out and only want to listen to music on your iPod Nano an arm band holder is the product for you. The armband securely holds the iPod Nano and will ensure it is kept safe and sound during your workout. No matter how vigorous you work out the arm band will keep your Nano on your arm at all times.

There are a few different Nano armbands on the market but this is one of the best. Not only does this armband keep your Nano securely fastened to your arm but it is also comfortable to wear.

If you have an iPod Nano and want to listen to some tunes at the gm you are going to benefit from an arm band, and they don't come much better than this.

Wrist strap for iPod Nano 6th Generation

If you own a 6G iPod Nano you can also use this for the gym by mounting it on a wrist strap and wearing it like a watch. These rubber wrist straps come in a variety of different colors, including black, white, blue, red, green and purple to name but a few. This strap is also available in camo, which is my personal favorite. So, if you want to use an iPod Nano 6th generation for the gym a watch strap is the best accessory you can get.

Apple iPod Shuffle

The Apple iPod shuffle is one of the best music players for the gym of all time. This little MP3 player is simple to use, holds more than enough tracks for the longest of workouts (without storing too many of my favorite tunes) and looks really cool. One of the best features of the iPod Shuffle is its built in clip, which allows you to attach it to any loose piece of clothing you have.

Transferring tunes on to the iPod shuffle requires iTunes, which is available for free, just like all Apple MP3 players. Once the Shuffle is connected to iTunes it is simply a matter of dragging and dropping your tunes and playlists and voila.

There are many similar MP3 players similar to the Shuffle but all of them are inferior. There are plenty of cheap far eastern knock offs but these don't have the build quality or, more importantly the sound quality of the Apple iPod Shuffle. So, if you are looking for the best music player for the gym and want to spend a little extra on a quality product I highly recommend the Apple iPod Shuffle.

If you want a small, light weight, easy to use and cheap Apple iPod look no further than the shuffle. I have one of these and I have to say that it is the best

Griffin Armband for iPod Shuffle

Even though the iPod Shuffle has a built in clip, which means you can attach it to a loose item of clothing, there are some people that do not like this concept. If you are one of these people the Griffin Tempo armband is the solution.

This strap will securely fix your iPod Shuffle to your upper arm, lower arm or wrist and keep the MP3 player out of the way. The Griffin strap is strong, secure and comfortable to wear. So, if you don’t want to clip your iPod Shuffle to a piece of loose clothing I highly recommend the Griffin armband instead.

Metal mini clip MP3 player

If you like the style and functionality of the Apple iPod Shuffle but don’t have the budget, or simple don’t want to spend a lot of money on the best music player for the gym then I suggest you take a look at this replica.

This MP3 player looks just like an iPod shuffle, works like an iPod Shuffle and wants to be an iPod shuffle, however it is a fraction of the cost. The build quality and sound quality of this MP3 player aren’t as good as the iPod shuffle but then you do get what you pay for.

If you want a cheap and cheerful MP3 player for the gym, simply want something that plays music and aren’t too bothered about the sound quality then this is the best music player for the gym you will find.

Sony NWZW262MEB walkman MP3 player

The Sony NWZW262MEB walkman MP3 player is an excellent idea that works exceptionally well. In a nutshell, this consists of some headphones with a 2 GB or 4 GB internal memory which is big enough to support a few hundred songs, which is more than enough for any gym session. These headphones are available in three different colours, including red, white and black.

In order to use these headphones you don't need any wires, which is a good thing as wires can easily get caught up and in the way. These headphones are also water resistant so you can sweat as much as you like safe in the knowledge the headphones are going to suddenly fail.

These headphones are tight fitting and will not come off once on, regardless of how frantic your activity is, yet despite this these headphones are very comfortable.

The Sony headphones aren't cheap but they are a well built product that is tough and durable, and the sound quality is exceptionally good.

MP3 player sunglasses

This music player is effectively a pair of sunglasses with a built in MP3 player, which is a great idea. The glasses are made of plastic, as opposed to metal, and do feel a bit flimsy however they are surprisingly tough and durable. The glasses are also a comfortable fit and do not cause any irritation on the bridge of the nose or around the back of the ears.

The MP3 player has a 2GB memory, which is enough to hold a few hundred songs so it's more than enough for any gym session. The sound quality is very good and the ear buds are a tight fit but very comfortable, which means they won't fall out during your workout.

Some people may feel a bit strange about wearing sunglasses in an indoor gym, however it really isn't too bad once you get used to it. Besides, wearing glasses gives you a chance to have a sneaky peek at other gym members, if that's your thing.

Overall this music player is a good bit of kit and definitely worth a purchase. What's more, these MP3 sunglasses don't cost a fortune either.

Diver MP3 player

The diver MP3 watch is designed to be an underwater music player, however it lends itself perfectly to gym workouts too. The diver MP3 watch is obviously waterproof, which means you can sweat as much as you like and throw water all over yourself and not have to worry that your favourite workout tunes are going to suddenly stop.

The Diver MP3 player has a 4GB internal memory, which is very impressive. This MP3 player watch will hold many hours of music meaning you won't get bored during your workouts. This MP3 watch is supplied with a many headphones of different shapes and sizes to ensure there is a pair that is the perfect fit for you.

An MP3 player you can wear around your wrist is a great idea and this is a top quality product that works exceptionally well.

Your favourite music player

With so many different types of music players available the choice is grater than ever. But, we all have our favorite, right?

What do you think is the best music player for the gym?

See results

If you have any thoughts, ideas or comments please feel free to note them in my guestbook. Thanks.

Your comments are welcome

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    • aminebombom profile image


      4 years ago from Doha, Qatar

      I own iPod shuffle and loves it, nice lens my friend

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Awesome leans about players! ThanX


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