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Best of Vampire Knight Cosplay

Updated on February 13, 2013

Best of VK cosplay

Admit it people. Vampire Knight is reigning as the Top Shoujo manga series of all time. Ask

Created by Matsuri Hino, this series has been going strong since its debut in 2005. That's five years already! Seriously, who can resist VK? There's good looking hot vampires that doesn't sparkle in the sun, intriguing plot and the scandalous drama (mainly incest)..

Credits to all of the wonderful and dedicated VK Cosplayers here. Keep up your excellent work!

*Picture shown here is Japanese pop duo ON/OFF who sang the opening theme songs for Vampire Knight and Vampire Knight Guilty anime. Not a bad attempt - "Zero" has that angsy sulky expression right. (:

Sit back, chill and enjoy. And please participate by casting your views by Voting, ok?

Kaname Kuran 2

Our Night Class dorm president is just not any vampire like Edward Cullen or Stefan Salvatore, and that's why we all love him. He is currently residing in the old Kuran mansion hidden somewhere deep amongst the mountains and forests, so good luck in finding him.

I bet the camera lens shattered seconds after this picture was taken (in a good way). Hell why not? Good looking Kaname cosplayer + killer charm = deadliest combination. As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words. That's practically how Kaname would look like if he was real.

Zero Kiryuu 1

The irony: a vampire hunter who hates vampires to the core is actually a bloodsucker himself. No, not the Wall Street type of bloodsucker. Vampyre vampire. Now, that's intriguing. Fate has been tough on this vampire though. Parents killed by a certain crazy pureblood vampire, twin brother who sided with the enemy, dead twin brother, unreciprocating love..

Zero-kun here does not need his anti-vampire gun Bloody Rose at all. His gaze is enough to curdle milk. It is as though Zero has stepped out from the manga book. It is often hard to portray Zero correctly because you need to have an expression full of angst and anger without coming across that you look like you have constipation issues. That's why I think this cosplayer has done a pretty good job in cosplaying Zero. He's so cool; he's hot.

Looking at Zero here makes me wanna bleach my hair. Sigh.

(yeah yeah I know that's a wig, duh, but still...)

Kaname Kuran 1

Kaname Kuran is the dorm president of the Night Class in Cross Academy, and the only pureblood vampire in it. Sorry fangirls, but this hottie's taken (sadly).

This is one of the better Kaname cosplay that I have seen so far. Finally, a Kaname cosplayer in casual wear besides the common Cross Academy uniform. In case you cannot see very clearly, the cosplayer is wearing red colour contacts. Thus, the red is more subtle, unlike the usual OTT heavily-photoshopped eyes.

Hairstyle check. Eyes check. Pose check. Good background check.

Yes, the sound that you are hearing right now are VK fangirls squealing.

Zero Kiryuu 2

Best. Zero. Cosplay.

Usually people try to create and hand-make their own Cross Academy uniform and end up looking really fake. This here, mon cher, is the real deal. If you zoom in really closely on the buttons, it is actually the rose design buttons from the actual Cross Academy uniform. Which means that this dude here is one who actually has the conscience to get things done well (or have really deep pockets) Who knows, maybe he is also an OCD perfectionist just like me.

I also like the touch of the roses by the sides. I wonder though, how come those roses are withered. Is it done on purpose and have some kind of deep hidden meaning to it? Maybe it is due to budget constraint. You know, after paying for this expensive uniform.. Or is it that I am imagining too much? Why am I having this internal monologue anyway?!

Anyway, back to the topic now *ahem* to make this cosplay even better than it is now, how about inscribing the words "Bloody Rose" on that toy gun (I hope it's a toy). At least it would be more realistic. After all, it is Zero's favourite (and only) choice of weapon!

Yuuki Cross 1

This is one of my favourite cosplayers, Kipi.

Kipi never ever fails to impress me when it comes to cosplay. She did Shakugan No Shana, Haruhi, Misa Amane, Chi, Alice in Wonderland, Lenalee Lee and even attempted Allen Walker (DGM). Now, it is none other than Yuuki Cross.

I guess that this is Kipi's natural hair? I could say for sure that this is 100% the best Yuuki cosplay I've seen so far. Many Yuuki cosplayers just don't have Yuuki's petite frame, so they kinda look weird. However, Kipi here looks good in this Day Class uniform.

Yuuki Cross 2

It would be better if this cosplayer was dressed in the Day Class uniform. After all, there has been no sightings of Yuuki Cross wearing a Night Class uniform in the manga. Yet.

Plus it would feel more realistic. I would have thought that this cosplayer was cosplaying as someone else if not for the fact that 1) She has short hair. 2) She is holding Artemis. Or a silver bamboo pole that looks like Artemis.

But oooh look! Its an authentic Night Class uniform again! -tears of joy- (Please people just spend some moolah in getting a real uniform kay?)

I like her hair colour, and of course it helps that she is pretty. If not for the different costume, this would be my favourite Yuuki cosplay. (:

Aidou Hanabusa 1

Nicknamed "Idol", Aidou Hanabusa is Kaname's right hand man besides Kain. Aidou has known Kaname since he was a child, but he did not like Kaname at first sight. It was only when they met when they are teenagers, that Aidou confesses that he actually does not hate Kaname. This blonde vampire also have the rather disturbing tendency to collect items which Kaname had broken/discarded, as shown in the anime.

This cosplayer could just be a living Aidou with his impeccable blonde hair, blue eyes and completed with a Cross Academy uniform. A very good job indeed. This Aidou cosplay is one of the best that I could find on the Internet. (:

Aidou Hanabusa 2

I guess Aidou is a very difficult character to cosplay. As from what I saw on the Internet, most Aidou cosplayers have gotten Aidou's hairstyle wrong. They are either too flat or look like one of a cockerel's. This cosplayer has done a good job though; for once there is someone who got it right.

I don't know about you, but I think that there is way too much red in this picture. I had taken the liberty of editing the colour contrast before (Gomenasai to the cosplayer), but my friend's friend thought the roses looked like a dog so... ta-dah! Here's the original version!

What do you think about it?

Takuma Ichijo 1

Here is the ever friendly dorm vice-president of the Night Class. He must be the only vampire who actually acts like a normal human with his mannerisms and love for manga. He is Kaname's long time best friend and is closer to Shiki and Rima than the others.

This cosplayer was supposed to be cosplaying as Aidou Hanabusa. However, I think that he is more fitting for Ichijo because of his hair, don't you think? This cosplayer was traveling by his motorbike and had to wear a helmet. Hence he couldn't use hairspray for his Aidou hairdo.

Nonetheless, this is a pretty good cosplay, so I'm adding it here. Plus I like the mask :P

If you still can't figure out, the girl beside him is supposed to be Maria Kurenai. I have no idea why she is with Aidou anyway? There is no mention of that in the manga as far as I can remember.

Takuma Ichijo 2

This is one of the more famous Ichijo cosplay on the net. I guess that if Ichijo was real, he would more or less look like this cosplayer. I like the light blond wig too (and needless to say, the uniform as well).

I don't know how, but this cosplayer gives off a good natured vibe? He looks as friendly as Ichijo is, don't you think?

And sorry to disappoint you ladies, I am not sure whether this cosplayer is a dude or a girl. Can't really tell from those bishie types of guys (pretty boys), sigh.

Kain Akatsuki 1

Kain is Kaname's other right hand man as well as Aidou Hanabusa's cousin. Although he has been nicknamed "Wild" by some of the day class students, his personality is more laidback. Kain has the special ability to conjure and control fire/flames, exactly opposite to his cousin's ability. He likes Ruka and is always by her side when she gets rejected by Kaname.

I think this cosplayer has done a good job in portraying Kain's casual attitude, with the unbuttoned shirt and uniform matched with the windswept-alike hairstyle. In fact, he looks unnervingly like Kain in humanoid form, with that tall, dark and brooding appearance. Alert to all fangirls! :D

Kain Akatsuki 2

Awesome Kain cosplay, this time, with a Ruka Souen cosplayer by his side. I believe that both are trying to enact the scene when Kain asks Ruka for a dance at the Cross Academy ball, after Kaname rejects her advances again. A good attempt, if I may say so.

The Kain cosplayer's hair looks weird, but I think that it can just suffice as a bad hair day for Kain. Please do not ask me why all Kain cosplayers look emo/brooding/angry. Is that a trend? Come to think of it, I had never seen Kain smile or laugh out loud before in the manga or anime, at least, not that I can remember. XD

On another note, Ruka cosplayer needs to take care of her drooping fake eyelashes.

Nevertheless, 90 out of a hundred marks for this cosplay. I dare you to find a good Kain cosplay as well. :D

Shiki Senri 1

Shiki Senri is Kaname and Yuuki's cousin as well as a model. He has the ability to use his blood as a weapon - a whip, to be exact.

This is 100% the best Shiki cosplay that I have seen so far.

Let's see.. Besides looking like Shiki, he has the exact uniform and hairdo (hair colour can be darker). Shiki cosplayer here could pass off as the real deal. Moreover, he is munching on Pocky, which is what Shiki and Rima is normally seen eating. Who doesn't love Pocky??!! (I love chocolate with nuts and the plain strawberry one haha)

One could be mesmerized just be looking into his gaze.

Shiki Senri 2

You could say that this is the more... emo (?) looking Shiki. One thing we know for sure is that this cosplayer have a lot of eyeliner to spare. Its funny how Adam Lambert comes to mind when I think of eyeliner.

If I didn't know, I would have thought that this cosplayer was a mannequin or something. Ah well, at least the hair and eye colour is done perfectly. I wonder though, is that the cosplayer's natural hair or a wig?

No matter, this is still one good Shiki cosplay. (:

Rima Touya 1

Rima is the vampire who is often seen beside Shiki. Both of them are part time models and Night Class students and share a love which is Pocky. It is rare to see Rima without her other half. Oh and she can harness lightning as a weapon too.

I like the umbrella here too. Rima is seen holding that kind of umbrella with lace at the sides in the first VK anime opening as well as in the anime, and when she is under the sun. It is not wise for vampires to go out during daytime, unless they have the impulse to become dust.

It must have been pretty dangerous for this cosplayer to do this precarious pose. Behind her is a fountain and pool. One slip from this round sculpture could send Rima swimming in the cold water. Plus her feet is barely touching the ground. I sure hope that she can swim.

Rima Touya 2

I guess that roses are a significant trademark of Vampire Knight. Almost every cosplay picture that I have come across for this lens has a rose or some red flower featured in it. Quite ironic though, as roses or any other flower will wilt whenever it comes in contact with a vampire. Going by that fact, I presume that being a florist is out as a future career choice for these bloodsuckers.

Back to the topic. I think that Rima is one of the most easiest VK characters to cosplay as. You just need a petite frame, blond pigtails, VK uniform, and an umbrella or Pocky as props. That's all. And having a pretty face would definitely help.This is proven by this cosplay. I can hardly find any fault with it. The depth of field with the blurry background adds a nice touch to the overall feel.

Ruka Souen 1

Ruka has a crush on Kaname ever since she was a child. She is so obsessed with the Night Class dorm president that she is oblivious to Kain's feelings for her (which is rather obvious). Ruka has the ability to manipulate people using mind control.

I chose this cosplay particularly because she looks like a doll with those eyelashes and curls. Pity though, the shade of hair colour is a tad too dark, perhaps due to the dim lighting. I guess we would all love to see a full portrait shot, but we'll have to make do with this for now. This cosplayer is just as pretty as the real Ruka. (:

Ruka Souen 2

I like this cosplay mostly because this girl has confidence. After all, Ruka has that haughty attitude sometimes, and this cosplayer portrayed it accurately.

It is difficult to get Ruka's hair right. Most of the time the hair colour is different. Ruka's is oatmeal-beige kind of colour, and not brown or blonde. Very few people can get it right. Perhaps this cosplayer can try to use photo editing software to change the colour a little? Then it would be perfect. (:

The cascading curls are nicely done too.

And though it seems that the costume is handmade, it still looks good on her.

The background helped out a lot too. The iron wrought gates look like those from Cross Academy, or some hilltop mansion/castle.

Well done indeed.

Seiren 1

You would not want to mess with this girl. Seiren is a no-nonsense type who did not hesitate from attacking Zero when the latter pointed Bloody Rose at Kaname. Speaking of which, Seiren is Kaname's main (unofficial) bodyguard as well as informant. She was the one who had helped Kaname spy on Rido and informed Kaname when Rido finally risen.

Frankly, seeing Seiren smile in this cosplay here is quite unnerving. After all, Seiren doesn't smile at all. Well, at least we know now that she looks better with an upside down frown.

See what I meant earlier about VK cosplay and flowers? I like the scenery anyway.

Seiren 2

I guess that there are some people out there who would be *loud gasp* "there are people who actually cosplay as Seiren? Seriously?!"

One of those people is yours truly.

Well, this is the first Seiren cosplay that I found. Now, this is more Seiren-like, with that perpetual poker face -cues Lady Gaga-

One would wonder whether she is void of emotions. Speaking of which, she does not seem to display any form of affection towards her master Kaname, which is kinda weird since they are always close.

Too bad this is just a close up photo of her. I would love to see a full length version.

I've changed my mind. Seiren is the easiest VK character to cosplay as. You just need a silver bob hairdo.

Shizuka Hio 1

Nicknamed the Madly Blooming Princess, Shizuka literally went mad when her lover, who was a human turned into a vampire, was killed by the Kiryuu hunters, who happen to be Zero and Ichiru's parents. Therefore, she went to take revenge, and turned Zero into a vampire. Although Ichiru followed her for years, never once did she turned him into a vampire. as much as he wants her to. Shizuka uses Maria's body to infiltrate into Cross Academy Night Class, to seek Zero out.

Shizuka could be easily identified with her long silvery hair and the constantly white wardrobe, hence, it is pretty easy to cosplay as her. Add in some props and a good scenery background, and voila~ there you have it! I like this cosplay as it is a good change than seeing Shizuka in a scarier vampire form; she looks more.. humane here.

Shizuka Hio 2

Another good Shizuka cosplay, although the real character would not go out into the sun and lay down on the grass. Pureblood or not, the sun is not a very good thing to them.

Maybe this cosplayer is trying to convey some message that Shizuka is resting/sleeping/fainted/comatose on the ground, pick one. No matter, she has done well in getting Shizuka's hairstyle and clothing correct. Maybe if I ever get a long silver-greyish wig, I will try cosplaying as Shizuka too keke. ((:

Maria Kurenai 1

This cosplayer's name is Saya, and here is her blog link:

Do check the site out; Saya had done many awesome cosplay, such as Miku Hatsune from Vocaloid. She is my second favourite cosplayer after Kipi. (:

Even though she does not have Maria's hairstyle with the flower(?) shape on the left side, this is a pretty good cosplay ne? I think the katana is supposed to belong to Ichiru's, as Maria could not possibly have one because of her sickly body.

I like how her gaze seems to stare right through you, and as if she is up to some mischief.

Maria Kurenai 2

This is Maria Kurenai's usual outfit besides the Night Class uniform. I like how this cosplayer takes note of the little details and accessories. If Maria was real, she would be her.

Judging from her expression, I presume that this should be when Shizuka is using Maria's body? Oh, and someone please pour more blood into her wine glass, thank you very much. I would suggest wine but Maria looks underage. XD

Ichiru Kiryuu

Ichiru is Zero's identical twin and sickly brother who was supposedly dead when Shizuka killed the entire Kiryuu household except Zero. It was later revealed that Ichiru had followed Shizuka and loved her. Unfortunately for him, Ichiru was injured seriously by Rido while taking revenge for Shizuka. He then forced Zero to absorb him, so that Zero can get his full powers and become the most powerful vampire hunter in history.

This cosplay has tied up his hair just like Ichiru's, and of course the katana that he is holding helps out a lot. That's the only two huge differences between the identical twins Zero and Ichiru, who look uncannily alike (duh!)

In addition, this scene looks like the one whereby Zero went to find Yuuki and confronted Shizuka, and Ichiru appeared and attacked his brother.

Headmaster Kaien Cross

There are so few Kaien Cross cosplayers around that I can probably count them all on one hand. Minus the average and failed ones, okay, maybe 3 fingers only. *mumble grumble*

This is no doubt, 100 percent, confirmed and guaranteed the best and most common one that you can find. Not a bad attempt, and not a very good one either, but it can suffice for now, until I find a better one.

The cosplayer could really pass off as Headmaster Cross. Kaien wears this outfit when he becomes badass fighting naughty little vampires. Most of the time, it is a yellow tunic with an old fashioned green shawl and worse still, an apron. *universal gasp* *Kaien's cool badass image shattering*

Anyway, good job to the cosplayer.

Yagari Toga

Yagari Toga is one of the best vampire hunters around, and he was the one who had trained Zero, Ichiru and Kaito when they were young. His right eye was hurt by a female vampire when he saved Zero from an attack. Yagari Toga is one of Kaien Cross's long time acquaintance and friend.

Despite not looking very much alike the real character, this cosplayer has done a very good job in dressing up like Zero-kun's sensei. That hat, eyepatch, outfit, gun and cigarette in mouth adds points to the appearance. I must give credit to the cosplayer for taking note of the smallest details.

Very few people cosplay as this character, hence there is not much to hold comparison to, but I still feel that this is the best one. (:

Kuran Juuri

Finding a Kuran Juuri cosplay on the internet is like searching for a needle in a haystack; you get the point. Very few would want to cosplay as the older Kuran mistress when they could simply cosplay as her daughter Yuuki.

Still, not a very bad Juuri cosplay right? Somehow, she gives off that kind of "motherly look" vibe. I like the outfit and her hair, as it looks a lot like the one Juuri wore in the manga. Kaname and Yuuki would be proud of their mother's cosplayer.

Note: this cosplayer has done some more Juuri cosplay, I have simply chosen the best one out of the entire lot. (:

Rido Kuran

Rido Kuran is Kaname and Yuuki's uncle, as well as Senri Shiki's father. He was supposedly killed by Zero and Yuuki, but a part of him still lingers in the world, as shown in VK manga chapter 58 recently. (Bad guys never die that easily, unfortunately. They're like cockroaches.)

For starters, the blood on Rido cosplayer's fingers looks scarily real. I hope that nothing was harmed in the making of this photo. /:

This cosplayer has done a good job; he looks uncannily like Rido, if he was real. Although Rido is supposed to be Shiki's father, he looks more like Kaname instead, in a certain way. Must be the hair.

Nonetheless, very good job again.

Sayori Wakaba

Sayori Wakaba a.k.a Yuuki Cross's best friend and roommate, is just the normal Day Class student who just found out that her friend is a vampire. It is still a wonder how 1) she did not scream when Yuuki approached her later, or 2) faint. Instead, she was all: "I-will-still-be-your-best-friend-no-matter-what-you-are". Maybe she had a lobotomy.

However, Sayori is, thankfully, unlike those bimbos at the Day Class academy who goes "kyaaaaaaa~" whenever a Night Class member walks past. She is mostly disinterested in those girly stuff such as Valentine's Day, and is ever the supportive and concerned friend for Yuuki.

I like how we cannot really see the cosplayer's face clearly. In some instances, it is a very good thing, trust me.

The cosplayer is looking out of the window, so this can also be interpreted as Sayori Wakaba worrying about and waiting for her good friend Yuuki to return to Cross Academy soon. Cue: Awwww~

Who do you love here?

Which is the best Vampire Knight cosplay?

See results

Kaname X Yuuki 1

Cosplay is done by the same Kuran Yuuki no.2 above and Kuran Kaname cosplayer. Perhaps this cosplay is implying that Yuuki would be going to study in Cross Academy's Night Class together with Kaname soon? What do you think?

Both cosplayers have done a good job in cosplaying their respective characters. If I remembered correctly, the Kaname cosplayer's name is STAY, and he had done many different character cosplay before. I'm not too sure about the Yuuki cosplayer though. /:

Nonetheless, 99 marks.

Kaname X Yuuki 2

Is it just me, or is Yuuki cosplayer's contacts in red colour? Isn't Yuuki supposed to be human when she is wearing that Cross Academy Day Class uniform and sporting short hair? This cosplayer would make an awesome Jigoku Shoujo cosplayer though.

Kaname here looks good as usual. Somehow, I like this cosplay better than the one above, although both are considered awesome. I think that there is a vampire knight cover looking something like this, shall upload it below. (:

As shown above.


Aidou and Kain

In case some of you guys think astray, Aidou and Kain are cousins. ;)

I have no idea why they are killing those flowers either. Note: That's not grass, its plenty of different kinds of flowers spread on the ground. Well, no gain without some sacrifice right?

Each of them did their respective characters very well indeed. Kudos to both cosplayers!

However, it would be that much cooler if they did some sort of fire and ice theme, since that is each of their special Noble vampire abilities anyway. (Kain controls fire and Aidou does ice)

Rima and Ruka

This is done by my Facebook friend Rebecca, seriously. She is cosplaying as Rima Touya, and Ruka cosplayer is her sister, I believe. The Cross Academy uniforms are handmade by them too if I'm not wrong.

Very well done, if I may say so. This is even better than those professional ones. Would you believe that they are both rather new at cosplaying? (:

I like the angle that this shot is taken, looking as if both of them were standing high up in the tree.

Who said that Americans cannot cosplay well? (She lives in Australia)

Okay, i know I sound stalker-ish. XD

Ichiru Kiryuu and Maria/Shizuka

If you find this Maria Kurenai cosplayer familiar, that is because she IS the the second Maria cosplayer as shown above. I presume in this scene, she is not Maria, but just Shizuka Hio who was just using Maria's body. And that would probably explain why Ichiru Kiryuu is kneeling in front of her. (Maria likes Ichiru but Ichiru happens to like Shizuka instead)

See what I meant when I mentioned Vampire Knight has many love triangles?

These cosplayers here are actually part of a group/team who had done some other Vampire Knight cosplay such as Kaname Kuran.

Zero, Kaname and Shizuka

Now, this is what I call a threesome. Just kidding! -gets hit-

Well, all three characters have some link between them anyway. To summarize it up: Zero wants to kill Shizuka and Kaname, Kaname wants to kill Zero and had killed Shizuka. Shizuka thought of killing Kaname and Zero but was killed by Kaname instead.

Hmm does not sound very nice eh?

Okay, forget it. All three of them are vampires, except that Kaname and Shizuka are the only purebloods around.

I like Zero's cosplayer best in this photo, since the cosplayer got Zero's hair, eyes and tattoo correct. Nonetheless, all of them did a wonderful job.

Again, what is it with Vampire Knight cosplayers and flowers? Ah well, at least it is not roses again.

Maria and Yuuki

These cosplayers are trying to enact the scene from the manga and anime, whereby Maria/Shizuka wants Yuuki's blood. (I have uploaded the picture of that exact scene below)

In case you were wondering, that frilly dress Yuuki is donning is because she had attended the Cross Academy ball earlier, and had gone to find Shizuka as the latter claims that she could save Zero from falling into a Level E vampire. (Level E means that Zero will lose his human instincts and go blood crazy, not "E" for "excellent")

Very well done indeed. I am a sucker for this kind of cosplaying, whereby cosplayers accurately portray a certain scene correctly.

As shown above.

As shown above.
As shown above.

Who do you love here?

Which is the best VK pair/group Cosplay?

See results


Thank you all for viewing this lens. I hope that you guys will like it! It took me quite a while to collect different cosplay of each VK character! Arigato Gozaimasu! :D

Do visit "Best of Naruto Cosplay" lens if you have time! (:

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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Love reading and watching Vampire Knight. I think the drawing from this manga is excellent, storyline it pretty good too.

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      8 years ago

      Nice lens. Well done and thanks for sharing.

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      8 years ago

      Awesome! Thanks for sharing your talent in this way.

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      MariaKey LM 

      8 years ago

      Nice lesses out there! sounds like you are really a cosplay freak!

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      8 years ago

      Best of Naruto Cosplay Is also very nice! I have a new squidoo akuma costume!

    • WindyWintersHubs profile image


      9 years ago from Vancouver Island, BC

      I am not familiar with this series but you did a good job on your lens. Keep up the good work. ~Squid Greeter


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