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Best of Naruto Cosplay

Updated on July 22, 2013

Best of Naruto cosplay (=

Call it over-hyped, bash the characters all you like, but you can't deny that Naruto is one of, if not the most popular manga & anime series around. Yes, the series is still going strong until now, and remains at its comfortable #01 'Most Popular Shounen Manga Series' seat at as well as several other manga scans sites. So like it or hate it, do stay on to see, as the title suggests, Best of Naruto Cosplay.

One word: Awesome.

*Credits to all of the cosplayers feature here for your hard work and dedication. Please do continue to do your best in cosplaying, so that people like me could continue to admire (and drool) at your great work.

Uzumaki Naruto

I wonder why most of the Naruto cosplayers whom I have seen before are all girls. C'mon guys, what are you doing? Yes buddy, the Naruto in the picture is a girl, in case you didn't know. Nonetheless, this is one of the best Naruto cosplay that I have come across.

The snowy background chosen for this picture clinches everything. Background is very, very important in cosplaying; I simply cannot emphasize more. Imagine if the background of this photo is a bustling road in Tokyo. Can you see the difference now?

Moreover, I like the way this cosplayer posed. 'Naruto' looks like he is about to do his signature "Kage Bunshin No Jutsu" immediately after this photo was taken. The outfit is right too, complete with the kunai and metal plated headband.

Haruno Sakura

A good Sakura cosplayer is difficult to come by, and I am glad that I have found this good Sakura cosplayer.

Firstly, I must say that I like her hair colour. Somehow, I feel its much more nicer than the common cotton candy pink shade of hair. Furthermore, i like the way that she pose as well as her strong gaze, as if daring you to fight her, right here, and right now. It is almost difficult to look away, and that is saying a lot, since this is just a photo.

It's a pity that we cannot see the full length pose, as well as a clearer view of the background behind. There seems to be a net behind her? However, overall, still a good attempt. (=


See what I had meant when I said that a good Sakura cosplay is difficult to come across?

He probably lost a bet to do this. Oh wait. He actually DID lost a bet.

Uchiha Sasuke

I have just realised, that when it comes to cosplaying (especially for Japanese), it is rather difficult to tell whether the cosplayer is a girl or a guy. However, I am pretty certain that this cosplayer here is a guy. I think..

Back to the main point. I like the way this cosplayer had painstaking drew on the curse marks/tattoo onto his shoulder, neck and cheek. It must require a lot of effort to draw those patterns on by yourself, unless you had some help around. He had also gotten the Sharingan, metal plated headband and clothes down pat.

This cosplay could be even better if the picture was not so overly exposed (kinda too bright) and that 'Sasuke' have a more menacing glare. Nonetheless, this cosplay is great, and even better with the drawn-on tattoos. (His mother probably got a fit seeing those tattoos)

Hatake Kakashi (ANBU)

This was when Kakashi was in the ANBU squad, explaining the different outfit.

The scarf around his neck adds a nice and simple touch to the otherwise plain outfit. And of course there would be the mask which ANBU members uses to hide their face. Not that Kakashi needs it anyway, since we had never got a glimpse of his handsome mug before.

And if you zoom into his face really closely, you can see how this cosplayer pays close attention to details. There is Kakashi's Sharingan in his left eye, which means that he had to buy a pair and use one side only (such a waste).

I guess one way to improve this cosplay is to change 'Kakashi's hair here. Although the white colour windswept wig(?) is pleasant to the eye, I still feel that it is better to have Kakashi's original grey-silver hair instead. Furthermore, 'Kakashi' here could be doing something else instead of staring at the floor. How about grabbing a book to read? I do recall one of Kakashi's favourite erotic novel is called "Flirting Paradise" or something.

Okay, okay, I shall stop complaining and move on. *gets hit*

(Don't get me wrong, I still love this cosplay a lot) ^^

Hatake Kakashi

I shall admit, I had chosen this other cosplay of Kakashi because of the hair. Yup, that's right, Kakashi's signature hairstyle.

If that is real hair, which I presume that it is, wow, I wonder how much hair cement this cosplayer used. See how the hair at the top are standing up and defying gravity?

And the hair colour is correct. Silvery gray with a bit of black. Do compare it with the ANBU Kakashi above, and you will know how much difference hairstyle and colour can make.

Again, it is a pity that we cannot see the full body pose of this Kakashi. However, this portrait shot of him is excellent too, and the pose is just right. The Shurikens/throwing stars adds a nice touch too, and makes me feel like getting my own to throw.

Rock Lee and Might Guy

Despite being great and funny characters, I guess Rock Lee and his sensei Guy must have gotten with a lot of trouble with the fashion police. Awful-shade-of-green jumpsuits, helmet hair and the bushiest eyebrows seen EVER, both characters must have ended up in the worst-dressed list every year.

Which is why this cosplay is awesome. It looks like the two characters have just stepped out from the book. Seriously, what Might Guy needs is the usual sparkle effect whenever he smiles so brightly that it almost hurts. Besides that, this cosplayer is totally into character, and the best Guy/Gai cosplayer that I have seen so far. (=

Lee, like his sensei, is great too, but unfortunately his sensei steals the limelight from him in here. I like his usual upbeat attitude and that cheerful pose here. The prop that Lee is holding also adds a good touch to this photo.

Nice work, Lee and Guy, as always.

Rock Lee

This is one of the best Lee cosplay that I could find on the net. As Rock Lee is Chinese (see any similarities in his name as Bruce Lee?) I believe that it would be easier to cosplay as Lee if you are an Asian.

Not only do the cosplayer need to look like the character, they also need to get into character by behaving and acting as though they are they character. This cosplayer has done well on both counts. The brown vest on Lee also adds a nice touch by covering up that otherwise fashion disaster of a jumpsuit. I also like how that cosplayer wrapped up both of his arms with bandages, just like Lee's.

This cosplay also tells us that the pose of the cosplayer is important, as well as the angle of the shot. Both makes a huge difference to the overall effect.

However, to improve it further, and I can't believe that I am saying this, but this Lee cosplayer could have bushier eyebrows like the character's. Yep, those scarily thick brows that creep out Sakura, Naruto and Sasuke when they first met Lee and Gai. This cosplayer's eyebrows are sadly not thick enough to match Lee's.

I should also recommend that the photographer use 3-point lighting instead. Look at the part of the cosplayer's right bandaged arm. It can just blend in with the white background. To make it look more realistic by having a shadow at least, they could have used three point lighting by placing another source of light at the back. That way, Lee does not look like he is part of the background, but in front of it. But perhaps the photographer deliberately did this as he wanted this effect?

Hyuuga Neji

Again, I am not sure of the gender of this cosplayer, but no matter which it is, he or she has done a good job. The close up shot of the face emphasizes the Byakugan in here. I don't know the photographer, but he/she knows how important the 'Rule of Thirds' used in photography is, thus Neji face is not just focused in the centre.

The Byakugan is simply awesome. I also like the effect of how the veins seem to 'pop' out beside his eyes. It looks realistic and exactly the same as Neji's. Hmm, I wonder whether there are places selling completely off-white contact lenses? It would be kinda scary, don't you think, if you were walking on the streets and saw someone with no colour in their pupils?

I guess if Neji was real and alive, he would definitely look 95% like this cosplayer here. I have included another photo of Neji below so you guys can see his full Neji attire. I do not think that a Neji cosplay would be complete if the cosplayer did not include the Byakugan or the veins effect. It would be a crime.

Eyes that talk!

Woooo! I love his shimmering EYES!

Hyuuga Neji (2)

I have added this cosplay just so that you guys can see his full attire (from the one above).

I like the whole outfit and the stance, like he might be attempting his "Gentle Fist Style: Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms".

Do not mess around with him, especially someone with Kekkei Genkai (A technique limited by inheritance by blood or; Bloodline limit.). You have been warned.


Tenten's outfit here is from the Naruto Shippuden period, in case some of you here don't know. I would have to give this cosplay a 100 marks, as it looks really natural and realistic.

From costume to hairstyle to her pose, everything could be said to be spot-on.

The photography is great too; the photographer deliberately used a little depth of field and focusing so that the background would not steal the limelight from the cosplayer. Lighting used in here is great too, and the shadows just nice.

Nara Shikamaru

This cosplay is one of the more popular Shikamaru cosplay around. The reason is pretty obvious: there is hardly anyone else who has done a better Shikamaru cosplay.

The pose of this cosplayer is one that Shikamaru often uses when he is thinking very hard. Shikamaru has an IQ of over 200 and could think of many battle strategies and possibilities quickly, and this pose aids him in thinking better. It works 10 out of 10 times, and you could say that the game is over for Shikamaru's enemy after Shikamaru is done.

This cosplayer also got the costume and hairstyle right. This was Shikamaru's usual outfit before he got chosen as a Chuunin. The background behind also added a nice touch to the overall feel.

Would-be Shikamaru cosplayers could learn from this cosplayer about how to do a great Shikamaru cosplay. (=


Oh. My. God.

This cosplayer was born to cosplay as Chouji. No, it should be, this is the real Chouji staring at you now. I cannot imagine how could someone look so much alike to a manga character. This should not even be counted as cosplay; it is just Chouji standing there.

The costume, scarf, hairstyle, drawing on the cheeks, and *ahem* size, is exactly same as the manga character. Often, it is difficult to find a good Chouji cosplayer because only a few could be the same body size as Chouji. It ends up that some Chouji cosplayers are too thin or too overweight to be like Chouji. Thus, this cosplayer's size is just nice.

However, just a note: Chouji eats a lot not to gain weight, but it is because of his ninjutsu which requires him to do so.

You've been Punk'd!

For those of you who don't know, the Chouji cosplay above is *gasp* a fake!

Yup, you have just been punk'd by yours truly. The cosplay of Chouji is actually just someone who had photoshop-ed a Chinese national into Chouji's costume.

I wonder which is more amazing: a dude who actually looks so alike to Chouji, or the dude who had such good photoshop skills to photoshop this dude.

For those who still insists that the cosplay above have to be real, here is proof:

(It's all in Chinese)

No matter, you have to admit that it is already very amazing that someone can look like a living Chouji. (=

Yamanaka Ino

I think this is one of the prettiest non-Japanese Ino cosplayer around. I am sure most of the guys here would agree with me.

Frankly, I do not see any fault in this cosplay; everything is perfect. Some Ino cosplayer got the hair colour for Ino's hair wrong, using either brown or deep blond when Ino's hair is very pale blond. Thus, this cosplayer has fulfilled all the requirements: pretty face check. right costume check. fishnet accessories check. long pale blond hair check. Even the background with the flowers enhances this picture, making it more lovely. I like the lighting in this picture, and even better that the shadows are not harsh.

Hence, to people who think that only the Japanese are the best at cosplaying manga/anime characters, you are proven wrong with this cosplayer.

Kiba Inuzuka

Kiba cosplayer's expression clinches everything. The rage shown on his face is raw, full of emotion and almost... animal-like. I would give 100 marks for the facial expression alone.

Not only that, his costume and stance is accurate, completely the whole cosplay. Kiba looks like he is about to attack any time. Perhaps attacking with his kunai or teamwork with Akamaru? Speaking of the latter, extra points for the cute Akamaru plushie.

I am sure that this cosplay would be even better with a change of the background and scenery. For example, they could have taken this shot outside near somewhere with trees and grass? It would be nicer and add a touch of realism to the photo, since Kiba and Akamaru always like to train outdoors in the forest in Konoha.

Hyuuga Hinata

This is the best Hinata cosplay that I can find. You can tell that it is rather professional too, and the photographer had even took time to edit the photo and add in the Naruto logo.

Although it is just an upper body shot, we can still see clearly the Byakugan and Hinata's straight cute bangs. Of course, the cosplayer's sweet and innocent expression helps in portraying Hinata's character even better. The costume that the cosplayer is wearing is also exactly like HInata.

To cosplay as Neji or Hinata without buying white colour contact lens would be a crime. No grey coloured contacts either. You might as well be saying that Naruto should have red hair instead. The Byakugan is something that only the Hyuuga clan has and if someone were to cosplay Neji or Hinata, it would be best to invest in a pair of white coloured contact lens.

Aburame Shino

This is one of the standard pose that Shino does when he commands the parasitic insects inside his body to do things for him. Commanding those insects are something that only the Aburame clan can do, as they act as a living host for the insects to feed on. Those insects are special kinds which feed only on chakra, hence, they need a living human to feed on. In return those insects would do the commands of the host, which in this case is Shino.

I have never seen Shino's face without his shades on. Just like Kakashi, Shino never reveals his full facial features before, and that only adds to his mysteriousness. I like this cosplay as it looks very natural and realistic. The cosplayer here looks just like Shino from head to toe. He had also made a right choice in taking this picture outdoors, using the trees at the back as a nice background. Just like Kiba, Shino often trains in the outdoors and forests with his insects, hence this cosplay outdoors adds a nice touch.

Another way to improve this already very great cosplay is that the photographer could consider adding in some little insects and photoshop them into the photo? It would be really awesome if there is some of those creepy crawlies around, so it would be more realistic. Most of the Shino cosplay that I have seen so far have added some insects via computer effects or fake toy bugs.

Gaara of the Desert

This is the best Gaara cosplay I had every seen. Awesome is an understatement for this.

This cosplayer had apparently taken note of every single detail there is. From clothes, make-up and accessories, everything is perfectly done. The umbrella, gourd, headband and scarf adds an authenticity touch to the whole cosplay. The use of colours and lighting here is amazing. And I have no idea how, but this cosplayer looks just like Gaara. The solemn expression on his features is also spot-on. I could rant on and on about the good qualities of this cosplay, but perhaps I should spare you the agony and time.

The angle of this picture taken is also good. The photo may be deliberately over-exposed, but I guess it is to block out any unnecessary diversions, and to make us focus on the primary object which is the cosplayer. Very wise move.


I must first say that I love this cosplayer's outfit. Again, this Temari cosplayer had taken note of the slightest details. Everything from the costume with the black sash to the fishnet leggings to the headband with the symbol of the Sand is accurate.

And of course, I like the gigantic fan with the three red markings. I wonder where did the cosplayer obtained it from? Was it handmade or store-brought?

Moreover, having a pretty face helps, and the pose in this picture is very much like Temari's. Furthermore, the cosplayer had taken pains to have the same hairstyle as Temari's, both hair colour and style. Temari also have a habit of putting the metal plate headband around her neck, and this cosplayer got this trait right as well. It is almost as though I am staring at a living Temari, straight out of a manga book.


A good Kankuro cosplay is difficult to come by too. If the cosplayer missed out Kankuro's puppets, all his other efforts have just gone down the drain too. Here is this picture offering you two at a price of one. Not a very bad attempt in cosplaying as Kankuro's puppet, I must say. Most Kankuro cosplayers prefer to wear or hold onto a puppet prop instead. However, this cosplayer has even gone to the effort of cosplaying one of Kankuro's favourite puppets, Karasu.

I am not sure whether the costume of Karasu is handmade or store-bought, but nonetheless, not a bad attempt. It looks rather realistic especially the disjointed joints part. As for Kankuro here, not much is seen here except the upper body part, but it is still good. There is of course the Country of the Sand headband, as well as the face paint drawings, part of Kankuro's trademark. I have always wondered why there are two pointy horn-like shapes on top of Kankuro's costume? Hmm..

Naruto and Hinata

Everyone: "Awwww....." ^^

I love this photo. Its so darn cute, it should be illegal.

"Hinata"'s smile can melt anyone's heart here, don't you agree?

Check out "Naruto"'s cheeky expression!

Both kids are so irresistible! They look like a miniature Naruto and Hinata.

(Love Hinata's furry white top)

I bet both of them will be great cosplayers in the future. (:

*This cosplay is one that had gained most of popularity votes in our previous "Best Cosplay Ever Part 2" lens.! Do check it out!


Wow, this cosplayer looks like a real Tsunade in the flesh. Everything from the hair to her glare is scarily exact as Tsunade. I almost expect her to yell out orders (or at Naruto) anytime. Or bash the wall at the back with her supernatural monstrous strength.

The cosplayer had paid close attention to the details, whether it is the mark on her forehead, the necklace and Tsunade's hairstyle. The outfit is right too, revealing at some parts *cough cough*. But before your eyes stray somewhere else, you should probably think twice. I had already warn you about her crazy strength, and she ain't looking like she is in a good mood either. :P

Beautiful Cosplayer

Wow! I would love to pose with her!


Perhaps Jiraiya or rather, Perverted Sage/Sannin should not exert himself by posing like that; he's not very young. But since we are talking about one of the three legendary Sannin, I guess it would be okay then.

It must have been very tiring to walk around under the hot weather wearing such a thick and heavy wig. Furthermore, the cosplayer had taken pains to find and carry the Toad Scroll, something which Jiraiya uses to summon the Frog Boss. The end result of the complete outfit is exactly the same as Jiraiya's.

If I did not recall wrongly, this pose is the one Jiraiya always strikes after giving a long and not very modest introduction about himself. And if I had recalled Naruto's facial expression the first time he heard Jiraiya's introduction, it looked something like this: (-___-)lll

Great outfit check. Great pose check.

Jiraiya would be proud.


Again, OH. MY. GAWD.

This is Orochimaru alive in the flesh. I did not know that there could be someone who looks so much like him in this world. Oh gosh, everything from the intimidating yellow eyes to the oily looking hair that would put Severus Snape (Go read Harry Potter) to shame, I do not think that there could be a better Orochimaru cosplayer than this dude.

Wow, I wonder how much face powder he had used to achieve this effect? Geishas would be put to shame. And yes, he has that "I'm-going-to-have-your-body-soon-Sasuke" evil smirk on his features.

This Orochimaru cosplayer does not disappoint. Perhaps he could improve this (and creep us out further) by sticking out Orochimaru's long snake-like tongue?

Kurenai Yuhi

Kurenai is a master of Genjutsu which literally means illusion techniques, but this pretty Kurenai here is definitely not an illusion. I love the way this cosplayer carelessly carry off Kurenai's attitude here. Stunning, you might say.

The outfit from head to toe is complete and exact, and the traditional looking Japanese umbrella adds a nice touch to the picture. And of course, the background especially the tree behind makes this cosplay even greater. She is definitely wise to choose that location. The effect is that there is a sort of a... dreamy feel to this picture. (=

Hmm.. I wonder who or what she is gazing at. Asuma-sensei perhaps?

Asuma Sarutobi

The son of the Third Hokage and Konohamaru's uncle, Asuma is also Kurenai's lover and the teacher of Team 10 consisting of the Shika Ino Chou combination.

I like this cosplay a lot. Besides looking like a real life Asuma, this cosplayer also possesses Asuma's brass knuckles and dagger combination weapon. Furthermore, his entire outfit and hairstyle is exact as the Leaf's Jounin. Asuma also ties his metal plated headband around his forehead, which this cosplayer did too. The great pose and stare completes the cosplay. (=

It is a shame that we cannot get to see the full cosplay of this Asuma cosplayer, but nonetheless it is still a very good attempt. Asuma passed away in Naruto Shippuden. He will be dearly missed by all.

Anko Mitarashi

Anko is Masashi Kishimoto (creator of Naruto series) 's favourite female character, due to her relationship with Orochimaru. The reason is obvious too, as Anko is a likable character; funny, hyperactive like Naruto and smart. She is also the second examiner for the Chunin Selection Examinations, in case you have forgotten.

This Anko cosplayer has got her outfit right: the tan overcoat, fishnet top, and dark orange skirt. The hairstyle is exact too. To be frank, I could not find any faults in this cosplay at all. And the thing that clinches this cosplay - the green banner at the back. The words on it means "Second Test/Examination". This cosplayer wanted to re-enact the scenario which Anko first debuted in. (Anko had a rather dramatic entrance and pulled out the banner to announce who she is and what she is there for) Moreover, this cosplayer also portrayed Anko's punky and cool attitude well.

Awesome cosplay; I simply cannot emphasize more. (=

ANBU (1)

This cosplayer shall be called nameless ANBU no.1 by me. The full name of ANBU is Ansatsu Senjutsu Tokushu Butai (combination of short form of the 1st and 4th word) which means Special Assassination and Tactical Squad. They are also called the ANBU Black Ops. To distinguish themselves apart from the Leaf Shinobi, ANBU Black Ops uses porcelain animal masks to conceal their identities. And to distinguish the gender of the special unit, female ANBU members have the signature spiral tattoo on their right arm, which definitely confirms that this cosplayer here is a male.

I can already sense all the female readers now looking at this picture going weak in their knees. This cosplayer is definitely good looking, and looks abit like Sasuke and Sai. Again, I cannot find fault about this cosplay at all. I love the entire outfit from gloves to mask to scarf and everything. The pose that this cosplayer has makes it look like he had just removed the animal print mask from his face. I also find it very difficult to look away from his gaze.

Unfortunately ladies, I do not know who he is, so you don't need to ask.

*prepares to run away from the cosplayer's screaming fangirls* :P

ANBU (2)


It is awesome how cosplayers accessorizes to brighten up the otherwise rather plain ANBU outfits. I have no idea how to start with this cosplay. Oh my gosh, I totally love the use of colours and the cosplayer's pose. Everything from the patterned scarf, dagger, the modified animal mask, plaited headband with puffy balls(?), metal plated armbands, chains linked to the wristband, makes this cosplay a millions bucks. This ANBU squad member certainly knows style.

Out of a hundred marks, I shall give it a thousand. (=

Nice photography by the way.

ANBU (3)

You can clearly see the signature spiral tattoo on this cosplayer. (Left arm = male)

Judging from the hairstyle, I presume the cosplayer wants to portray Sasuke? Well, no matter what, this is still a great ANBU cosplay. Again, I simply adore the painted animal print mask, brightly coloured scarf, metal arm protector, fishnet leggings and socks, and the laced up boots is awesome. I also like the weapon of choice - a katana. And of course, the cosplayer's hairstyle is great and you gotta applaud him for using so much hair cement to make his hair defy gravity. I guess if Sasuke ever entered the ANBU team, he would definitely look like this, no doubt about it.

Moreover, did anyone notice the background? The painted background adds a very nice dreamy feel to it.

I do recall Sasuke's brother Itachi being in the ANBU when he was young. I am sure that Itachi would be proud of this cosplay.


Haku, Zabuza Momochi's right hand man, is extremely skilled as someone with Kekkei Genkai and intelligence. Another of Haku's good qualities is that he is very kindhearted, as he had spared Sasuke's life.

I like this Haku cosplay the best. The mask that the Haku cosplayer is holding belongs to a special squad who specializes in killing those ninjas who left their villages. Haku somehow obtained this very mask and helped to mask his identity from Team Seven (Kakashi, Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura). This cosplayer also got the costume right. It is almost like Haku is alive again. I presume that this cosplayer is a female, as cosplaying Haku needs to have some feminine features, just like this cosplayer. Indeed, the hairstyle is right as well, no surprises there.

The cosplayer has also made a right decision in taking the picture out in the trees area. It makes this picture ethereal and dream-like.

Rest in peace Haku.

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      3 years ago

      The kids in the first photo are the cutest!

      I saw a really cool (female) cosplay of Naruto here earlier - Doesn't she look amazing!

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      5 years ago

      This is an awesome lens! Oh thanks for visiting my lens. Any way, I had to check out this lens because the last I saw a Naruto cosplay was in college when a fellow schoolmate came down the hall dressed as Sakura. I actually came across a student that had a striking resemblance to the anime character Saya from Blood+; and she wasn't in costume. (O_O') This is such an amazing lens...very enjoyable.

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      5 years ago

      @imam-shodiqin-75: No, I mean ANBU 2 & 3 not 1 sorry...:D

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      5 years ago

      I think the picture of ANBU 1 & 2 are Uchiha Sasuke ANBU,cuz from the look of his hair is so much alike...

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      @sarah-zwaryczuk: Lols, sorry for gotten you misleaded. ^^

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      5 years ago

      @sarah-zwaryczuk: Well i feel silly, I just read the "You've been punk'd" Did people actually need to see that I figure it out? Hmm

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      5 years ago

      I just want to point out that the Choji "cosplay" isn't actual cosplay. It is a fully edited image, you can see the blush strokes in the hair, and scarf as well as other areas as well.

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      5 years ago

      It is a part of my life lol Blessed :)

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      6 years ago

      Amazing info! Cosplay sounds like a lot of fun!

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      Very interesting lens. Thanks for doing it.


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      6 years ago

      I vote for Naruto and Hinata, soooo cute:).

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      WoW! Just wow! Anime coming alive! Amazing!!

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      Never done a cosplay before, but seems like a lot of fun!

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      Awesome!!! I love this Lens, I am Totally Amazed!!! ;D

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      6 years ago

      lense, great job

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      I am impressed. Astonishing lens and real treat for all the anime lovers...

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      Darcie French 

      6 years ago from Abbotsford, BC

      Chouji's cosplay character is indeed quite the match!

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      6 years ago from Singapore

      @marlon-coates: Thanks for the compliment marlon. You can do it! :)

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      OMG I am so impressed with these photos, AWESOME, i need to step my game up

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      My first sprinkling of angel dust on your anime lens has long worn off so I am back once again to scatter a little more. It is my quest this week to re-bless some of the lenses which I blessed way back in 2010. Your lens is on this list.

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      7 years ago

      I loved all..Well most of the cosplays here, they look really kool^ ^

      Great job on you lens!

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      This is outstanding!! as well :)

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      7 years ago

      Very nicely done lens;)

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      7 years ago

      Gorgeous cosplay, love them!

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      MariaKey LM 

      7 years ago

      Wow, nice lens and awesome pictures! Have to admit that yours are much better than mine.

      Street Fighter Chun Li Costume

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      7 years ago

      the person who cosplayed orochimaru is actually a girl...

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      8 years ago

      Great lens... The Choji kid is funny!

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      Absolutely delightful article....I did notice though that your guestbook title should be changed to match the content of your article. Best wishes. This lens is blessed by a squid angel and featured on Angel Blessings 2010. Have a wonderful day :)

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      8 years ago

      Love those very much

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      8 years ago

      Just wanted to note that you made a slight mistake when you said "the same hairstyle as Temari's, both hair colour and style." Temari actually has blonde hair -->

      Other than that, good job getting all the pictures, was great to view and read it all :)

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      @Veritas1980: Yeah, I've got it in my computer (Y)

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Hi... The photos were excellent... I didn't finish to read them, because I'm Argentinian and it's difficult to me 'cause I don't know a lot of English. I really liked Hatake Kakashi (AMBU), it's great (Y); Rock Lee, it is PERFECT!; Hyuuga Neji, I like his eye n.n; Tenten, the photo is so cute; Chouji, the photo is really FUNNY; Yamanaka Ino, it is so cute and pretty; Hyuuga Hinata, the cosplayer is good, but I think the photo can be better; Aburame Shino; it is perfect; Tsunade, ...WOW... That's the real Tsunade. How can U find it??? ; Kurenai Yuhi, it is fine; and Haku, it is... lovely ^.^

      Well... Here I leave U... Wishes and I DK what else... XD

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I think this Hinata is much better:


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