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Three reasons why people should look up to Blake Lively

Updated on December 16, 2010

Blake Lively

Blake Lively is an icon, and is an actress that everybody should look up to, especially young people. There are many reasons why people should look up to Blake Lively but there are three main reasons why Blake Lively should be looked up to.

The first reason why Blake Lively should be looked up to is the fact that she is a good role model, and you never read anything horrid about Blake Lively in gossip magazines or ever hear of Blake Lively doing drugs, drinking hard, partying hard, or getting arrested for anything, and Blake Lively has been in the Hollywood scene for awhile now, so all of these things are very good.

Blake Lively is also very talented, and is a great actress. Blake Lively's role in gossip girl is believable, and she brings the character to life. Blake Lively is a classy actress, and Lively is the main reason why Gossip Girl is so popular. Blake Lively is an actress that all young people can look up to and aspire to be because Lively does have a lot of talent, and Lively has a good style of acting.

Blake Lively also has a great fashion style. Whenever Lively is shown on the red carpet or out and about just doing what normal people do, she always looks great, and Lively always dresses with class. Lively always has a good attitude too, and with fakes all over Hollywood, Lively's attitude is refreshing.

It is easy to see why people should look up to Blake Lively, and for anybody who is looking to become an actress should study Blake Lively's acting style because her acting style is great. Anyways, these are just some of the reasons why people should look up to Blake Lively, and hopefully Blake Lively will continue the great work that people are use to seeing her do.


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