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Big Sean Exposed

Updated on May 26, 2013

Big Sean Exposed

Big sean is an illumanti puppet

Big sean is a straight illumanati puppet. He sold his soul for the money, power and fame. His job is to let watever demon is inside him take control and make the music. Why do think he does so many drugs and smokes weed? He lives a terrible life because he knows after all his riches and luxury are done with he will spend an eternity in hell. An Eternity. If you are reading this I pray to god that he opens your eyes to the truth about big sean as well as other artist who sold their souls for money power fame: beyonce,lil twist,lil wayne,birdman, snoop dog,Micheal jackson,T.I, Chris Brown, Tpain, The Game and many others.

Follow me on twitter: @Openyoureyes5k1

Follow me on twitter

@ Openyoureyes5k1

Exposing you to the truth about the illumanati and all its puppets

Big Sean My last=Demonic Song

Big sean starts the video off wearing a tisa hoodie which is basically promoting the illumanati. It has the all seeing eye and the pyramid inside the letters. Look at the back of the dollar bill. All seeing eye on top of a pyramid. Big sean shows a scene in the video were he use to be broke at a hot dog stand. That's were the song my last comes into play because he soldout his soul for money and radio play. And he doesn't know if it will be his last day on earth before he is killed or offered for a blood sacrifice. There are many times in the video were the devil hand signal is shown. Also there appear to be illumanati handshakes when big sean shakes peoples hands in the video.

If you don't believe me ask God to reveal the truth to you

Big Sean I do it Demonic Song

Big sean is wearing a prymaid ring in the video showing his allegiance to being a worker of satan. Of course he is flashing money trying to make kids think that they should have massive amounts of money.At 1:03 there is a quick shot of his jesus chain. Of course his job is to blasephmy christ. That is why you see these rappers wearing crosses and jesus pieces.

He seems to really try to show his association to being a illumanati puppet by flashing his pyramid ring throughout the video. There's a part where big sean says he is lighting up kush clouds feeling like he is zues. He was using zues as a cover up to meaning God. Another sign of blasphemy.

Big sean-A$$ = Demonic song

Big sean of course is promoting his pyramid ring to show his allegiance to satan. He appears to be sitting on a very nice chair representing a throne. Of course this is blasphemy he is trying to mock god who sits on his throne in heaven. Big sean saying his wallet looks like a bible..again blasphemy against god. Of course there were many hand signs by big sean showing his allegiance to the illumanati. Along with the whole video focusing young kids minds on focusing on a females bottom area. Of course another sellout nicki minaj comes into the video. And the video ends by big sean showing all of his blasphemy against god. By showing his chain, sitting on a thrown, showing his pyramid ring..which he shows the most.

May god reveal to you the truth. All you have to do is ask god to reveal the truth to you about this video and he will.

Big Sean Marvin n chardonay = demonic song

This video has very hard to notice things in it. Its not like the other videos where big sean is all out there with the blasphemy. In this video of course he was wearing his illumanati prymaid ring of course to show that he is a worker of satan. There were small bits were it is just big sean's two eyes. He does this to make it like his eyes are the all seeing eyes. Yet another way to show his devotion to the devil. Kanye didn't show any signs in this video. I was surprised because kanye west sold his soul to the devil also. The only thing they put out that was obvious was big sean's ring he always wears to show his allegiance to satan and the triangle in the video the same shape as a pyramid. Look at the back of the dollar bill. You will see a pyramid and a all seeing eye on top.. I pray that God Reveal these things to whoever is reading this god bless

Kelly ft Big Sean lay it on me = demonic song

This song big sean of course flashes his illumanati ring to show his pack with satan. You know the famous pyramid ring. Big sean wears this ring on purpose to show satan that he is his servant. The whole video kelly is promoting sex and she is offering herself as a sacrifice to satan. She is basically saying satan I am here watever spirit you want to come in me im ready.

I pray that god reveal the truth to you about this video...God bless

The dream- ghetto ft Big sean = demonic song

First you hear Jesus on my charm amen to that. First off that's blasphemy against God. There was plenty of blasphemy in this video by big sean and the dream. Of course the dream is wearing a Jesus Piece which is used for blasphemy purposes in this video. Big sean comes out with his Pyramid ring he always wears to show his allegiance to satan and is wearing a Jesus piece. These guys jobs are to blasphemy against christ. And also try to keep you away from finding about the truth. Which is finding about Jesus Christ. How you wear a jesus piece but be in a strip club or smacking some girls butt? These rappers do anything for money,power and fame.

Big sean satanic hand sign

Big sean
Big sean

Here in this picture big sean is throwing up this sign to show satan his allegiance to him.

Big Sean "Supa Dupa Lemonade"= Demonic Song

First thing I noticed about this video is Sean throwing up the 666 sign. He throws up the first 2 signs then throws up the last one after. Then his usual blasphemy against Jesus Christ..he says "Jesus chain..testify" He does his share of blasphemy against christ in every video. Of course Satan has him smoking weed in this video to encourage all of his listeners to do the same. It's crazy how big Sean smokes weed and degrades women and wears a Jesus piece. The only reason he wears it is to blasphemy against Christ. He mentions Kanye in this song and how he wants to be up there with him. The only way for him to be up there with Kanye is to give a blood sacrifice. Kanye gave up his mom to be up there in that 20 million dollar and above club with jay-z. Jay-z of course gave up his nephew.

May God reveal the truth to whoever is reading this...God Bless

Follow me on twitter: Openyoureyes5k1

Big sean- Hometown= demonic song

There was not that much blasphemy in this video except when big sean wore the tisa snapback. The tisa snapback has the illumanati triangle inside of it. Again he wears this on purpose to show his pack to satan.

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    • profile image


      21 months ago

      big sean ain't that bad. he has some good messages and Bounce Back in particularly is a really deep, spiritual, beautiful, perfect, physically uplifting song.

      yah, musciains are all up to sketchy shit, sure, but whatever. Solomon said in Ecclesiastics, don't be too good or too bad, because life is short... it's basic wisdom to be able to enjoy this music but just not buy into it too much. really not a big deal

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      I agree with cali swag. The illuminati prob isn't real. I also saw an interview where an artist said that the directors usually tell the artist what to do and where to sit and stuff. So when the artist signs regular music contracts, the contracts are deep and I think I heard an interview about something called "creative control" this is where the artist doesn't have any control over clothes, which single comes next, hairstyle etc. the record label does. Any way, we should all pray through Jesus Christ unto god.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I agree with cali swagg

    • profile image

      4 years ago

      is listening to these guys music bad

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I conceive this website has got some rattling superb info for everyone. Dealing with network executives is like being nibbled to death by ducks. by Eric Sevareid. dgaefeaadkdc

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Jesus died 4 us

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      So since the dollar bill has an illuminati sign on the back and we all know that everyone has a dollar bill and uses it in their everyday lives, does theat mean we are all illuminati? NO. Just because he wears a ring shaped like a pyramid doesn't mean anything. Also, Ti$a isn't doesn't have anything to do with the illuminati. The Eye and the pyramid were symbols in Egypt way before the Illuminati came along. The illuminati just made those symbols theirs and now everyone says that the triangle and eye are symbols. It doesn't mean anything at all.......I could walk around all over in TI$A and i wouldn't be consdiered a devil worshiper or the illuminati at all. The illuminati is a secret organization that was intended to maintain world power, such as politics and what not....not for money and fame. Also, just because hes in a fancy chair, that you say is a throne, doesn't mean he is mocking god. I can go buy a chair and post pictures on facebook of it and i wouldn't be mocking god at all. also, big sean saying his wallet looks like a bible doesn't mean means that he has so much money its as big as a bible. Hes not trying to mock god at all. Also if he was illuminati you wouldn't have enough prooof that he is in it. lastly, big sean didn't automatically get a record deal without working for it. He worked years on mixtapes and stuff tryin to get signed by kanye west. He didn't automatically say "devil i want to be signed by kanye west" and get signed the next day.......he never even did that at all. Take tyler the creator for example, he didn't carea bout hgih school at all and all he did was fool around the whole time because he does worship satan and he knew he would become famous. Right as he got out of high school he started the odd future group and started making music. I get why you would think that Big sean would be in the illuminati is because he is an artist, who makes music. They also say that when the devil talks music comes out. But that's not the case for big sean. He isn't illuminati I hope you get that. Tyler the creator on the other hand.......listen to his music and you'll find out.


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