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Best of Eva Cassidy on Twitter

Updated on March 2, 2013

Best of Eva Cassidy on Twitter

Eva Cassidy died in 1996, from melanoma, a deadly form of skin cancer. Eva was not well known during her life but had a solid following amongst her local jazz and blues fraternities. Since her death, people have started to realize the uplifting purity of her voice and engaging renditions. Eva received recognition posthumously when her version of "Over the Rainbow" hit No.1 in the U.K. Today, millions of people follow her music passionately. During her lifetime Eva's eclectic taste in music - jazz, blues, folk, standards, gospel, pop - confounded music producers who tried to insist that she focus on a single genre. Eva refused these approaches because music defined who she was, not a particular style.

Photo Credit: By Natalia Sinjushina & Evgeniy Mey on BigStockPhotos

Over the Rainbow - Eva Cassidy's No.1 Song (UK)

Over the Rainbow - Eva Cassidy's No.1 Song (UK)
Over the Rainbow - Eva Cassidy's No.1 Song (UK)

Best of Eva Cassidy on YouTube

Eva Cassidy - the Artist

From Hugh & Barbara Cassidy

Many are familiar with Eva Cassidy the singer, but may be unaware of Eva's earlier passion for art. She began scribbling and coloring daily by age three. Even then, her stick drawings were advanced for a child. A picture of Nipsy Russell dressed in a tuxedo, standing before a microphone, showed unusual detail and accuracy for a four-year-old.

Eva was quite taken with the subtle shades of light and shadow. We saw with "new" eyes, when, as a child, she brought the changing light to our attention.

Most of her work concerned nature, particularly trees, water, clouds, and faces. Her pictures in later years often contained her surrealistic "bubbles"--about which we have no explanation. Much of her skill came about from obeying the urge to forever doodle and sketch (most often in school). So, there were countless faces of teachers and classmates as well as the great outdoors and close-ups of miniscule flowers.

It was clear early on that music and art were her two passions. And that included beadwork, clay figures, and film animation.

Her favorite modes of travel--hiking and biking--were the means for searching out the distant beautiful places and music venues which provided the inspiration for her endless creativity.

Visit Eva Cassidy's Art Gallery

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Best of Eva Cassidy's Albums on Amazon

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