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The Most Underrated Rock Bands & Artists You Will Never Hear on the Radio

Updated on August 23, 2017

Unknown Or Underrated Music Bands And Artists

When you turn on your radio, what do you hear? Maybe one of Lady Gaga's songs or maybe it's Justin Bieber's? But what about the underrated rock bands and artists that you will never hear on the radio? Are they that bad? Indeed, everyone can play guitar nowadays and thus, some of the bands are quite bad, vulgar or plainly immusical ones, but there are also a few diamonds shining among all the rust and coal. Popularity is the problem here, or just geographic location.

Why aren't they popular then, you ask? Well, music industry is a cruel monster, swallowing all the small artists and feeding those at the top. If you want to be heard, you have to play what the monster wants you to play, and if you don't, you don't get second chances.

But what can we do about it? We can buy albums, come to concerts, vote for songs and help them hit the showcase (when it's a new band we're talking about) or simply support the underrated bands and artists. Or as in this case, spread the word about them. And with this note I present to you my top 5 best unknown music bands that you may never hear on the radio.

P. S. if you're a big fan of popular bands and artists and dislike the unrated ones, feel free to express your opinion using the duel module at the end of this page ;) logo logo - Help Promote New Bands And Artists!

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Augustana Promotional Picture
Augustana Promotional Picture

#1 - Augustana

One of the best rock bands in the USA, yet lacking in popularity

This could be my favorite band at the moment (although Poets of the Fall are catching up). Its songs always lift my heart and fill me up with hope and joy. Their music might remind you of Coldplay or Keane with some alternative mixed in together with piano-based rock which makes quite a great team. The band is based in California even though the original group formed in southern Illinois on 2002s.

The current band standing is:Dan Layus (vocals, guitar, piano), Jordan Lamoreaux (bass guitar, vocals, keyboards), Jay Barclay (guitar), David Lamoureux (drums, keyboards, vocals, mandolin).

Best known for their songs: "Boston" and "Sweet and Low"

Genres: rock, roots rock, indie rock

Years active: 2003 - present

Full-length albums released: 4

Official band page:

Click to listen to this band and find out more about them.

All The Stars And Boulevards


Can't Love, Can't Hurt

Watch Augustana's "Boston"

#2 - Poets of the Fall

Played Max Payne 2? Then you've probably heard them even if you don't realize it yet

The first time when I heard of this band was when I was playing Max Payne 2 on my PC, long time ago. Their song "Late goodbye" caught my interest and so did the most of their songs. Been my favorite band until I heard of Augustana.

Their music could be compared to that of Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin and 3 Doors Down. Even though the similarity is far fetched as PotF is quite a unique band. They play rock, alternative rock with some indie elements.

The band formed in Helsinki, Finland around key members Marko Saaresto (lead vocals), Olli Tukiainen (lead guitar) and Markus "Captain" Kaarlonen (keyboards, production). The band is also supported by by Jani Snellman (bass guitar), Jaska Mäkinen (rhythm guitar, backing vocals) and Jari Salminen (drums, percussion) when touring.

Best known for their songs: "Lift", "Late Goodbye" and "Carnival of Rust"

Genres: rock, alternative rock, alternative, indie

Years active: 2003 - present

Full-length albums released: 5

Official band page:

Click to listen to this band and find out more about them.

Revolution Roulette

Carnival of Rust

Signs of Life

Watch Poets of The Fall's "Late Goodbye"

#3 - Our Lady Peace

Famous alternative Canadian band with little popularity outside Canada borders

I've stumbled across this band when I randomly clicked a youtube link of someone performing a cover of them. I believe the song was called "Kryptonite". I thought it sounded great with meaningful lyrics and so appears that most of the band's songs are. Especially, my favorite song "Innocent".

Our Lady Peace is one of the bestselling Canadian bands. Even though they sell one platinum album after another, they're fairly unknown to the rest of the world. The band plays alternative rock fuelled by the band vocalist Raine Maida's unique voice that can hardly be compared to any other band or artist.

The band formed in Toronto, Canada in 1992 under the name As If. Over the years the band members changed and only the vocalist Raine Maida remained from the former members. The band's name also changed to Our Lady Peace soon after the band founding. At the moment, the band consists of: Raine Maida (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Jeremy Taggart (drums, percussion), Duncan Coutts (bass, backing vocals) and Steve Mazur (lead guitar, backing vocals).

Best known for their songs: "Clumsy", "Innocent" and "Superman's Dead"

Genres: alternative rock, post-grunge, art rock, pop rock

Years active: 1992 - present

Full-length albums released: 8

Official band page:

Click to listen to this band and find out more about them.


Burn Burn


Watch Our Lady Peace's "Innocent"

#4 - Five For Fighting

Known in the U. S. but unknown to the rest of the World

While scouting the net for "superman" you can find all kinds of great music artists. Same thing happened with this artist. I've randomly stumbled by his song "Superman (It's Not Easy)"and it sucked me in.

Five For Fighting is the stage name for the U. S. song writer and singer. John Ondrasik. Who became known in the U.S. in the 2001 for the rock-pop ballad "Superman (It's Not Easy)". Even though it was originally released in 2000 it became known after the events of September 11, 2001. The song's tale of flight, insecurity and heroics moved people.

Five For Fighting's music could be compared to that of Train or Lifehouse. However, the voice and lyrics are unique powered by heartland rock melodics.

Best known for his songs: "Superman (It's Not Easy)" and "100 Years"

Genres: rock, heartland rock, pop rock

Years active: 1997 - present

Full-length albums released: 8

Official band page:

Click to listen to this artist and find out more about him.

The Battle For Everything

America Town


Watch Five For Fighting's "Superman (It's Not Easy)"

#5 - Flamingo

A Lithuanian indie band that no-one knew existed

A totally unknown band to the rest of the World, yet I think they deserve a credit to be named in this list. They sound professional, unique and if they were given the circumstances, they could be big.

The band was formed in 2005 among the childhood friends: Julius Siciunas (bass guitar), Zilvinas Sebeika (guitar, vocals), Julius "Jalas" Biliunas (guitar) and Mikas Dulevicius (drums). Their music is pretty similar to such famous bands like U2, Radiohead and Kings of Leon. They continue to perform in various places in Lithuania and Europe.

Best known for their songs: "Shutdown Baby" and "Brown Lighter"

Genres: rock, indie rock

Years active: 2005 - present

Full-length albums released: 2 (incomplete)

Official band page: (not hyperlinking as it seems to be down)

Click to listen to this band and find out more about them.

Watch Flamingo's "Shutdown Baby"

Duel! - Discuss, debate, fight

Take your gun, load it, walk 10 steps forward, turn around and shoot! And, by all means, don't take this literally. I mean it.

What do you think are the best?

Well, if you feel like sharing other great artists that you think are underrated, feel free to write them in comments. Maybe you know more ways to help new or unknown artists surface? Share them right away!


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      Great mix!

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      Great subject for a lens, and well-executed. Love Five for Fighting!