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Big Brother 16 On CBS - Get the Live Feed

Updated on October 7, 2014

Season 16 Houseguests Will Live in an Urban Tree House-Themed Dwelling

Big Brother has been a favorite summer past time every since it premiered on July 5,2000. Big Brother is a TV reality show where a set amount of game participants (called house guests) take part in competitions, voting one another off the show until there is a winner of a cash prize of $500,000. House guests are locked inside the Big Brother House with no contact from the outside world for 3 months. They compete for Head of Household, Power of Veto, Food and Luxury competitions. They form alliances with other house guests to further themselves along in the game. Julie Chen is the host for the show that airs on CBS.

The link is now available!

Time for everyone to purchase the Big Brother Live Feeds for Big Brother 16

How exciting that the new season starts soon and we will have our summer of fun started! Here’s to hoping that CBS got it together for the Big Brother 2014 cast! Watch the houseguests live and uncensored 24/7 with the live feed.

Who's Doing What To Who

Watch the Behind the Scenes Romance and Rivalries

When you watch the Big Brother show on CBS you see an edited version of what is happening in the house. With the live feed you know right away the results of competitions that you would normally have to wait a a few days for the results to air on TV. It is almost like being in the house with the house guests. You can see what they do throughout the day. Watch negotiations happen and new alliances form to find out who may be eliminated next.

Watch In Crystal Clear HDTV

Big Brother 16 Come Tour the House

The New Twists For Season 16

In the first twist, two Houseguests will win the coveted role of “Head of Household” (HOH) each week, which still comes with special privileges, including a separate suite inside the house. Each HOH will have the responsibility of nominating two fellow Houseguests for eviction every week; however, for the first time on the series, earning HOH will not guarantee one’s safety in the game for the week.

With the second twist, fans will have a unique opportunity to significantly influence the game from home with a new interactive element called “Team America.”

In addition, this season of BIG BROTHER will introduce an entirely new high-stakes competition, “Battle of the Block,” which will dramatically shift the power in the house each week.

Meet The Cast
Meet The Cast

New Features With This Years Live Feed

76 cameras follow the houseguests every move!

24/7 exclusive action too hot for TV!

Switch between 4 camera views or watch all 4 views at 1 time!

Subscriber only voting!

Available on computer, tablet and smartphone!

New game tracker!

Exclusive live video chats with evicted house guests!

by beastandbean
by beastandbean

Big Brother Terms and Competitions

HOH - Head Of Household The most important position in the house to have

POV - Power Of Veto The power to change the nominations

BBH - Big Brother House Where the houseguests live

DR - Diary Room Where the houseguests go to voice their private thoughts to the camera

Food Competitions - Houseguests have an opportunity to win food items

Luxury Competitions Win trips, designer clothes, and other luxury items can be won.

Have and Have Not Competitions- Some possibilities here for a loser could be having to take cold showers for a week or having to eat nasty food called slop instead of regular food for a week

America's Vote Where America votes for a chance to determine what happens in the household.

Pandora's Box - The HOH has a choice to open this and possibly earn a reward or punishment

BB MVP New For Big Brother 15. America votes online and chooses a MVP player. This person can choose a player of their choice to be the third nominee up for eviction that week. The MVP has the choice to tell the rest of the house they have this power or not,

My Favorite Players

There have been quite a few memorable houseguests throughout the years. Two I really liked were Chicken George Boswell Season 1 who wore a chicken suit and Renny Marytn Season 10 who was slightly older than her other houseguest and had an outrageously fun style and personality.

Other favorite houseguest of mine include:

Dr. Will Kirby Winner of Season 2

Mike "Boogie" Malin Winner of Big Brother All Stars

Daniele Donato was a contestant on BB 8 and BB13 where she appeared with her father Evil Dick. She was interesting because of how much she couldn't stand her own dad.

Dick Donato "Evil Dick" Winner of Season 8 where his daughter came in 2nd place. He also appeared briefly in Season 13 but had to leave the show before it aired due to an unexplained family emergency. He was disliked by almost all of the other houseguest and this seemed to be his strategy. He even poured a glass of tea over a girls head because he wanted to annoy her!

Dan Gheesling Won Season 10 he was known for being a Catholic High School coach who lied to everyone and talked bad about them in the diary room.

Britney Haynes was on BB12 and on BB14 she returned as one of four All Star coaches.

Janelle Pierzina is my all-time favorite competitor. She won many competitions and was difficult to beat. She was on BB 6, BB14, and BB All Star.

There have been quite a few BB hookups during the show. Two couples have lasted long after the show.

Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd or Jeff & Jordan found romance on Season 11 where Jordan won. They were reunited on Season 13 where they formed a powerful alliance with another couple Brandon and Rachel.

Rachel Reilly first met her husband on season 12 of BB . Brendon Villegas appeared again on Season 13 where Rachel went on to win the $500,000 prize.

BB15 Update My new favorite players are Elissa (who is Rachel Reilly's sister) and James. I also like Helen.

Photo Gallery

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Chicken GeorgeRennyDr. Will and Mike Boogie "Chill Town"Evil Dick and his daughter DanielleDanBritneyJanelleJeff and JordanRachelBrendonAmanda and Mccrae
Chicken George
Chicken George
Dr. Will and Mike Boogie "Chill Town"
Dr. Will and Mike Boogie "Chill Town"
Evil Dick and his daughter Danielle
Evil Dick and his daughter Danielle
Jeff and Jordan
Jeff and Jordan
Amanda and Mccrae
Amanda and Mccrae

Doctor Will and Mike Boogie formed an alliance that they named Chill Town This alliance is what enabled Dr. Will to win his season. They were known for going into the Diary Room and making hilarious pretend phone calls to each other often making jokes about the other houseguests.

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