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Ultimate List of Ecchi

Updated on December 26, 2014

welcome to the naughty side of anime...

Etchi Anime is an often used slang term in the Japanese language for erotic fantasy and innuendoes. As an adjective it is used with the meaning of "dirty", "naughty", "frivolous"; as a verb, with the meaning to do something dirty, naughty, frivolous or to sleep together; or as a noun, to describe someone that is seen as etchi Anime. (Taken from Wikipedia)This type of anime is playful and usual centers around comical toilet type humor... some people despise it since they generally lack a solid storyline or thought out characters. I agree it's nowhere near as awesome as some of the regular anime when it comes to this, but we all enjoy a little sleaze and let's be honest it's mostly men who watch these type of shows anyway.The lens is rated "R" for obvious reasons, there are large breasts and exposed panties in this lens... and all video content comes from YouTube, so nothing overt will be shown. The rating system is on a 10 scale.Image provided by (


I still have several shows to review but just bare with me :)

Do you watch ecchi Anime?

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Highschool of the Dead

Story = 7 (nothing revolutionary, basic zombie story)

Ecchi Level = 7 (awesome tits, but they are clothed, barely, most of the time)

Animation = 9 (beautiful and new... this series just recently came out. Very well made)

Characters = 7 (you got your funny guy, hunky guy, ditzy girl, beautiful, and the quiet one... nothing too deep)

Overall = 8 (I would definitely recommend seeing this, it's great for those who care more than just boobs)

Violence Level = High (Zombies die... it's graphic and awesome!)

Elfen Lied

Story = 9 (girl with super powers, that usually fights naked... is does go deeper than that but I enjoyed the story a lot)

Ecchi Level = 6 (nudity is often but it's not always pleasurable... since violence and a whole lot of blood often accompany it)

Animation = 9 (smooth and wonderful animated... great shots from a cinematography point of view. Very well done)

Characters = 6.5 (the girl doesn't speak much and it's not the easiest to fall in love with the characters... the guy made me laugh a few times though)

Overall = 8.5 (see it but not for the nudity, the story is worth it)

Girls Bravo

Story = 6 (classic bullied boy transported to an island of beautiful women... nothing special but well enough executed)

Ecchi Level = 6.5 (big tits, shitload of fanservice...)

Animation = 6 (classic style, not my thing personally... doesn't hurt it though)

Characters = 5 (the girls are good, might take time to fall in love with the main character)

Overall = 6 (nothing to write home about... then again, if you're writing home about this stuff, you may have deeper problems)

Rosario + Vampire

Story = 6 (it's a private school for monsters, some interesting storylines emerge)

Ecchi Level = 4 (not much at all this one)

Animation = 6 (smooth, nothing overly fantastic)

Characters = 7 (like I stated before, with the setting there are interesting characters to be made from all the monsters... the main character holds up well enough)

Overall = 6 (nothing overly exciting from the few episodes I have watched, maybe I'll change the score deeper into the series)


Story = 7 (lovely, another vampire story... but seriously, this one is quite a clusterfuck... pretty hard to understand at times.)

Ecchi Level = 4 (just general boob staring, long boring waits in-between anything exciting)

Animation = 8 (really where this anime shines for me, beautiful scenes)

Characters = 8 (while I might be rating it low in the ecchi rating because of the excessive dialogue, it does a great job with characters)

Overall = 7 (this one has it's diehard fans and diehard haters... I'm not choosing a side and will just sit back and watch this unique anime)

Queen's Blade

Story = 5 (unimaginative, boring.... if you are a major anime watcher, you'll get bored quickly.)

Ecchi Level = 5 (being created by a studio behind many hentai series, you would think there would be more boob but sadly not the case... but there are lots of scantily clad women)

Animation = 8 (this is a newer anime, so I'm a fan of it's style)

Characters = 6 (there are some definite hotties in this one, the development of these hotties leaves something to be desired though)

Overall = 6.5

Sky Girls

Story = 4 (If you're looking for the heavier ecchi stuff you'll struggle to get through it... doesn't have enough to keep a hold of you.)

Ecchi Level = 1 (Nothing scandalous, cute butts and outfits are the main draw)

Animation = 5 (It's passable, not my favorite though)

Characters = 4 (Bland :/)

Overall = 3 (Not really my cup of tea but if you're looking for something lighter it should service you just fine.)

Ikki Tousen

Story = 5 (in all honesty, most people don't watch ecchi for the story... this one works well enough but we know why you're here)

Ecchi Level =

Animation =

Characters =

Overall =

Desert Punk

Story = 9

Ecchi Level = 5.5 (when the tit shots come, they are worth it and hilarious)

Animation = 9 (sharp, smooth and just the way I like it)

Characters = 10 (by far the funniest leading man in any anime series I've ever seen... all the other characters play brilliantly off each other.

Overall = 9

Manyuu Hikenchou

Story = 8 (the perfect storyline... breasts rule the world, the bigger they are the more important and power the woman. Seriously.... it can be pretty sexy but also quite hilarious)

Ecchi Level = 10 (see above, bewbs be everywhere in this one)

Animation = 9 (amazing movement of the bewbs, everything moves nicely... very pretty)

Characters = 8 (the women aren't all that attractive, that is a personal opinion though... the lesbian assassin is pretty awesome though)

Overall = 9.5 (this one pushes the limit, but it succeeds in making the sexiest (and sometimes, unintentionally, the funniest) ecchi out there)

Koe de Oshigoto!

Story = EcchiLevel = Animation = Characters = Overall =


Story = EcchiLevel = Animation = Characters = Overall =

B Gata H Kei - Yamada's First Time

Story = EcchiLevel = Animation = Characters = Overall =

Mysterious Girlfriend X

Story = EcchiLevel = Animation = Characters = Overall =

HighSchool DxD

Story = EcchiLevel = Animation = Characters = Overall =

Love Hina

Story = EcchiLevel = Animation = Characters = Overall =

Green Green

Story = EcchiLevel = Animation = Characters = Overall =

They are My Noble Masters

Story = EcchiLevel = Animation = Characters = Overall =


Story = EcchiLevel = Animation = Characters = Overall =

Kemeko DX

Story = EcchiLevel = Animation = Characters = Overall =

Seikon no Qwaser

Story = 8 (This is quite the story they've created... people control different parts of the periodic table and they way they gain powers is SUCKING WOMENS BREASTS!)

Ecchi Level = 9 (As stated before, the amount of bewbs and sucking are quite high... very enjoyable.)

Animation = 8 (smooth, looks great)

Characters = 8 (The women look great and have awesome bewbs...)

Overall = 8 (One of my favorite ecchis out there... super hot!)


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    • RpgtheMute profile image


      5 years ago from Kansas, United States

      Did you know that the studio that made Elfen Lied, ARMS, only made hentai until they made Elfen Lied? I thought that was quite funny when I learned this, considering the amount of lewdness in that show. Also, I'm not sure you can classify Bakemonogatari as an ecchi because the fanservice is few and far between.


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