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Best Songs Ever

Updated on December 9, 2013

Best Songs Ever

The task of compiling a list of the best songs to ever grace the music world is very subjective especially when you have to consider songs from different genres and the absence of uniform criteria. However this article lists the best songs based off a survey conducted by some agencies and opinions of experts.

As you read through Im pretty sure you will find more songs on the list you agree should be there and fewer songs you would rather not see on the list.


"We Are the Champions" - Queen

This song is widely regarded as the best song to ever grace the music industry. The song which was written by Freddie Mercury and performed by Queen has topped several polls for the world's Best Song. It was the official theme song for the FIFA 1994 World Cup and was named as the catchiest song ever by a group of researchers in 2011.

Best Songs Non- Genre Specific

There are three famous versions of the top ten songs in this category. There are lists compiled by Q magazine, Rolling stone and New Musical Express. I have decided to base my list off New Musical Express’s version because of the method used in gathering the data their ranking was based on. NME conducted a poll in 66 countries before publishing their list in 2005.

  1. "We Are the champions" -Queen
  2. "Toxic" - Britney Spears
  3. "Billie Jean"- Michael Jackson
  4. "Hotel California" -Eagles
  5. "La Totura"-Shakira
  6. "Smells Like Teen Spirit"-Nirvana
  7. "Yesterday" - The
  8. "One"- U2
  9. "imagine" - John Lenon
  10. "Sultan of Wings"- Dire Straits

Best Pop Songs

  1. "Iris" - Goo Goo Dolls
  2. "Another Night" - Real McCoy
  3. "Apologize"- Timberland feat. OneRepublic
  4. "Hanging by a moment" - Lifehouse
  5. "Smooth" - Santana feat Rob Thomas
  6. "Truly Madly Deeply" - Savage Garden
  7. "Don't Speak" - No Doubt
  8. "Here Without You" - 3 doors down
  9. "Slide" - Goo Goo Dolls
  10. "Since U Been Gone" - Kelly Clarkson

Best Christian Songs of All Time

This list is courtesy of a poll taken by Squidoo to rank the top 100 Christian songs from Faith Entertainment’s 101 user generated Best Christian Songs. These are the top 10 songs;

  1. "Amazing Grace" - John Newton
  2. "I can Only Imagine"- MercyMe
  3. "Made to Worship"- Chris Tomlin
  4. "Take you Back"- Jeremy Camp
  5. "East to West" - Casting Crowns
  6. "Give me Your Eyes" -Brandon Heath
  7. "El Shaddai" -Amy Grant
  8. "My Deliverer" -Rich Mullins
  9. "He Reigns" -Newboys
  10. "From the Inside Out"-Hillsong

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