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Bhuvaneswari telugu actress

Updated on February 16, 2018


Bhuvaneswari is one of the hot actresses in Tamil and Telugu movies. Bhuvaneswari has also essayed negative roles in various soap operas both in Tamil and Telugu. Bhuvaneswari who is in her mid-twenties has acquired an image as a lady villain in her television shows.

Name: Bhuvaneswari

Star Name: Bhuvaneswari

Mother Tongue: Tamil

Eye Color: Black

Hair Color:Black

Debut Movie: Tamil - Priyamanavela (2000)

While in movies, hot n sexy Bhuvaneswari has donned vamp like characters with a touch of villainy to her roles. Bhuvaneswari has acted in popular Telugu movies such as "Boys", "Donga Ramudu & Party" and "Konchem Touchlo Vunte Cheputanu" and "Kurkure".

The voluptuous movie villain Bhuvaneswari is said to be having hot romantic flings with her "Kurkure" co-star Duvvasi Mohan. The sexy villainous actress Bhuvaneswari who was charged with, and later got acquitted from prostitution charges say that it was a scar on her personality and that the mental agony remains for ever.

Bhuvaneshwari has decided to plunge into politics. She joined the political party “Moovendhar Munnani Kazhagam” as Women’s Wing’s President. Actually it is caste based party, and she told reporters that she joined this party because she belongs to same community.

Bewitching Bhuvaneswari

Tamil Queen Bhuavaneswari @ her latest Film Shooting Location

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      mplgmg 6 years ago

      One of the sexiest actress in Telugu and Tamil cinema

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      sexiest actress in South Indian cinema