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Bill Burr

Updated on September 4, 2012


I don't remember the first time I heard Bill Burr but he has quickly risen to be one of my favorite comedians to watch/listen to. Whether he appears as a guest on KROQ's Kevin and Bean Show or pops up in my comedy station on Pandora, I'm always happy to hear the comedy stylings of Bill Burr.

This Bostonian comedian performs over 300 shows per year and decided to step foot into Detroit in late April of 2011. I was able to sit in the audience and found his comedy right on par with what I expected. So, here is a little bit about Bill Burr who once had his hotel room key stolen by a monkey and likes to consider punching muffins.

Why Bill Burr???

Bill Burr
Bill Burr

If making me laugh isn't enough I would have to compliment his achievements. Each Monday morning he does his Monday Morning Podcasts in whatever city he has to be in although recently he has been doing it from a his new apartment with updated equipment. He talks about football picks, dilemmas that are sent in by fans asking "Would you rather?" and general observations of the people and places he encounters. But one of the most interesting things I find about this guy is he never looks the same in any picture I've ever seen him in. I've seen this guy live and I'm not sure if I'd be able to recognize him on the street tomorrow. Sometimes he's bald, sometimes his hair seems short and dark, other times still short hair but red. Now that he has grown a beard Bill Burr has said that people have started comparing him to red headed gay guy on Modern Family. Nonetheless, I recognize the name and that's what counts.

Bill Burr's style of comedy is very "in your face". He often says the things we might be feeling or even have thought just one time but puts an exaggerated, comical twist on it. For instance, he will talk about how he was at an outside festival and passed an overly happy woman selling muffins and started laughing maniacally at the thought of punching the muffins for no reason at all. He then proceeds to try to tell his girlfriend this and why it was a mistake to have even tried to explain the comedy (video below).

He's not an apologetic comedian and tells things the way he sees them, nonetheless, whatever he says you can't take seriously or you may find yourself deeply offended. He will be the first to say something along the lines of "These are jokes, people, don't take 'em too seriously."

"Do you know how many times a week someone says to me "Why are you yelling?" It's Bill's natural shouting, the rise in his voice that goes along with the tension of the joke that makes us go along with it because we've all been there.

With three specials - one that just premiered on Netflix, constant radio show appearances, a handful of credits on imdb and comedy shows in Europe and Carnegie Hall completed, I want to focus on one of the best stand ups today: Bill Burr .

Check out his appearance on October 31st on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

And William Burr can now be seen in some of this season's episodes of Breaking Bad



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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Bill Burr Rocks.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Hi, Steven. I'd never heard of Bill Burr before finding your lens. I watched both of the Youtube videos. The guy's really funny. Thanks for sharing this lens...I enjoyed it! All the best.


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