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Best Cosplays Ever - Part 2

Updated on November 22, 2014

Are you ready for the 2nd instalment of Best Cosplay? If you had enjoyed our first Best Cosplay or even participated in the voting poll, you will even relish this 2nd part collection of Cosplayers! Plus we have added more characters and more content!

........which means you have better standby a cuppa of coffee and slowly read through our LONG LONG List of motivated Cosplayers!

What we have here are characters chosen from popular fiction sources such as manga, anime, comic books, video games and fantasy movies. Includes portrayals of J-pop, K-pop and J-rock stars and visual kei. It is also not unusual for women to dress up as male characters, or vice versa.

I have included a short summary for each different category.

If you don't know about the characters, don't worry, as I had written some information about them too. (:

So sit back for now, relax, enjoy and be awed!

Of course do VOTE for your FAVOURITE Cosplayers too!


Rosiel is the younger twin of Alexial. Although he was wise and had a kind personality, he knew that he would lose his sanity one day and become destructive. To prevent that, he asked his twin Alexial to kill him, but she did not. One unique trait about Rosiel is that he was born old and ugly, but became more young and good looking as time passes. (Kind of like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button)

Spiraling into insanity, he became more and more obsessed with his beauty each day.

....(This character is a guy.)

Although I had not read this manga before, I was awed at this cosplay. I like the wings and the white colour theme used here. Kudos to the cosplayer as the wings must have weighed a ton. And look at the tattoo on the cosplayer's arm and face. It must have taken a long time to painstakingly draw the designs on with care.

The use of make up is good here. Very nice shot. ^^

Rosiel 2

No, this is not another new pop group or Lady Gaga with her backup dancers.

(in case you were wondering why on earth i uploaded this)

This is actually one unique photo I found of a cosplay of Angel Sanctuary. The character in the middle is the angel Rosiel.

By the way, give up guys, despite the name and looks and long blonde/white hair, Rosiel is a guy. Yes I'm serious.

However, the person cosplaying as Rosiel should be a girl. ...I think...

Well, back to the main point. I had uploaded two photos of Rosiel for Angel Sanctuary for you to compare. You can see the difference between these two. What happened to Rosiel's wings in here?

Oh well, but I still gotta admit that these guy's outfits are good and the background is nice too!

Angel Sanctuary by Kaori Yuki

This story is about a reincarnated angel whose name is Setsuna and had been named to be the "Messiah". Setsuna was just a problematic high school student before al these happened to him. Hence, he soon gets caught in the war between heaven and hell, as well as some of the corrupted angels in Heaven.

Angelic star

I saw this picture on the net and was like "Woahh..."

One of the prettiest cosplay I had seen! From the cosplayer's elaborate outfit to the wig and the flowers in the background, nothing is short of perfect.

I wonder whether it was somewhat photoshopped? As I have no idea how they had achieved that "rays of sunlight" effect here.

Overall, this is really one of the best I had seen. The shot and angle of this is really nice. Make up is decent too; makes the cosplayer look like a living doll.

Please inform me about this character if you know about it okay? I just saw the words "angelic star" on it but I have no other clue who this is. Do tell me so I could give this wonderful cosplay more credit and information. Thanks in advance! ^^


Ichigo Kurosaki has always been able to see ghosts, up until he met Rukia Kuchiki, a Soul Reaper. During a fight, Rukia lends him some power to fight the Hollow, but he ended up absorbing all. When he becomes a full-fledged Reaper, his job is to protect the innocent from Hollows.

Ulquiorra Cifer

Ulquiorra is Espada cuatro (4) in Aizen's army of Arrancar. He is a very cold and aloof person who will harm his comrades or enemies that get into his way. Thus, he will only fight when he is provoked or ordered to by Aizen. Calm and controlled all the time, it is difficult to catch him off guard or to surprise him. Ulquiorra is a great swordsman and a hand-to-hand combatant. Furthermore, he has tremendous speed to his advantage. Not only that, he has great insight, intelligence and analytical ability.

This cosplay was shown in "Best Cosplays Ever" lens too. Don't you just love it? Ulquiorra looks so sad in this photo, especially since the teal marks drawn on his face made it seem like he was crying. The entire outfit and make up is spectacular. I like the shot and the use of little lighting in here. Plain awesome.

Grimmjow Jeagerjaques.

He is an important member of the Aizen-affliliated army of Arrancar and the 6th Espada. Ichigo Kurosaki is his main rival in terms of personality. Even though he is one of the main antagonist in the story, Grimmjow is voted no.4 most popular Bleach character, winning with almost 5000 votes! Most of the time, he is rude and sarcastic and has no regard for authority. However, he has some morals, as he refuses to fight Ichigo when the latter was injured once, and brought him to the doctor to heal him, as he wants their fight to be a fair one. He is great at hand-to-hand combat, is a great swordsman, has very high spirit energy, and is very sharp in battles, and will quickly exploit any openings his opponent makes in fights.

It is almost impossible that this cosplayer can look so much like the real deal. Everything from the hair, outfit, mask and sword looks exactly the same as Grimmjow. The green lines under his eyes has been carefully drawn, there are a few deliberately placed strands in front of his face.

I guess all his fans are swooning at this sight ^^

Awesome cosplay!

[Cosplay by Kaname]

Cardcaptor Sakura by CLAMP

Sakura Kinomoto learns that she has magical powers after releasing a set of magical cards. Now she has to find and collect them to prevent an unknown catastrophe. Along the way, she meets Li Syaoran.

Sakura Kinomoto

Sakura is the main protagonist in Cardcaptor Sakura. She is a friendly, energetic and bubbly girl who is excellent at sports. Although she could be clumsy and clueless at times, she is still a very lovable character. During the "Final Judgement", it was revealed that Sakura has more magical abilities than Clow Reed, making her the most powerful magician ever lived.

Her popularity is apparent, since she also appeared in both of CLAMP's crossover: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles as well as xxxHolic.

This is one of the cutest Sakura cosplayers around ^^

I love the kawaii outfit completed with a pair of wings. Oh, and the mismatched stockings too.

In the manga, Sakura's best friend Tomoyo designs all of Sakura's outfits, and she loves using the colour pink.

It is also a great shot. Gives a kind of a "dreamy" feel to it, don't you think?

Hmm.. wonder what is "Sakura" wishing for? (:

Sakura 2

One distinct characteristic of Cardcaptor Sakura is that there is a variety of costumes which Sakura wears. Hence, it is normally quite difficult to tell apart a Cardcaptor Sakura cosplay from others. As mentioned above, Sakura's best friend Tomoyo designs all of Sakura's costumes, from dress to accessories.

This Sakura cosplayer is good at paying attention to details. Even though her white dress would be considered plain to some, she still scores points for the accessories like the set of Clow Cards, Sakura's Clow staff as well as the small Ceberus toy on her shoulder. Of course, the flower headband and wig helped too.

[By Shiroin]

Li Syaoran

Li Syaoran is a transfer student from Hong Kong. As a distant relative of Clow Reed, he believes that he is the rightful owner of the Clow cards rather than Sakura. Furthermore, he is a great martial artist, sorcerer and a swordsman in using the chinese jian.

His relationship with Sakura change from rivalry to being allies to being love eventually. However, the clueless Sakura was not aware of his feelings for her until he finally mustered up courage and confessed.

One of the most popular characters that CLAMP had created, since he also appeared in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles and xxxHolic.

I have no idea how this cosplayer here looks like, but it is a great shot anyway!

The photographer aptly used the reflection in the lake too!

Plus the costume is exactly the same. Good job! (:

Li Syaoran 2

Li Syaoran confessed his love to Sakura during the Cardcaptor Sakura movies. However, due to lack of confidence and being interrupted comically several times, Sakura loses the chance to tell him that she loves him too. It is only near the ending of CCS movie 2, when Sakura thought that Syaoran was influenced by "the void" clow card and lost his feelings, that she finally cried out her feelings. The couple had gone through many experience before, and their relationship changes from rivals to allies to friends and eventually lovers.

I like this cosplay of Syaoran. It also reminds everyone that the landscape matters a lot when you are doing shots like this. You could almost imagine Syaoran here looking up into the sky and clouds, or just enjoying the breeze while taking a nap. The teddy here plays an important role too. However, you have to watch the anime to understand why. ;)

Clow Card- Windy

In the manga, there were only 19 clow cards mentioned. However, in the anime, there were 52 of them. Furthermore, there was another new clow card the appeared only in the second CCS movie. Each of the clow cards were created by the magician Clow Reed and every of the card have their own personality ranging from good to violent. Most are named after natural elements. Moreover, each has a different appearance. Sakura has succeeded in capturing all the clow cards already.

In this cosplay here, it is the clow card "The Windy". This card is the most significant as it is the first card Sakura has captured. Okay, not really captured; when Sakura first opened the book and uttered the name of "Windy"s card, Windy went to blow away all the other cards with her power, scattering them all throughout the town. This happened in the first episode of CCS anime. Windy is a good natured card and one of those which Sakura favours and used many times.

Good cosplay here right? (:

Wow, I'm not sure whether it is a wig or hair cement, but this is really great. Good cosplay, great hair, nice landscape makes this a winner.

See the resemblance here!


Chi by CLAMP

Hideki Motosuwa meets Chi, who is a personal computer with a human form. Together, they explores Chi's origin and finds out about relationships between humans and persocoms.


Chi is a persocom who is said to possess true machine intelligence, meaning that she can act on her own will and have emotions, in contrast to other persocoms. She was found in the trash by Hideki and was aptly named "Chi" since that was the first word she spoke while meeting him. However, she has no memory of her past and cannot do anything, until Hideki decides to teach her how to function.

Very pretty and sweet looking cosplayer. Her real name is Kipi by the way ^^

FYI, Kipi has done many cosplays, almost more than 20 to date. There are a few more of her work below, like the Shakugan No Shana and Death Note's Misa Amane.

It is really hard to wear a wig(especially the long kinds), as you have to always be careful. Move too much and the long strands will get entangled by themselves. Cosplayers have to withstand hours of preparation time just for their hair. You can already see from this picture that there are some strands already gone out of place.

Yum! The picture makes me wanna eat some strawberry cake too! :D

I like the uniform that she is wearing (a nurse?), as well as the cute pair of "ears".

[Cosplay by Kipi]

Chi 2

As the series begins to progress, Chi started to have visions of someone looking identical to her. This other "Chi" then gave Chi advices and protects her. It was abit later before she told Chi that Chi's real name is Elda and she have parents and an older sister. One day, to protect her sister, she agrees to take her sister's memories at the cost of her own.

Hideki eventually tells Chi that he loves her at the end of the series.

Beautiful set and costume here! Everything is so pink and pretty!

The elaborate gown must have taken a long time to make!

I like the extra details on the gown like the tulle and ribbon.

Love the digital effects and the effort put in for this shot!

Just like a real Chobits book illustration! Don't you agree? ^^

[Cosplay by Jump Love and King Crimson]

Death Note by Tsugumi Ohba

Light Yagami finds a supernatural notebook one day and discovers that it can kill people by writing their names on it. Light uses its powers to "cleanse the world of evil" and meets an opponent "L".

L Lawliet

L is the world's greatest and most mysterious detective ever, as he never reveals himself to the public before. He only takes on cases that are challenging and interesting to him. His other alias are the world's other two best detectives: Eraldo Coil and Deneuve, which means that he is the world's 1st, 2nd and 3rd best detective!

L has a great power of deduction and insight and is very meticulous in the way he thinks about stuff. He is also great in sports. He revealed in the manga that he was the champion in tennis for the England Junior Cup. Furthermore, he was the first person who suspects that Light is Kira.

Cute L cosplayer! He got the way L holds stuff delicately correctly.

I like the angle of this shot too!

L Lawliet 2

L only eats sweet food like desserts, candy and fruits. You could almost get diabetes just by watching him gobble up those stuff. I guess it is the sugar high that made his brain perform better? (:

Before people on diets set their hounds on him, I would like to clarify: In chapter 38 of the manga, L reveals that the reason why he only eat sweet stuff and remains underweight is because the brain uses the most calories than any other organ in the body. Plus, if he sits normally, his reasoning ability would drop by more than 40%.

So that's it, the trick to losing weight is to think hard all day. Not only that, you will get white hair prematurely too! :D

This L cosplay is good! The set looks literally good enough to eat. I wonder how many M&Ms or Skittles are used for this. The background is cute too. And L looks so innocent while he sleeps.

Good diagonal shot too.

Long Lenses

I love writing LONG content-filled lenses. It's ok if u cannot finish reading them all. Spilt this Cosplay lens into 3 sessions, BOOKMARK this page and return to read again! :)

Misa Amane

Misa is the second Death Note owner around besides Light. She has a huge crush on Kira and fell in love with Light when she learns that he is Kira.

Her Shinigami is Rem and Misa went to exchange half her lifespan for Rem's eyes. Hence, she could see people's names and their lifespan, except for Light.

Although she is totally devoted to Light, Light merely makes use of her for her "eyes" so that he could get rid of L.

Misa first announced that she was the "second Kira" on nationwide television, so that she can find the first Kira. Misa is a popular Japanese idol and hence, have access to television studios.

This cosplay is also done by Kipi. (shown above in the 1st Chi picture)

Awesome huh? (:

She has Misa's hair and the punk rock accessories down pat.

One of the accessories looks like a Japanese ninja weapon to me lol.

Her outfit is right too. Note the details like the ripped stocking, studded belt etc..

Great set and cosplayer!

100 marks!

[Cosplay by Kipi]

Misa Amane 2

Misa has a horrific past as she had returned home one day after school to find her parents and brother dead after a burglar killed them. Misa then sunk into a deep depression. Due to lack of evidence and testimonial, the criminal was released scot free. It was only a few years later that the criminal was killed by Kira, Light Yagami. Hence, Misa worships and adores Kira, more so when she learns that Light is Kira.

This cosplay is great. The photographer has done a good job capturing the shadow here. Plus the black edges around the photo made it have some sort of a vignette effect (from lomography cameras) don't you agree?

I also love the costume and pose that Misa has, although it is a pity that her face is too small in this picture to see clearly.

One of the best cosplay ever.

Misa and Rem

Shinigami are demon-like beings who live in the Shinigami realm. They are immortal and could further increase their lifespan by writing down human names in their notebook. The only way a Shinigami could die is by love for a human (quite romantic right?)

In the Shinigami realm, life is very boring and most of them just gamble all day.

In this photo, the Shinigami Rem cosplay nailed it.

Rem must be one of the most difficult character to cosplay ever but this is good. I like the settings too but not very much for Misa in here. The colour of her hair is wrong and the costume is rather plain, though she makes it up for the Death Note in her hands. I prefer the Misa above.


Near is a character who only appears in the second half of the story. His real name is Nate River. Unlike Mello, he has a very calm and composed personality and nothing fazes him. In fact, Mello and him are complete antithesis. Both of them are chosen to be L's future successors. Near has a habit of playing with his toys and hair when he is thinking. Just like L, he has a strange sitting posture.

Near gained the support of the Government of the United States and formed the Secret Provision for Kira (SPK). Together with Mello's help, he defeats Light Yagami.

Good cosplay of Near. I like the white colour theme and the equipment shown; exactly the same as in the manga.

He's holding a chess piece (:

*You won't know this character unless you have read the manga.


For those who never read the manga version before, you probably would not know this character in Death Note. His real name is Mihael Keehl.

Mello is an orphan who grew up in Wammy's House, a shelter Watari made for gifted children (sorta like X-Men haha). Mello is among Near and Matt to be chosen to be L's future successor.

Mello has a strong liking for bars of chocolate just like how much L loves his sweets. He is intelligent but often let his emotions get the better of him. Mello has a strong desire to surpass L and Near, as he was always second to Near.

Good cosplay of Mello!

I like the hair, costume and the food. His expression and gaze is great too!

The cosplayer also got the scar on Mello's face exact.

(Mello had a scar after he was burned during a building that exploded.)

Little Light, Misa and L

Hehe could not resist uploading this picture!

These 3 kids are so cute!!

Children are the best cosplayers!

"L" even got his posture correct! ^^

Furthermore, all the clothes that they are wearing are just like what the characters always wear!

I like the miniature L and Light best.

Can I adopt them pretty please? *puppy eyes*

D.Gray-Man by Hoshino Katsura

Allen Walker joins the Black Order organization. Together with his comrades, they all use their "Innocence" to defeat the evil Millennium Earl and his demonic army of Noah and Akuma and save mankind.

Allen Walker

Allen Walker, the main protagonist of DGM, is a cheerful, helpful and kind person who vows to save both human kind and Akuma souls. Despite how tough a situation is, he never gives up and tries his best all the time. Allen is the sort of person who would risk his life and everything else to protect his comrades and friends. Although his is still young at just 15 years old, Allen displays maturity beyond his years.

One of the best Allen Walker cosplays I had seen before. This cosplayer looks strikingly like Allen Walker, don't you agree? I felt as if Allen himself stepped out of the manga book. (:

This cosplayer got Allen's hair, uniform (latest kind) and the accessories (white gloves, badge) right. Extra points for the Timcampy toy. Wonder whether it was handmade? (:

Allen Walker 2

Allen loves to eat, and there is no such thing as a limit to how much food he can gobble up. Furthermore, as he has a "parasitic" type of Innocence, he needs to eat even more food to gain more energy. His favourite food is mitarashi dango, a type of Japanese dumpling served with syrup made from soy sauce, sugar and starch. Food is one of the things that could cheer him up instantly.

He and his fellow comrade, Kanda are often at each other's throats. Kanda usually succeeds in pissing Allen off by calling Allen "Moyashi", which means beansprout. Probably because Allen has white-silvery hair and is skinny?

Don't you guys feel that this Allen cosplayer looks like the one above? (:

The cosplayer here is wearing Allen's first Exorcist's uniform, whereas the above is the 3rd type.

I like the angle and shot of this photo. The uniform is exactly the same too, with the buttons, Black Order badge as well as the hood. Good job to the cosplayer!

Kanda Yuu

Kanda is basically the only person you would never want to piss off, trust me. His "Hellish Insects" and "Second Illusion" attacks never fails to kill countless of Akuma. Not only is Kanda a great swordsman in using Mugen, his katana, he is also good at close hand-to-hand combat. Kanda may seem cold and arrogant to some, but he is actually a person who cares deeply for his comrades and will do his best to protect the ones he love. In the manga, he claims to be looking for a "certain someone", and would not die until he found that person. It is still a mystery of who that person is though. Kanda only loves to eat soba noodles.

Great Kanda cosplay here!

It is done by Miyoc, a girl.

Yep, you did not see wrongly. Miyoc is great at cosplaying Kanda. I think that she is the best at it. (:

Check out the killer glare and pose that she has for this photo. Not only that, the uniform and Kanda's hair is right.

Great huh?

It is as if one wrong movement from you, and you will get sliced by Mugen.

I love this Kanda cosplay. Kudos to Miyoc!

[Cosplay by Miyoc]


Lavi is the successor to the Bookman clan. "Lavi" is his 49th alias. As a Bookman, he has to stay at the sidelines and record history. However, his two years spent at the Black Order made him into someone who cherishes his comrades. This is something that Bookmen are not supposed to do- having strong ties and relationship with other people. Lavi is a smart and a happy-go-lucky guy. His Innocence is his hammer, which can extend as he wishes. Furthermore, he can use it to execute moves and control elements such as fire and lightning. Lavi loves giving people nicknames.

I like this cosplay of Lavi. The tattoo on his face appeared when his consciousness was taken over by Road's power. Road also caused him to fight with Allen Walker then. Luckily, he defeats Road in the end.

This outfit, right down to the tattoo, hair and headband are perfect. Oh, by the way, this is Lavi's 2nd type of uniform. He got this new set during the boat trip to Edo, Japan. Komui Lee had given them all a new outfit change so that the Exorcists could be "protected even more". Lavi claims that he could move faster and easier in this new outfit.

[Cosplay by Morisimaken]

Lenalee Lee

Lenalee once told Allen that her world consists of all her loved ones and friends at the Black Order. Without this world of hers, she cannot survive. Hence, she fights all she can to protect her "world". She and her brother are survivors of an Akuma attack, but their parents were not that lucky. The Black Order had separated her from her brother as she was found out to possess the Innocence "Dark Boots". After years of hard work, Komui Lee finally managed to work at the Black Order to look after his sister. Lenalee's Innocence had saved her once, making everyone believe that she was the "Heart". During the Level 4 Akuma attack at the Black Order, Lenalee's Innocence evolved into a new "Crystal" type.

Isn't this Lenalee cosplayer pretty? She is probably the closest to how I think Lenalee will look in real life. This is the first hairstyle that Lenalee has, before it was burnt short during a fight with the Level 3 Akuma Eshii.

Her pigtails, uniform and stockings are good, although it is kind of a pity that we cannot see her dark boots here. Nevertheless, this is still great. ^^

Road Kamelot

Road Kamelot is the "Dream" of the Noah. Although she looks young, she is the "eldest" among all the other Noahs. Road has the ability to read minds and power to create other dimensions. She has the most scariest power among all the other Noah. One could not kill her unless they know of her "other form". She is the adopted child of Sheryl Kamelot which makes her Tyki Mikk's niece. Her hobbies are bullying Akuma and Lero the umbrella as well as eating candy. Allen Walker fans would probably want to hunt her down after knowing that she was the first to kiss Allen on the lips. (on her part)

The outfit Road is wearing is exactly the same as the one she usually wears in the manga. The ruffled long sleeved top with ribbon, knee high striped stockings and mary janes are 100% alike. (I'm a freak for details, so I would remember)

Wonder whether is that a wig or real hair? If its real, how much hair cement did the cosplayer used to make it "stand up"? She probably used hair paint too, if that's the case.

The lollypop is a good accessory too, since Road loves to eat lollypops. (She was the one who introduce candies to Skin Bolic, her fellow Noah, so that's why he loves sweet stuff too)

Great cosplay! (:

[Cosplay by Norico Nishikawa]

Half Way Point

.... It's a SUPER LONG List of Cosplayers! U are only at the half-way point. Get a drink, grab a sandwich or go to toilet ^_^

Road and Debitto

The Noah clan consists of 13 people so far. The 14th Noah is currently residing inside of Allen Walker's body. So far, it was said that the 14th Noah had opposed the Millennium Earl and had died, only leaving his spirit inside Allen. Out of the 13 people, there are 2 people who are twins. Those twins, Jasdero and Debitto can actually combine together to form one Noah, Jasdevi. Their ability is "materialization".

The Debitto cosplay nailed this.

Not only is the outfit is correct, the attitude he has is great too!

By the way, the Chinese character on his shirt means "die" or "death".

Road is good here too, but needs more attitude girl! (:

This cosplay would be even better if there was a change in background.

Cosplay by Nishikawa Norico and Siratama Rina]

Lavi, Allen and Kanda

Many of the story's funny scenes comes from the Exorcists bickering with each other. For example, Allen gets mad whenever anyone, especially Kanda calls him "Moyashi" aka "beansprout". Or when Kanda gets pissed off by Lavi calling him by his name "Yuu".

The following scene would be them giving killer glares at each other or death threats (by Kanda).

It is difficult to find a decent group picture of them, but this is pretty good. I chose this because the characters look really alike and the uniform is correct. Even their sitting postures resemble is right.

If I am not mistaken, the Kanda cosplay is done by Miyoc too. (the one above)

Does Kanda never ever smile at all? (But that's what makes him cool, so its alright)

I like Allen and Lavi's smiles, don't you? (:

[Kanda cosplay by Renjyu]

Allen Walker's Crown Clown

During the epic fight Allen had with Tyki Mikk later in the series, his left arm Innocence evolved into something stronger. The demon-exorcizing sword that Allen obtained comes out from his left arm and is the exact same replica of the Earl's sword. It is the sword which Allen used to kill the Noah inside Tyki Mikk, but he did not know that instead of doing so, he released the Noah that Tyki had been suppressing all along.

Nice costume and sword here.

Good photo angle too- the cosplayer deliberately hid her left arm, since Allen drew out his sword from his left arm.

(I did remember that it was a girl who cosplayed as Allen in this photo)

[Cosplay by Allenisya, photographed by Hexlord]

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children

FF VII is a console role-playing game developed by Square Enix. Set in a dystopian world, a mercenary Cloud Strife must join forces with others to stop the megacorporation Shinra, which drains the life of the planet as energy. Later, he has to fight with Sephiroth, the main antagonist.

Cloud Strife

Cloud is the main protagonist in Final Fantasy VII and many of the series's spinoffs. He is always seen with his Buster Sword, which once belonged to his friend Zack Fair. Even though he may seem to be an arrogant swordsman and a somber and dark character, he is loyal and true to the people he cares about and does his best to protect them, even going as far as to hide his problems and pains from them to prevent them from worrying about him.

Smoldering good looks, check. Body to die for, check. What's there not to like about him?

I absolutely love this Cloud cosplay. We can all see clearly the outfit, hair and sword in here. How did the cosplay ever achieved this hairstyle that defies gravity? Most of Cloud's cosplays could be ruined if the cosplayer was too skinny or overweight. However, this is just nice. I could almost hear fangirls squealing in delight at this! (:

[Cosplay by Kaname]

Cloud Strife 2

This cosplay of Cloud is not bad either!

I like how the photographer made it look like Cloud just came out from a long, never ending corridor. Furthermore, they had used little lighting and shadows to give a kind of mysterious, dark and gloomy effect in here. I like this cosplay too as I can see clearly the full length of Cloud's outfit in this photo. Everything is exactly the same as the character's, including the Buster sword.

Moreover, attitude is important in cosplaying and this cosplayer has done well doing so.

Tifa Lockhart

Tifa Lockhart lives in Nibelheim and next door to Cloud. However, even though they knew each other, they were prevented by circumstances to be close and thus, Cloud can only admire her from afar.

Tifa had lost her mother when she was young, and when she was fifteen, Sephiroth went to destroy her hometown and killed everyone, including Tifa's father. Going after Sephiroth, she was nearly killed by him.

Tifa is caring, selfless and loving, almost like a mother to people. However, she is shy and hides her feelings. She is often the one who cheers people up. Don't let her sweet looks fool you, as she can decimate any enemy with her fists.

I like the shot of this photo. The photographer has aptly used the lighting, shadows, and the railings above to give it a nice effect. I like this cosplayer's outfit too, from her dress to the accessories. Her hair and fringe side parting is correct too. Very nice, and the FF VII logo at the bottom right corner makes it better, like it is an illustration page. Plus the cosplayer is pretty too! ^^

[Cosplay by Xiao Yu]

(The Chinese words written on the bottom right corner is her name/nickname, which means "little fish" in Mandarin)

Fruits Basket by Natsuki Takaya

Tohru is an orphan who meets Yuki, Kyo and Shigure Sohma and learns that their family is possessed by the animals of the Chinese zodiac and they will transform when embracing the opposite sex.

Yuki Sohma

Yuki is one of the three main protagonist in the story. He is a popular high school student who has been named "Prince Yuki" by his fans. Not only that, he is the president of the school council board. Possessed by the "rat" in the chinese zodiac, Yuki will turn into the rodent whenever he is placed under tremendous stress. Basically, Yuki is talented in anything except cooking. However, due to Akito Sohma who kept him isolated from the rest of the family, Yuki became a lonely person who has plenty of self doubts and low self esteem. He is touched when Tohru asks him to remain as her friend, despite the risk of her losing the memory of the Sohma family secret. He is constantly at loggerheads with Kyo Sohma.

This cosplay of Yuki Sohma is not too bad. I guess many girls would be disappointed by the fact that this cosplayer is a girl.

The uniform is exact as the one Yuki wears to his school. ^^

Honda Tohru

Tohru Honda is the sweetest, most caring and helpful person ever. She thinks more about the welfare of others than her own. Although she is an orphan (her dad passed away when she was 3 years old, and her mother died in a car crash not long ago) Tohru never cried nor complained or sulked even once. In fact, she decided to live on her own in a tent by herself and juggling school life with part time jobs. That was how she met the Sohma family, as their house was near her tent.

This Tohru cosplay looks as sweet and pretty as the character. It is no wonder the boys in Fruits Basket are so attracted to her. ^^

That is also the uniform Tohru wears to school.

Sohma Hatsuharu

Sohma Hatsuharu is possessed by the "Cow" of the chinese zodiac. Although he may seem like a nice and cheerful person, there are times when his personality would change to being very mean. The Sohma family calls this trait of his, Hatsuharu's "black" and "white" sides.

Other than that, Hatsuharu cares a lot for the people around him, especially Yuki, Rin and Kisa. He used to hate Yuki, since everyone thinks that the cow is stupid for letting the rat use him to win the race. However, after Yuki asked him whether he trruly believes that he is stupid, Hatsuharu begins to understand and stops his way of thinking so. He now cares a lot for Yuki. He was also the one who went to find Kisa after she left home. He has a relationship with Rin Sohma. Haru is bad at directions and once got lost in the town for three days trying to find Kyo to challenge him.

This photo just proves my point that landscapes matters a lot in cosplaying. The snowy landscape here made a lot of difference to the outcome of the photo. Haru's outfit and accessories are accurate and the best part is Haru's hair. Haru's hair is white with black roots, and you can see very clearly that the cosplayer here got this right. This shows that the cosplayer had done a good job in paying attention to the slightest details. Good job!

Hatori Sohma

Hatori is the dragon of the chinese zodiac. However, instead of changing into an actual dragon, Hatori changes into a 8 centimeter seahorse. Shigure assumes that the chinese zodiac curse has slightly weakened. Hatori is the only person whom Ayame, one of his best friends, would listen to. He is a doctor and also has the power to erase people's memories of the Sohma clan through hypnosis. He is partially blind in his left eye due to an incident that happened two years before the series began.

He was engaged to Kana Sohma, an assistant at his office. However, when he asked Akito for permission for him to marry Kana, Akito attacked Hatori. Due to that, Kana felt immensely guilty and Hatori was forced to erase her memories so that she would not keep blaming herself.

The cosplayer here is not bad at portraying Hatori. His fringe is swept to the left, since Hatori's eye was injured. Hatori is also often seen in that doctor's white robe too, similar to this photo.

Akito Sohma

I'm kind of confused of who Akito exactly is. In the manga, she is actually a girl who has been brought up by her mother as a boy. (revealed in chapter 97). However, the anime version claims that she is male. Akito is not possessed by any of the spirit, but assumes the role as the "Jade Emperor", the master of the zodiac. Akito is the antagonist in this story, as she gets angry easily, is mean to others and caused a lot of emotional abuse to many of the Sohma clam people like Yuki, Hatori, Rin and Kisa. Luckily, thanks to Tohru, she becomes a better person in the end.

This cosplayer does indeed look like Akito, though she still can add in some more of Akito's attitude in it. The costume, set and angle of the photo is good though. ^^

Full Metal Alchemist

Edward and Alphonse Elric are two alchemist brothers who are looking for the legendary Philosopher's Stone so as to recover their bodies. They had lost parts of their bodies after failing to bring their mother back to life via alchemy. Edward becomes a State Alchemist in order to find the stone.

Edward Elric

Edward, nicknamed Ed, is the youngest State Alchemist ever in history. He and his younger brother Alphonse, travel around the world to find the legendary Philosopher's Stone in the hopes that they could restore their body through alchemy. After losing his left leg and right arm, both are replaced by a high class prosthetic named automail. He is short and has is very sensitive towards this topic. Edward is often immature and childish at times, but overall, he is a selfless, independent and displays maturity beyond his young age.

Although we could not see the cosplayer's face in this picture, I still think that this cosplay is rather good. How did the cosplayer get Edward's prosthetic arm? Is it made of metal, and if yes, wouldn't it be very tough for the cosplayer to lift up such a heavy burden on his arm? But nonetheless, still a good job. It looks realistic and similar. ^^

Alphonse Elric

Alphonse is a human child who had lost his body after a failed attempt to bring back his mother back to life through alchemy. He was saved by his brother who gave up his right arm so that he could seal Alphonse's soul to a suit of armour. He is a very sweet boy who is kind to animals and everyone. Although Alphonse feel like he is a burden to his brother, he had actually saved Edward a few times already. Both brothers are complete opposites in personalities. Alphonse does not need to eat, drink, breathe or sleep. He is very close with his brother and both supports each other.

Isn't this cosplayer great? To be wearing such a costume under the hot sun, plus, I bet it isn't light at all. How long did this costume took to be made? I kinda mistook it for a new Transformer robot (pardon me for my ignorance)

Kudos to the cosplayer! A great way to steal all the limelight from the other cosplayers in this suit! ^^

Inuyasha by Rumiko Takahashi

Kagome is a schoolgirl who stumbles into a new world one day and meets a half-demon Inuyasha who is looking for the Jewel of four souls so that he can become a real demon.


Inuyasha is a half demon who wants to get his hands on the Jewel of four souls so that he can become a full demon. Together with Kagome, a high school student, Miroku, a priest and Sango with her cat demon Kirara, the group of four travel everywhere to find the missing jewel shards. As he is a half demon, Inuyasha will change back into his human form whenever there is a new moon. He has a strained relationship with his stepbrother Sesshomaru, who is a full demon. Along their journey, Inuyasha meets with new friends and allies, enemies as well as a past lover, Kikyo.

Another proof that children are great at cosplay! ^^

Super kawaii Inuyasha cosplayer!

Love the ears!

The costume, wig, sword and necklace is right too!

[Cosplay by Arisa Mizuhara]


Sesshomaru aims to become the strongest demon ever. He wants to get his hands on Inuyasha's sword Tetsusaiga, but the sword repels full demons and can only be used by half demons. Sesshomaru lost his left arm after Inuyasha injured him while trying to get the sword. Hence, he is not friendly with his step brother whom he despises. He travels around with Rin, the little girl whom he saved, and Jaken.

Hehe could not resist uploading this too! ^^

But don't you agree that it looks much more friendlier (and cuter) than the real Sesshomaru?

I wanna get this dog too!! :D

Aww, there is a small Sesshomaru charm on its neck!

[Thanks to Godly for sharing this photo!]

Compare and contrast! Which do you prefer? ^^


Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) by Yana Toboso

Sebastian Michaelis is a demonic butler who serves 12 year old Ciel Phantomhive, an orphan, due to a contract he made. His job is to carry out Ciel's tasks and solving England's problems perfectly.

Sebastian Michaelis

Sebastian is a demon who serves Ciel Phantomhive due to a contract both of them had made. He is a butler in charge of the Phantomhive household and fixes up the mess done by the servants there. Sebastian is great at doing anything and nothing is impossible for him to do. He has a soft spot for cats and tigers, but is not a dog lover. It is impossible to kill Sebastian, as he is highly skilled in fighting too. He can catch bullets with his fingers, throw knives into opponents' heads with deadly accuracy and survive a direct gunshot to his head.

This cosplay of Sebastian is one of the best I had seen. It is one of Sebastian's usual pose. You can see clearly the "contract" mark on his left hand. The tuxedo, hair, gloves and candles earns this extra points. All that is left are the words "Black Butler" to make this look like an illustration page for the book.

[Cosplay by Stay]

Ciel Phantomhive

Ciel Phantomhive is the head of the Phantomhive household, after his parents were tragically killed during a fire when he was young. Held captive and tortured by abductors, he made a contract with the demon Sebastian to be saved. He vows to avenge his parent's deaths and helps the Queen of England to get rid of criminals in the country and solve crimes. Ciel displays maturity beyond his young age and behaves more like an adult. He is smart and controls the Phantomhive company alone despite so young. He has a fiancée Elizabeth.

Awesome cosplay of Ciel! I love everything in here!

Just to let you know, this cosplay is inspired after a page design in Chapter 13 of the manga (I had uploaded the picture below)

I love the good use of colour black and white, and the red to liven it up. The outfit, hat, eye patch, gloves are really elaborate. One of the best, if not, the best cosplay I had seen of Ciel Phantomhive ever.

(Although I can't help wondering whether the skull is real and where he got it from?)

See the resemblance!


Ciel Phantomhive 2

One of Ciel's first missions seen in the book was to capture the culprit who takes off with prostitutes ovaries and kills the victims brutally. Ciel later gets a shock at who the culprit was. This was also a time whereby other characters were introduced, like Greil and the Undertaker. At first, Ciel and Sebastian believes that the culprit was a young and rich man. In order to get close to their suspect, they attended a ball, in which Ciel had to dress up like a girl to avoid detection. Only then, Ciel understood miseries of wearing a corset and walking in heels.

Ciel looks prettier than most girls when he dresses like them. This cosplay tells it all.

The dress and hat looks really exact to the one Ciel wore. Plus, the wig is bluish-black colour, same as Ciel's. I love the elaborate costume, hat, wig and long gloves. The background and extra effects done to this photo makes it even better. Good job to the cosplayer!

Madam Red and Greil Sutcliffe

One would think that Madam Red is just a noble together with her butler, Greil Sutcliffe, as well as Ciel's aunt. However, they are "Jack the Ripper", the culprit who had killed many prostitutes. Madam Red, whose name is Angelina Durless, hates her red hair but began to like it after Ciel's father complimented her. She fell in love with him and was distraught when he married her elder sister. Later, she married Baron Barnett, who treats her well even though he knows she loves another man. During one carriage accident, her husband was killed and her womb and unborn child then had to be removed. Thus, she hates and kills prostitutes who undergo abortion as they said having a baby was "troublesome". However, she loves Ciel and does not bear to kill him, leading Greil to kill her instead for being soft hearted.

This cosplay of Madam Red and Greil is nothing short of awesome. True to her name, "Madam Red" is don in her usual red costume and accessories. I like the wig, as the cosplayer had taken the initiative to cut the fringe to make it like Madam Red's. I like the rose hairclip and the mesh gloves that she has on too.

The other cosplayer is great too. Looks exactly like Greil from the flaming red wig to the glasses and pose. Both cosplayer displayed the attitude of the characters very well. It is difficult to do a cosplay with other people since if one person does it wrongly, they would not be able to achieve the best effect.

The Undertaker

One of the major characters in the story. He helps Ciel and company to solve some cases, since he deals with many dead bodies and would have some clues. The Undertaker has an eccentric character but he is often the one who provides the hilarious parts in the story. Most of the time, he loves to creep Ciel and the other characters out by appearing from coffins in his shop and asking Ciel whether he wants the coffin that he had specially made for him. He is seen to be eating biscuits shaped like dog bones which he claimed that he had baked them personally. In the anime, he was revealed to be one of the Shinigami with the highest rank. The Undertaker has not revealed the rest of his face to anyone before, except to Greil in an anime episode whereby the latter was mesmerized with him)

This cosplayer is good in the way he portrays the eccentric and weird Undertaker. He had captured the character's attitude and mischievous smile. The outfit, hat and long grey wig is good too. Check out his long black colour painted nails!

Overall, one of the best Undertaker cosplay.


Naruto follows the story of Uzumaki Naruto as he works hard to go stronger so that he could become a Hokage one day. He also wants people to recognize his talents, and not judge him by the monster demon inside him. Along the way, he meets new friends, teachers, allies and enemies.

Uzumaki Naruto

Uzumaki Naruto is proclaimed to be the "loudest, hyperactive, show-off no.1 ninja in surprising people" by his teacher Kakashi. Being ostracized and hated by the villagers in Konoha for having the Nine Tails demon fox in him, Naruto plays pranks so as to attract people's attention and make them recognize his existence. He aims to become the Hokage someday, the strongest no.1 ninja in Konoha. For that, he trains hard and even though he fails sometimes, he never fails to get back on his feet and try again. Along the way, he meets strong opponents, as well as new friends and allies. Naruto loves to eat ramen the most and is in love with Sakura.

I like this cosplay a lot and chose it to be the main picture above. The cosplayer's pose is good, like he's going to perform a ninja technique soon. I love everything about the whole outfit from the wig to the headband, ninja knife and most importantly, the background. As I had said before, the landscape can make a huge difference in taking pictures like this. (Imagine if there were skyscrapers and a crowd walking at the back. Get what I mean?) Plus, I could almost see the mischievous glint in this Naruto's eyes. Great work!

Uchiha Sasuke

Sasuke is in the same team as Naruto, Sakura and led by Kakashi (team no.7)

He is the most popular guy in the academy as he is good looking AND cool. What more can I say? In fact, he is Konoha's academy no.1 rookie, while the previous year's was Hyuga Negi. That's how good Sasuke is. The reason why Sasuke keeps pushing himself to be stronger is because he wants to defeat his older brother Itachi, who had killed their parents as well as wiped out the Uchiha clan. During the battle with Haku, Sasuke gained a new ability - the Sharingan in his eye, whereby it is specially for people in the Uchiha clan to use. Despite his cold exterior, he cares a lot for the people around him. He went to seek Orochimaru later to become more powerful.

[Pardon me for my fangirl-ish behaviour]

I chose this photo as I preferred Sasuke when he was younger (No, I'm not a pedophile) Sasuke totally changed his personality after he went off to Orochimaru's side. :(

Take note of the arm band, headband, outfit, hair etc. And especially the red coloured eyes that are supposed to be the Sharingan, as well as the evil seal mark on his neck. It is really detailed and elaborate. You can tell how much this cosplayer put in effort to look like Sasuke. By the way, it must be difficult drawing that "tattoo" right? Since you can't really draw nicely at places like your neck?

Do remember to check out the upcoming "Best of Naruto cosplay" for more pictures of Sasuke!!! ^^

Haruno Sakura

Sakura is the smartest among her classmates in the academy. She is in love with Sasuke since she was a young girl. Sasuke was also the reason why she and Yamanaka Ino are on bad terms, as both have an interest for Sasuke. She were best friends with Ino when they were children, but became rivals after that. Sakura has no idea that Naruto likes her and just finds him annoying. Among Team no.7, she is the first person and best at controlling her use of chakra. Sakura is also good at identifying illusion techniques.

To find a decent cosplay of Sakura is difficult, but I eventually came across this photo which is really good. Of course, it helps that this Sakura cosplayer is pretty. ^^

I like the outfit and pink wig, both of which are identical to what the character wears. The head band and ninja dagger earns her extra marks too. Best of all, I also like her pose and attitude. Really nice cosplay of Sakura. :D

Hayate Kakashi

Kakashi is a ninja of Jounin level, which means a high class level ninja. His nickname is "copy ninja Kakashi", as Kakashi had copied and learnt 1000 over different ninja techniques from others, with the help of the Sharingan in his left eye. No one has any idea how Kakashi looks like under his mask, since nobody ever got close enough to remove it and see. He is the teacher in charge of Team no.7, comprising of Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura. Kakashi had created two different ninja techniques on his own, the Chidori (Lightning Edge) and he could summon 8 ninja dogs to his side anytime. He never shares his past with anyone but is a loyal person and friend. He likes reading erotic novels, one of which is written by Jiraiya.

The part which nailed this photo was Kakashi's hair. It is just right, grey and white streaks together. The hair could make a lot of difference in Kakashi's cosplay. The cosplayer must have used a ton of hair cement to create this gravity-defying hairstyle. Besides that, I like the entire outfit and the pose with the shurikens.

Check out my "Top anime hunks part 2" lens, as Kakashi had made it into that list of hunks!

Naruto and Hinata

Everyone: "Awwww....." ^^

I love this photo. Its so darn cute, it should be illegal.

"Hinata"'s smile can melt anyone's heart here, don't you agree?

Check out "Naruto"'s cheeky expression!

Both kids are so irresistible! They look like a miniature Naruto and Hinata.

(Love Hinata's furry white top)

I bet both of them will be great cosplayers in the future. (:

Million dollar question!

Which do you think is the best cosplay in this lens? ^^

See results

Credits for my effort?

It's not easy to write up such a "Loooong..." Lens. Many sleepless hours were put into it.

Pls help me to Facebook, Tweet, Blogroll, Talk about this in your favourite forum.

This simple act will encourage me to write more :)

Love ya!

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    • freylatte profile image


      7 years ago

      Your cosplay lenses are beautiful. I can't pick a favourite, they are all amazing.

    • sudokunut profile image

      Mark Falco 

      7 years ago from Reno, Nevada

      Wow, the effort which goes into these cosplays is amazing. I love the Angelic Star photo, that's not just an impressive costume but a really beautiful piece of art.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      This is Way too Cool!!!

    • SimonJay profile image


      7 years ago

      Wow what a lens love it, its almost impossible for me to even pick my top 5 from here these cosplay are really good thx for sharing dude

    • StewartClan profile image


      8 years ago

      Thank you for this lens, I see that you put a great deal of time and effort into them. I really appreciate the time you took to make this. I liked this lens very much.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Love the Windy Clow Card and the Chi Cosplayers. :D

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      hey nice lens i been looking at your lens for you long time and i was wondering can you look at my lens to and like it please thank you i am a big fan

    • profile image

      sayeen lm 

      8 years ago

      hey...wheres edward elric...great lens

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      The second L picture isn't a cosplay, that's Kenichi Matsuyama the actor who plays L in the ive-action Death Note movies and the movie L: change the world

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I would love to have some baby girls clothes for the cosplay event

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I really liked this one, keep up the good work!^ ^

      (Oh and the comment below me, is my mum ha ha...)

    • bernie74 lm profile image

      bernie74 lm 

      9 years ago

      Fantastic Lens, My daughter is so into all this and thinks this is fantastic thanks for sharing it with us..

    • cuteordeath profile image


      9 years ago

      The one labeled "angelic star" is Yaya! She's awesome.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      You don't understand how much I love this page ....... 2 me its effing awesome

    • Musicalcroc LM profile image

      Musicalcroc LM 

      9 years ago

      Nice collection of cosplaying. The details put into these costumes are amazing

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      So beautiful!

      cosplay school uniforms I'm sure you'll like it

    • Milkcananime profile imageAUTHOR

      Max Wong 

      10 years ago from Singapore

      [in reply to primo-su-google]

      Thank you very much!

      Do stay tune for the upcoming Part 3 as well as a special lens dedicated to Naruto cosplay! ^^

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      very nice lens, about cosplay!


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