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Atypical Love Songs

Updated on February 17, 2013

Atypical Love Songs

Some people are tired of hearing the same songs over and over on the radio with the same cliche lyrics. Want to see a list of love songs that won't bore you? This page is full of audio and lyrics from poetic love songs that will remind you of the journey of falling in love.

Use these songs at your wedding reception, make a CD of them for your sweetheart as a gift on Valentine's day, his or her birthday, or any day, or just listen to these songs because you simply like enjoying life, listening to great music, and hearing some good lyrics.

To care for:

(a) To have under watchful attention; to take care of.

(b) To have regard or affection for; to like or love.

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Nouvelle Vague - "Ever Fallen in Love" and "Just Can't Get Enough"

The Cure - "Love Song" and "Just Like Heaven"

Kate Nash - "The Nicest Thing"

The Mountain Goats - (Too Many Songs to Name)

Most of these videos don't have lyrics in them, so you'll have to look them up if you're curious.

". . . we are very well damaged by the legacy of the romantic poet, that we think of love as a thing that is with strings and is this force for good and then if something bad happens thats not love...I don't know so much about that I don't know that the Greeks weren't right, I think that they were, that love can beat a path through everytihng, that it will destroy alot of things on the way to its objective which is just its expression of itself. You know my stepfather mistreated us terribly quite often, but he loved us and well, that to me is something worth commenting on in the hopes of undoing alot of what I percieve is terrible damage, yet we talk about love as this benign comfortable force: it is wild."- John on NPR after the release of Sunset Tree

Metric - "Love is a Place" and "On the Sly"

John Vanderslice - "Trance Manual"

Sorry, I couldn't find lyrics for this, so you get to watch the music video.

Badly Drawn Boy - "Disillusion"

The Maccabees - "About Your Dress"

Interpol - "Evil"

Arcade Fire - "Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)"

Radiohead - "All I Need"

Dido - "Here With Me", "Hunter" and "White Flag"

Garbage - "You Look So Fine" and "#1 Crush"

The Beatles - "When I'm Sixty-Four"

Brazilian Girls - "Jique" and "Me Gustas cuando Callas"

"All About Us" is another good song but I couldn't find a good video.

Imogen Heap - "I Am in Love with You"

Pete Doherty - "I Love You but You're Green"

Note: For lyrics, click on the video.

Coldplay - "Shiver" and "Fix You"

Feist - "My Moon My Man"

Muse - "Falling Away with You"

The Kooks - "She Moves in Her Own Way"

Smashing Pumpkins - "Stand Inside Your Love", "In the Arms of Sleep" and "Tarantula"

Block Party - "Banquet"

Queens of the Stone Age - "In My Head" and "Everybody's Gonna Be Happy"

The Futureheads - "Sale of the Century"

The Subways - "Rock and Roll Queen"

Franz Ferdinand - "Come on Home"

Bright Eyes - "First Day of My Life"

Klaxons - "It's Not Over Yet"

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