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Big Brother Live Feed & News

Updated on September 24, 2014

Big Brother 16 - News, Spoilers, and Live Feeds

Get all the latest news and spoilers for Big Brother 16 airing on CBS starting on June 25th, 2014 at 8pm est. Vote for your favorite house guest, predict who will win, and share your thoughts about what is going on in the house.

I have been a Big Brother fan and live feed watcher since season 2. Don't worry if you missed any episodes of Big Brother there are links to CBS where you can watch the full episode of Big Brother. If you can't get the feeds, just keep visiting here for all the latest updates about what is going on inside the house.

Intro Graphic By: whatsittoyou

Big Brother 16 House Tour Video

Watch Julie Chen give a tour of the house.

Big Brother Live Feeds

If you want to see everything that happens in the house you should get the live feeds. They don't always show the true personalities of all of the people in the house. For instance there was a lot of bad stuff happening in the house and it took a long time before they showed it. Julie Chen even admitted on "The Talk" that if it didn't affect the game they wouldn't have shown it. I am interested to see if they show Caleb's delusions on the TV show or not.

Live Feeds available here.

BB Terminology

HOH = Head of Household

POV = Power of Veto

DR = Diary Room

BOB= Battle of the Block (new competition)

Big Brother Merchandise

Big Brother Changes

The live feeds are no longer on SuperPass. They are now being done through the CBS website. Big Brother After Dark is now on the TV Guide Network in the USA and on the Slice network in Canada.

There will now initially be 4 nominees for eviction. They will have 2 HOH winners. Each will nominate 2 people for eviction. Then there will a competition called Battle of the Block, where each of the pairs of nominees face off against each other. The team that wins is then safe and the HOH who nominated them is no longer HOH. That person is then eligible to be nominated if the POV is used. So even though you were an HOH you may not be safe.

BB 16 News

For the latest news & rumours for Big Brother you can also stop by Joker Updates:

News and Rumours From JokersUpdates

Once the show starts stop by often for the latest news about Big Brother and what is happening inside the house. If you don't have the feeds, or you went out and missed something you can get updates. There are people who are watching the live feeds, who report what is going on inside the house. Whenever I miss getting to watch what is going on, I go to Jokers Updates. They will share detailed conversations that happened while you were away.

Live Feed Updates From JokersUpdates


Big Brother Current Info and Recap

By David Shankbone (David Shankbone) [CC-BY-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Here we will keep track of who won HOH and Veto. Who was nominated and evicted. This will be kept current with the TV Show. If you want to know ahead of time (via live feed information) go to the Big Brother Spoilers section located at the very bottom of this site.

Week One:

HOH1 :Frankie

HOH2: Caleb

Nominated By HOH: Victoria & Brittany by Frankie, Donny & Paola by Caleb

BoB Winner:Victoria & Brittany

POV Winner: Donny

POV Ceremony: Donny Removed himself from the block

On The Block For The Vote: Paola & Joey

Evicted: Joey

Week Two:

HOH1 :Amber

HOH2: Devin

Nominated By HOH: Paola & Brittany by Devin, Hayden & Nicole by Amber

BoB Winner: Hayden & Nicole

POV Winner: Devin

POV Ceremony: Devin pulled Brittany off the block and named Zach as the replacement.

On The Block For The Vote: Paola & Zach

Evicted: Paola

Week Three:

HOH1 :Nicole

HOH2: Derrick

Nominated By HOH: Amber & Donny by Nicole, Jocasta & Caleb by Derrick

BoB Winner: Amber & Donny

POV Winner: Donny

POV Ceremony: Donny saved Jocasta. Derrick then named Devin as the replacement.

On The Block For The Vote: Caleb & Devin

Evicted: Devin

Week Four:

HOH1: Frankie

HOH2: Cody

Nominated By HOH: Amber & Jocasta by Frankie, Victoria & Brittany by Cody

BoB Winner: Amber & Jocasta

POV Winner: Victoria

POV Ceremony: Victoria saved herself. Cody then named Donny as the replacement.

On The Block For The Vote: Brittany & Donny

Evicted: Brittany

Week Five:

HOH1: Frankie

HOH2: Zack

Nominated By HOH: Victoria & Jocasta by Frankie, Nicole & Christine by Zack

BoB Winner: Nicole & Christine

POV Winner: Hayden

POV Ceremony: Hayden removed Victoria from the block. Frankie made Amber the replacement nominee

On The Block For The Vote: Jocasta & Amber

Evicted: Amber

Week Six:

HOH1: Nicole

HOH2: Donny

Nominated By HOH: Victoria & Caleb by Donny, Zack & Jocasta by Nicole

BoB Winner: Victoria & Caleb

POV Winner: Christine

POV Ceremony: Veto was not used.

On The Block For The Vote: Zack & Jocasta

Evicted: Jocasta

Double Eviction

HOH: Caleb

Nominated By HOH: Hayden & Donny

POV Winner: Donny

POV Ceremony: Donny Removed himself from the block. Nicole was named as the replacement nominee.

On The Block For The Vote: Hayden & Nicole

Evicted: Hayden

Week Seven:

HOH1: Nicole

HOH2: Christine

Nominated By HOH: Frankie & Caleb by Nicole, Zack & Donny by Christine

BoB Winner: Frankie & Caleb

POV Winner:Zack

POV Ceremony: Zach used the Veto on himself. Christine nominated Nicole as the replacement.

On The Block For The Vote: Donny & Nicole

Evicted: Nicole

Week Eight:

HOH1: Frankie

HOH2: Derek

Nominated By HOH: Donny & Christine by Derrick, Caleb & Cody by Frankie

BoB Winner: Donny & Christine

POV Winner: Frankie

POV Ceremony: Frankie removed Caleb from the block and then he chose Zach as the replacement.

On The Block For The Vote: Cody & Zach

Evicted: Zach

The first four jurors had a competition to determine who would get to go back into the house. Nicole won so she is back in the game.

HOH: Cody

Nominated By HOH: Nicole & Donny

POV Winner: Cody

POV Ceremony: Kept nominations the same

On The Block For The Vote: Nicole & Donny

Evicted: Donny

HOH: Caleb

Nominated By HOH: Nicole & Christine

POV Winner: Christine

POV Ceremony: Christine removed herself and Caleb nominated Victoria

On The Block For The Vote: Nicole & Victoria

Evicted: Nicole

HOH: Derrick

Nominated By HOH: Victoria & Christine

POV Winner: Frankie

POV Ceremony: Not Used

On The Block For The Vote: Victoria & Christine

Evicted: Christine

HOH: Derrick

Nominated By HOH: Victoria & Christine

POV Winner: Frankie

POV Ceremony: Not Used

On The Block For The Vote: Victoria & Christine

Evicted: Christine

Rewind Week

Frankie won HOH and Veto. No one was evicted due to rewind button being pressed.

HOH: Caleb

Nominated By HOH: Victoria & Frankie

POV Winner: Cody

POV Ceremony: Not Used

On The Block For The Vote: Victoria & Frankie

Evicted: Frankie

HOH: Derrick

Nominated By HOH: Victoria & Caleb

POV Winner: Cody

POV Ceremony: Not Used

On The Block For The Vote: Victoria & Caleb

Evicted: Caleb

HOH Part 1: Cody

HOH Part 2: Derrick

Final HOH: Cody

Winner of Big Brother 16: Derrick with a 7-2 vote over Cody.

BB16 Cast Bios, Photos and Videos

You can also check out the cast of Big Brother by reading the casts bios and see their preshow interview videos. This information is expected to be released by CBS sometime on June 19th 2014

Houseguest Bios

Who Is Your Favorite Houseguest on BB16?

See results

Showmances, Bromances, and Alliances

Will there be any showmances or bromances this year? So far Paola has a crush on Cody and he says he wants to learn more about her. Then Amber has the hots for Devin, but he thinks Joey is a ten. Will everyone change their minds about who they have a crush on when the next eight people enter?

Well it appears we have another obsessedmance. Last year the other house guests made fun of Gina Marie's obsession with Nick. Well this year Caleb is actually making Gina Marie seem sane, reasonable even. in comparison. I mean at least she had conversations with Nick and they slept in the same bed.

Caleb is talking about how they are made for each other and that they were both put into the house for a reason. This guy is already talking about taking her home to meet his family and how she feels the same because they "look" at each other.

I hope Big Brother plays fair and shows what delusional obsessed idiot he is, the same way they did with Gina Marie over Nick and Danielle over Shane.

What Do You Think About Caleb & Amber

See results

Big Brother Spoilers

Don't Read If You Don't Want To Know Before The Show

Cody won the HOH competition. It involved knowing what days certain events occurred in the house. The HOH is still choosing the Have/Have Nots, so Cody chose Nicole & Donny (well Nicole also volunteered, but he was going to choose her anyway).

Team America is: Donny, Derrick, and Frankie.

HOH: Cody

Nominated: Donny & Nicole

POV Winner:

POV Ceremony:

On The Block:

Tell Us What You Think About Big Brother

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I'm looking foawrrd to bb Canada, but I'm 100% not looking foawrrd the the USA format of the show. I find that strategizing, alliance making, and all the whispering throughout the season isn't only annoying, but it's also very tiring, as you never really see the housemates act in a genuine way. Big Brother wasn't made for that reason. It was made for the audience to learn about the people in the house and how they act on a day to day basis. And for the audience to make the final decision on who stays every week (by calling in they're eviction votes, or posting on the BB website). If the audience chooses who stays and who goes, the housemates don't always talk about strategy, and you actually get to listen to some very interesting conversations, not about gameplay, but about their actual lives, past experiences, ect I've seen several different BB's from several differnt countries (UK, Australia, Sweden, India, and USA) and the Americanized version of BB is a complete different format than all the others, wherein all the housemates are just fighting all the time in alliances.In all other BB's the housemates aren't even allowed to talk about nominations at all to one another or be punished (quite severely in many cases). Alliances don't form and the house is much less bitchy and a lot more funny and enjoyable to watch.Tasks they do are almost on a day to day basis, and they all work together to try and win them. Food tasks can run for 2-4 days, and its the whole house working together to either get a large shopping budget for winning the task or failing the task as a whole and get a basic shopping budget. There is a lot more teamwork in the house since it's basically the housemates versus Big Brother. Also, in the other countries of BB, the show is an hour long EVERY day, not just 3 times per week, along with live feeds. If any of you who watch the US version would watch a UK version, I would bet you would like the UK much better for the laughs and the enjoyment of the show. You can watch some of them on youtube ( I think ).I do hope Canada doesn't stick with the americanized version of big brother. There are already too many reality shows that strive on the alliance-strategizing scenarios and I think we can do better than that.

    • profile image

      steadytracker lm 

      8 years ago

      Very informative lens. I just cannot belive that they are already on thier fifteenth season.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I LOVE BB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I look forward to EVERY season! I have been watching since the beginning and got my sister hooked around Season 9. Now we both can't wait to watch!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      So glad moving crew was broken up. Now the game should be wide open not so damn predictable.


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